Tapera Residence in Paraty, Brazil by Victor B. Ortiz Architecture: A Lateral Transcend In Nature

Project Specifications:-

Project name: Tapera Residence

Architecture firm: Victor B. Ortiz Architecture

Location: Paraty, Brazil

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Grasshopper, Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion

Principal architect: Victor B. Ortiz

Visualization: Victor B. Ortiz Architecture

Built area: 450 m²

Site area: 1300 m²

Design year: 2021

Status: Concept – Design

Typology: Residential House

Using the ancient “Tapera style” as an inspiration, Victor B. Ortiz Architecture has created the Tapera Residence in Paraty, Brazil. This simple, minimalistic, and sleek home amidst the surrounding naturistic backdrop, envisions to stay camouflage through it, without making an outward appearance. Adorned by a green roof, the structure pays an ode to nature around.

The Tapera Residence is located in a seemingly isolated region in Paraty, a town located in the south of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The name “Tapera Residence” is derived from indigenous dwellings that are characterized by a simple as well as utilitarian structure. This residence is enveloped in nature, and therefore the envelope of the structure ‒ the roof, attempts to be a playful yet vital element of the structure.

arieal view of  tapera residence by victor b. ortiz architecture

It is a visually aesthetic abode with open walls along with simplistic enclosures. The open plan in turn offers seamless natural lighting and ventilation throughout the indoors. The spatial design creates a transition between the inside and the outside through a sensorial transcend.

The residence is divided into three levels, which is shadowed by a common roof. The green roof takes over the entire levels in an acute journey, resonating the surrounding hills. The topmost level is known as a social zone with a living room, dining area, kitchen, and a service kitchen. It also includes a guest bathroom and a breakfast room. The topmost level is close to nature and provides splendid views of the arena around. Small pockets or punctures are created on the topmost roofs to allow open courtyards within the interiors.

The intermediate level encloses all three levels, it has floor to ceiling windows to allow the entire landscape the indoors. The prime feature on this level is the roof openings that have lateral levels connecting the bringsroof to the floor. With a gradual uphill, a user can conveniently walk to the green roof for an evening stroll indoors. This design feature cancels the need to go beyond the residence as it conveniently brings in the essence of nature as a vital part of it. This level also includes the sleeping areas and houses over three suites. Every suite has a French window opening, showcasing the vast expanse of nature around.

tapera residence in paraty by victor b. ortiz architecture interior

The bottom-most level includes a home theatre along with an outdoor dining area. It also has an enclosed living room that has floor to ceiling glass to create pockets for natural scenic views. These openings allow natural light and ventilation from every nook and corner of the Tapera Residence. The dining area has a minimalistic furniture layout, although the wooden hues through the chairs highlight it as a focal point. The marble finished dining table seamlessly blends with the tranquil environment. Floor to ceiling length windows bring the outside inside.

Victor B. Ortiz Architecture has designed this structure in such a way that the entire green roof unites all the separate levels and its volumes under one enclosure. It is a thin, sleek and lightweight design feature which despite its large dimension, it appears to be humble and humane to its surroundings. The curved sloping roof brings in the vegetation and flora to the interior for an intimate nature-driven experience.

tapera residence by victor b. ortiz architecture side view

The side view with the large glass facade inviting lots of natural lighting creates an interesting pattern. The cantilevered roof acts as a parapet to protect the indoors from direct sunlight and harsh weather. It also helps in keeping the indoors well-shaded.

tapera residence by victor b. ortiz architecture interior design

The living room is styled with Brazilian furniture that reflects a minimal aesthetic almost trying to camouflage nature. Rather than taking a maximalist route, the interior design sticks to a minimal and utilitarian approach with custom pieces, paintings, and artefacts. The marble flooring creates a soothing ambience, look and feel to the indoors.

The Normal Homes vs Tapera Residence 

tapera residence by victor b. ortiz architecture floor plan

Normally when we envision the idea of a home, we often perceive it as a concept of walking through the door towards a horizontal existence. What we never think deep is about, what all we can do with our roofs. Taking this idea, the latest project by Victor B. Ortiz Architecture, Tapera Residence in Paraty, Brazil is driven by a strong idea to blend the interior with the exterior by creating an interactive green slope roof experience that is driven by nature. The New York architect Victor Ortiz and his studio have blended a minimalistic aesthetic with a maximalist design element that enhances the nature around.

tapera residence in paraty by victor b. ortiz model
front view by tapera residence by victor b. ortiz

The roof of this homely residence also follows the surrounding contour levels, the oblique shape allows a merge of patterns. The openings on the top allow natural light through courtyards and pockets. The layer of grass over it, creates an elevated green space, allowing the home to blend it with the greenery allowing the clientele to reconnect with nature.

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