How To Remove Scratches From Glass Furniture?

Glass furniture always adds a modern touch to any space. But if it has scratches on it, then it would give such an ugly look that it would make you ashamed in front of others.

Sometimes your brand new glass furniture gets scratched and gives an outdated/old look to your interior. The main reason behind your glass furniture getting scratched is that the dust and debris particles are not visible to the human eyes. When you clean the glass furniture, these dust particles are dragged across the surface, remove scratches from glass furniture. 

Many people face this problem, but they don’t know the right solution to get rid of these scratches. That’s why designfurniture bought a solution for you to cope with such a situation successfully. Today, we will tell you the most effective methods to get rid of scratches on glass furniture.

Effective Methods for Removing Scratches from Glass Furniture

Effective Methods for Rmoving Scratches from Glass Furniture

There are different tips and tricks for removing scratches from stained glass furniture made of glass material, but we will discuss a few of them that will give you amazing results. So, without wasting time, let’s discuss each method one by one:

With the Help of Baking Soda

With the Help of Baking Soda for scratches remove

As we all know, baking soda is a well-known cleaning agent that is used for cleaning scratches off wood furniture as well. With the help of baking soda, we will give you a perfect method of remove scratches from glass furniture. Follow the instructions given below to get better results:

  • Take 1/2 cup of baking soda.
  • Then take a bowl and add some water to it.
  • Now add the baking soda into the bowl and mix it well until it gives a thick texture that is a symbol of a perfect solution. 
  • After this, get a clean and soft microfiber cloth.
  • Clean the surface of the glass from which you want to remove the scratches.
  • Now dip the cloth into the solution and let it get damp.
  • Now place this cloth onto the infected area and rub it in a circular motion.
  • Once you have finished this task, take another clean cloth and wipe the extra residue from the glass furniture.
  • Then leave the furniture so that it gets dry.
  • If the scratches weren’t removed in the 1st turn, then you must repeat this task again and again until you get a smooth surface.

Applying the Metal Polish

Remove Scratches From Glass Furniture
Applying the Metal Polish

This method is used for removing deep scratches from glass furniture.

  • Get the metal polish and a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Then apply the polish to the scratched area.
  • Rub the surface of the glass with the help of the cloth in a circular motion.
  • Do this task for the next 30 seconds. 
  • Then take a clean, damp cloth to remove the excessive residue.
  • Now check if the severity of the scratches has been reduced or not.
  • Repeat this task again and again until the scratches are totally removed from the glass furniture.
  • Once you have removed the scratches, take the damped cloth and wipe the furniture. Then leave it to get dry quickly.

With the Help of Toothpaste

Remove Scratches From Glass Furniture With the Help of Toothpaste

You can also remove glass scratches with the help of toothpaste. Follow the method given below and you will get rid of scratches easily:

  • First, make sure that the surface of the furniture is neat and clean.
  • Now get a non-gel toothpaste that has baking soda as an ingredient in it.
  • Then take a soft clean cloth.
  • Put the small amount of toothpaste in the cloth’s corner.
  • Now start the buffing process by placing this cloth on the infected area.
  • Do this task for a few minutes.
  • Then take a soft and damp cloth to wipe off the extra residues from the furniture’s surface.
  • In the end, let the furniture dry.
  • After the furniture has been dried, look at the scratches to see whether they are removed or not. If they are still there on the furniture, then repeat this task as many times as it needs to be done.

By Using the Nail Polish

By Using the Nail Polish Remove Scratches From Glass Furniture

Applying the nail polish to remove the scratches may be a tedious task, but you will get effective results after applying this method. This method is used for removing light scratches, so you can easily get rid of them. Let’s look at the steps for removing the scratch with the help of nail polish.

  • Get nail polish and nail polish remover.
  • Use the bottle brush to apply the nail polish to the scratched areas.
  • Leave the nail polish on the furniture’s surface for at least one hour. 
  • After one hour, take a soft microfiber cloth and apply some nail paint remover to it.
  • Then wipe down the nail polish with this microfiber cloth.
  • Clean the surface in such a way that no excessive nail polish or remover is left on the surface of the glass.
  • After this, let the glass dry and check that the scratches are removed or not.

How to Prevent Glass Furniture from Getting Scratches

How to Prevent Glass Furniture from Getting Scratches

There are different ways to protect your glass furniture from getting scratches. A few precautionary measures are listed below.

  • Avoid putting hot items directly onto the surface of your glass furniture.
  • Always place the mats and coasters to keep the surface safe and sound.
  • Clean your glass furniture regularly so that the dust and debris don’t stick to the surface.
  • Keep pets and children away from the furniture.Place the rubber bumpers on the surface of your furniture.
  • Avoid placing heavy items on the furniture.


So, these are the most effective methods of removing scratches from glass furniture. If you didn’t get rid of scratches after applying all the above methods, then tell us by posting a comment. Our professionals will help you solve this problem.

If you have another fantastic method for removing scratches from glass furniture, please share it with us in the comments.

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