15+ Modern Toilet Sink Combo For Small Bathroom Space

When it comes to interior designing of any place, what are the places that come in your mind? Bedroom, living room, kitchen….and? Many of us forget about the bathroom! From outdoor spaces to the tiniest corner, we all try to decorate every place, but how can you forget about another important part of your house? Toilet Sink Combo is the answer.

Bathrooms are a new way to show luxuriousness. You might have seen the grand bathrooms in hotels and resorts. We all love the spacious and modern restrooms, right? On this god’s green planet, water is the most valuable and essential resource. We all talk about the reduction of energy consumption and water-saving, but are we actually doing anything to save it?

Do you know how much a regular toilet can use water with each flush? Five gallons…Yes, five gallons! — with each flush. Now you can easily calculate the amount of water you flush daily and then multiply it with the world’s population. You will get shocking numbers, right? Have you ever think like that? So, why spend more when technology allows us to use the resources more intelligently.

What are the various solutions to this problem? One solution is using a toilet and sink combination. To reduce that obvious waste of a precious resource, many manufacturers are offering dual-flush toilets. What is it? How can it help to reduce water waste? Answers to all your questions lie in here, so keep on reading.

What is a Sink Toilet Combo?

A sink toilet combo consists of many elements such as a toilet seat, basin with a tap, cistern, and potentially, some storage. When all the elements are put together, it forms a sophisticated piece of bathroom furniture. 

toilet sink combo

A Toilet Sink Combo is for Whom?

Toilet sink combo is beneficial for people who have limited space and also for those who want an eco-friendly bathroom. We all know how challenging it is to find a perfect place to live in metropolitan cities, right? Due to the shortage of space, there are only limited and compact places. So, this is a perfect solution for compact areas as it saves a lot of space. Also, this concept is becoming more popular as they offer real benefits. So, we should all consider and try using it. 

How Does this Work?

After you do your business, you use the sink to wash your hands. The bowl uses freshwater, but all water used from the tap flows into the cistern and is stored for the next flush (known as greywater). And when you flushed, the modern toilet uses the greywater instead of freshwater. But don’t worry, the cistern normally fills if not enough water is used from the tap, while excess water goes into the pan via the internal overflow. 

If you’re also thinking of remodeling of your bathroom or just want a solution for a compact restroom space, then read further. Because today we brought 17 incredible toilet sink combos with various designs and styles. You can easily pick the one according to your space and the design you like the most. Look at this awesomely designed toilet and sink combinations:

1. Modern White Toilet Unit

Modern White Toilet Unit

Look at this toilet unit, it is both modern and functional. It is a combination of a toilet seat, a sink, and also a small vanity. The white color looks luxurious. There is also a large mirror which is placed just above this unit. 

2. Blue Toilet Sink Combo

Blue Toilet Sink Combo

This is a cool built-in toilet-sink combo idea that looks amazing. This design adopts pretty much the same combination idea with a little twist. Here the counter extends onto the adjacent wall as well. And the result is a cohesive and continuous design where everything is built-in.

3. Minimalist Powder Room

Minimalist Powder Room

This is a minimalist powder room that serves its purpose well. It is small and will fit almost everywhere. This is a pretty great idea for modern and contemporary bathrooms.

4. Curved Sculptural Combo of a Sink and a Toilet

toilet sink combo

If you’re looking for something different, check this out. It is a curved sculptural sink and toilet combo which looks very stylish and different from other units.

5. Tiny Eco-toilet with Sink on Top

Tiny Eco-toilet with Sink on Top

It is a simple toilet with built in sink that goes smoothly with every bathroom style and type.

6. 2-in-1 Washbasin and Toilet Unit

2-in-1 Washbasin and Toilet Unit

Similarly, this design is suitable for small bathrooms. With that, just add a shower room near it, and your whole bathroom is ready!

7. A Toilet/Sink Combo with an Open Shelving Unit

 A Toilet/Sink Combo with an Open Shelving Unit

This is a small cottage bathroom that has a porcelain toilet/sink combo with an open shelving unit. However, some people might not find it suitable as the toilet bowl is directly in front of the basin. But it is not that inconvenient, especially if space is limited.

8. Curvy Sink with a Countertop and a Toilet

Curvy Sink with a Countertop and a Toilet

It is always good to have some storage space to store the toiletries, right? So, if you’re also looking for the same, then you can place this kind of unit. It has an additional storage space under the sink. 

9. Bathroom Under Stairs

Bathroom Under Stairs

Before seeing this picture did you know that you can change the space under the stairs into a bathroom? Look at the above image, it is perfect for those who want to add powder room but have no space. Just install a cute toilet sink combo and add a mirror above it, and your small guest bathroom is ready!!

10. Contemporary Toilet-Basin Combo

Contemporary Toilet-Basin Combo

Look at the sleek design of this toilet unit. It is simple yet contemporary, which goes with any bathroom type. 

11. Compact Toilet/Sink Combo and a Shower

Compact Toilet/Sink Combo and a Shower

There’s no way you can have all the amenities in there unless you somehow combine them. Consider this particular idea: The bathroom is really small, and it features a compact toilet/sink combo and a shower.

12. Stylish Curved Toilet and Basin Combo

Stylish Curved Toilet and Basin Combo

What do you think of this toilet design? It is a curved shaped toilet bowl that comes with a sink. No doubt, it is brilliantly designed for compact spaces.

13. Toilet and a Sink Combo Clad with Light-colored Wood

Toilet and a Sink Combo Clad with Light-colored Wood

This is a toilet and a sink combo that is clad with light-colored wood. From the bathtub to a large mirror, this bathroom has everything you want. The walls are also covered with black tiles, which go well with the wood. 

14. Corner Toilet Unit

Corner Toilet Unit

Don’t have enough space to place a toilet unit and sink separately? Look at this corner toilet unit. Here, not only a seat is there but also a counter and additional storage space is there. 

15. All White Bathroom Design

 All White Bathroom Design

Don’t think that being eco-friendly means boring; check this bathroom design. This is a stylish W+W toilet with a sink from Roca. Here the sink is not directly placed on the top of the seat. They form a single structure with a beautifully curved shape and clean, simple, and modern lines.

16. Basin and Toilet Built-in Design

Basin and Toilet Built-in Design

You find many toilets and sink combinations in the market. You can easily select the one that is suitable for you and your place. Look at this one, here both the toilet and basin are integrated into a counter. The brilliant built-in design hides all the ugly piping and wiring.  A matching mirror is also placed on the top wall of the counter to get that compact but modern look. 

17. Simple Toilet Design

Simple Toilet Design

Look how gracefully this toilet and sink combo is placed at one wall of the house. To save even more space, you can select this type of simple design unit. There is also a compartment placed on the right wall, where you can store all the small stuff and things you need. Isn’t it functional and practical both?  You can select the countertop in contrasting colors to give more style to your bathroom. 

toilet sink combo

Pros and Cons of Having a Toilet Sink Combo

Let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of the toilet sink combo. No wonder most are the advantages. The only problem with this combination is the installation process. Some of you might feel little difficulty while installing this. But you can always call a plumber to fix this, right? 

Saves spaceComplex installation
Conserves water 
Hygienic & nature friendly 

Making Your Decision

By using this ultimate toilet and sink combination, not only you are saving the space, but also you can save the water too!! You can directly fit this in the direct pipeline of your house or bathroom area, and you can use it immediately. It reuses basin water in the cistern – improving water efficiency. By using less water in your bathroom, you use it in other household things. 

From home to the office or workplace, you can place them anywhere. You can also put them even in a cafe restaurant or shop, either way, this will save you time, money and space all in 1!! If you want to know more about ensuite bathrooms, read our previous blog on that.

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