25 Best Furniture Stores in Sydney 2024 to Bookmark Now

Choosing high-quality furniture can be a painstaking job in any city, may it be London or Sydney. The variety of furniture stores in Sydney makes it difficult for customers to know where to begin.

Sure, there are a lot of generic, mass-produced items on the market that you can get almost everywhere, but who wants a house that looks exactly like everyone else’s?

So, to make your work easier, we have made a list of the best furniture stores in Sydney. Whether you want a half-decent couch, a nice rug, or classic or modern elements in your home, this guide is gonna help you.

Before Beginning Let’s Understand: Which Furniture Stores in Sydney Will Suit You?

Furniture Stores in Sydney

Based on where you live in Sydney, the furniture choice gets influenced. Depending on where you are in life and whether you’re shopping with convenience, style, or budget as your top priorities—or maybe it’s a combination of all three—what you buy will rely on that.

Functional and elegant furniture can range from affordable flat-pack storage to pricey investment items that will last a lifetime, like stunning designer lounges.

What are the Top Furniture Styles in Sydney?

Top Furniture Styles in Sydney

Sydney is home to mountains, rivers, beaches, and a large city, so homeowners have a plethora of options for interior design that complements their environment. 

A beach house might be decorated in the Hamptons style, whereas a cottage in the mountains or the southern Highlands might have a cozier, more traditional look.

Once you’re in a furniture showroom or are being lured by furniture sales that are flashing on your screen, it’s easy to get distracted. Any research you do before visiting the franchised stores and high streets will aid you in staying within your budget and overall design strategy.

Plus, having your taste combined with research will ease your job. So, step out with a clear list of what you want and in what range, so that you get the best deal on furniture.

Whether to Go Online or Choose in Person?

A room filled with lots of furniture and decor

On the one hand, online shopping has become convenient these days, with brands offering mega sales. While on the other hand, if you go to the best furniture stores in Sydney, you will be able to experience the softness and comfort of the sofas and lounges you are going to buy. Also, you will get advice from the professionals available in the stores.

What Should a Good Furniture Store Offer?: 7 Things You Must Know!

best furniture stores in Sydney

Before choosing the best furniture store in Sydney, you should know what should a good furniture store offer –

  1. Actual displayed products
  2. Multiple options in sizes
  3. Clear product specifications
  4. Room layouts that reflect how the furniture is used at home
  5. Better terms of sale and pricing
  6. Options for fabric samples
  7. Well-behaved, informed, helpful, and friendly store staff

25 Best Furniture Stores in Sydney: You Should Not Miss Next Year

1. Living Edge

Living Edge

For timeless, elegant furniture design, go for Living Edge. The Living Edge is among the best furniture stores in Sydney next year. They have proper segregation for retail, residential, and commercial sectors that will suit every project, ranging from a chair to large projects. 

Location – The Woolstores Shed 74, 4D Huntley Street, Alexandria

Phone – +61 2 9640 5600

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 11 am – 04 pm

2. BoConcept

BoConcept furniture stores in Sydney

Being one of the leading designer furniture stores in Sydney, BoConcept serves as the epitome of pure Scandinavian luxury. It was founded in 1952 in Denmark and has been passed down through three generations, refining its skills in interior design and furniture design. 

Location 1: 575-597 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, Sydney

Phone – 02 9437 0066

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09.30 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 05 pm

Location : Shop GA 03, Moore Park SupaCenta, 2A Todman Ave, Kensington, Sydney

Phone – (02) 9697 2886

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09.30 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 05 pm

3. Trit House

Trit House furniture stores in Sydney

The Trit House was founded in 2006 with trendy furniture in the Australian style. They are a must-visit furniture store in Sydney in the upcoming year. They scour the globe to identify and collaborate with the most avant-garde design voices while they create their distinctive products.

Location – 260 Burwood Road, Hawthorn 3122

Phone – +61 1300 988 748

Hours – Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 05 pm

4. Fantastic Furniture

Fantastic Furniture furniture stores in Sydney

Fantastic Furniture, an Australian-owned and operated company, started at the Parklea Markets. It has been furnishing rooms with reasonably priced, locally manufactured furniture and bedding for more than 30 years. They offer super-affordable furniture for homes, including modern sofas, dining furniture, mattresses, outdoor furniture, etc.,  and a variety of deals to choose from. 

Location – 16 available showrooms in Sydney. 

5. KE-ZU

KE-ZU furniture stores in Sydney

To make people feel good is the credo of the KE-ZU furniture store. They have a wide range of innovative local and international manufacturers who provide premium home and contract furniture. Their stylish furniture in Sydney is modest and sophisticated, yet it would also stand out in any room.

Location – 33/69 O’Riordan Street, ALEXANDRIA NSW 2015

Phone – 1300 724 174

Hours – Monday – Friday: 08.30 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 04 pm; Sunday: Closed

6. Burrow

Burrow furniture stores in Sydney

Burrow offers one of the most infinitely customizable pieces of furniture. For instance, a couch or chair can be picked, and then the fabric shade, arm style, leg finish, and whether or not the pillows are tufted can all be customized.

Location – Online store

Showroom available in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and, Atlanta

Email – [email protected] 

Hours – Monday – Friday: 10 am – 08 pm; Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 02 pm

7. Koskela

Koskela stores in Sydney 2023

Being one of the best furniture stores in Sydney, Koskela produces innovative and inspiring Australian furniture. They collaborate with Rainforest Rescue and have supported the purchase of more than 1 hectare of Daintree Rainforest land since 2007. Australia’s largest range of homewares, lighting art, and furniture are sold by them. 

Location – Sub-Base Platypus, Building 10-08, 118-120 High Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060, Cammeraygal Land.

Phone – 02 9280 0999

Hours – Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 04 pm; Sunday: Closed

8. B2C Furniture

B2C Furniture stores in Sydney 2023

If you want a sustainable product that is trendy as well, then go for B2C Furniture. They offer the latest designs in home decor, be it for your living room, bedroom, or home office. You can explore the stunning products in person at their Sydney and Melbourne showrooms, which use sustainable hardwood timber to produce their designs.

Location – 494 Gardeners Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone – 1300 78 94 95

Hours – Monday – Saturday: 09.30 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 05 pm

9. Ikea

Ikea stores in Sydney 2023

When you are shopping for furniture, you can’t miss the Swedish flat-pack king, Ikea furniture. They offer budget-friendly as well as quality products. From minimalist Scandinavian style to modern mock-ups, they have it all. You can find options like the Billy Bookcase, the classic Ektorp sofa, the recliner Poang chair, and many other products. 

Location – IKEA Tempe, 634-726 Princes Highway, Tempe, 2044

Hours – Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 09 pm

10. MCM House Paddington

MCM House Paddington stores in Sydney 2023

In 2005, Charles Hinckfuss founded the MCM House, which received much acknowledgment over time. They provide classic and contemporary homewares and furniture at an affordable rate. Their unmatched combination of lighting, furniture, textiles, rugs, and curated art flaunts itself all around the world.

Location – 16-20 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021

Phone – 1300 997 975

11. Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture stores in Sydney 2023

Freedom Furniture has established its hegemony as one of the best furniture stores in Sydney. They continue the furniture trend while maintaining their classic and modern country style. From their overstuffed, generous, and winged armchairs to their reclaimed timber sideboards, bookshelves, and many other products, they have it all. 

Location – Homemakers Centre Shop 2-3 94, Borella Road, East Albury NSW 2640

Phone – 02 6041 6877

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday: 09 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 04 pm

12. Fanuli Furniture Sydney

Fanuli Furniture furniture stores in Sydney

Giuseppe Fanuli was the founder of the Fanuli family brands. The Fanuli Furniture Company has kept its legacy alive over the years. It has become one of the largest Australian furniture brands. They offer exclusive collections of furniture made from local materials and craftsmanship.  

Location – 269 Military Road, Cremorne, NSW, 2090, Australia

Phone – 02 9908 2660

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09 am – 05 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 12 pm – 04 pm

13. Hub Furniture

Hub Furniture furniture stores in Sydney

Hub Furniture offers some of the highest-quality products on the market today. As a “high-end” supplier, they also look for an ethically made design that is always reasonably priced.   

Location – 46 Birmingham Street, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Phone – +61 2 9217 0703

Hours – Tuesday – Friday: 10 am – 05 pm; Saturday: 11 am – 04 pm

14. c

Fred International furniture stores in Sydney 2023

Scandinavian design, according to its founders, Michael Liira and Melissa Walker, has inherent value that is especially pertinent to the lifestyle of Australasia. As a result, Fred International is the top distributor of modern Scandinavian design furniture, lighting, and accessories in Australia and New Zealand.

Location – 61 Nickson Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 Australia.

Phone – +612 9310 3263

Hours – Monday – Friday: 10 am – 05 pm

15. Becker Minty

Becker Minty furniture stores in Sydney

Being one of the finest furniture stores in Sydney, Becker Minty blurs the line between furniture, art, and home design. They provide unique items from remote regions of the world, all with the same goal in mind: to bring home something delightful.

Location – Shop 7, 81 Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW 2011

Phone – 61 (02) 8356 9999

Hours – Thursday – Tuesday: 10 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 02 pm; Wednesday – Closed

16. Anthropologie

Anthropologie furniture stores in Sydney

Every time Anthro releases a new collection, we are certain you will want at least one item from it. The distinctive, character-filled designs at Anthropologie are Instagram- and splurge-worthy. Additionally, speaking with a furniture adviser online is quick and simple if you have any queries while shopping.

Location – Online store.

17. Adairs

Adairs furniture stores in Sydney

Adairs would top your list if you want accessible, affordable, and elegant furniture for your home. You’ll find a variety of options with featured brands like Mercer + Reid and Home Republic. They have an extensive variety of soft accessories and furnishings. 

Location – Shop 22, Sunshine Coast Home Shopping Centre, 100 Maroochydore Road, Maroochydore, QLD, 4558, Australia 

Phone – (07) 5353 5278

Hours – Monday – Wednesday, Friday: 09 am – 05.30 pm; Thursday: 09 am – 06 pm; Saturday: 09 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 05 pm

18. Great Dane

Great Dane furniture stores in Sydney

The Great Dane has become one of the best furniture stores in Sydney. The company has embraced natural materials for its creations, repurposing wood to give each item a unique appearance. They are a perfect pick for a minimalist home that is streamlined and durable as well.

Location – 344 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW Australia 2021

Phone – +61 2 9326 0555

Hours – Monday – Friday: 10 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 11 am – 05 pm

19. Jardan

Jardan furniture stores in Sydney

Jardan follows the principle of crafting objects for the contemporary world. Even if the designs are incredibly contemporary, the brand’s laid-back attitude is what gives the products their greatest value. Their handmade designs are always attractive among other designs. 

Location – 42 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021

Phone – +61 2 9663 4500

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday – Sunday: 11 am – 04 pm

20. Cult Design

Cult Design furniture stores in Sydney

Cult Design, being one of the best furniture stores in Sydney, features a wide range of international and Australian designers. They focus on fostering evolving design talents in the country. Because of its dedication to both great designer furniture and a high standard of customer care, Cult has developed one of the most extensive collections of brand partners.

Location – ​​21-23 Levey Street (off Buckland Street), Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia

Phone – +61 2 8062 6000

Hours – Monday – Friday: 08.30 am – 05.30 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 04 pm; Sunday: Closed

21. SeehoSu

SeehoSu furniture stores in Sydney

Sydney’s SeehoSu has authentic designer furniture that is just as unusual and one-of-a-kind as its name. You’re sure to find excellent craftsmanship to suit your taste and style with a boutique portfolio that features labels from Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, and Australia.

Location – Unit 17, 198 – 222 Young Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017

Phone – +61 (0) 413 610 790

Hours – Monday – Friday: 09 am – 05 pm

22. Macleay on Manning

Macleay on Manning furniture stores in Sydney

Macleay on Manning can be listed among the best furniture stores in Sydney. In their shop, they display unusual, special, and diverse items. From glassware and water jugs to a broad collection of men’s fragrances and Armetide and Flos lights, they have it all.

Location – Shop 1, 85 Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW 2011

Phone – +61 2 9331 4100

Hours – Monday – Friday: 10 am – 05 pm; Saturday: 09.30 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 10.30 am – 04 pm

23. Luxe Home Shop

Luxe Home Shop furniture stores in Sydney

Luxe Home is an Australian family-owned and operated showroom in Sydney. To provide you with access to bespoke pieces, they collaborate with renowned design firms and reliable manufacturers. Additionally, they collaborate with and help interior designers by providing a public “white glove” delivery service along with product procurement and administration.

Location – 2/23 Foster Street Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Phone – 0428 909 072

24. La Maison

 La Maison furniture stores in Sydney

La Maison is your one-stop and best furniture stores in Sydney for quality Hampton-style furniture, French provincial-style furniture, or contemporary-style furniture. They have a collection of high-quality products with beautiful interior designs.

Location – Design Centre SLH, 483 Balmain Road, Lilyfield NSW 2040

Phone – 1300 000 280

Hours – Monday – Friday: 10 am – 05 pm; Saturday: 09 am – 03 pm; Sunday: 09 am – 03 pm by appointment. 

25. Vampt Vintage Design

Vampt Vintage Design Vampt Vintage Design

For authentic modern furniture, Vampt Vintage Design is among the best furniture stores in Sydney. Their enduring classics and unique items, which are the ideal addition to any contemporary house, are rich in warmth, character, and history. Visit their collection of furnishings, lighting, and decorative items from Australia, Europe, and Scandinavia to transform any space.

Location – 486-490 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone – +61 2 9699 1089

Hours – Monday – Saturday: 10.30 am – 05 pm; Sunday: 11 am – 05 pm

Step into The Best Furniture Stores In Sydney! 

furniture stores in Sydney

Sydney offers a variety of furniture trends and styles. To shop for furniture in Sydney, you should first identify your choice and research the current trends. Next, consider your budget to step into the best furniture stores in Sydney in the upcoming year.

For affordable options, you can look into large chain stores, while for high-end products you can try filtering out mass-produced furniture options. After you are ready to take a step forward look into the options we have already listed above. 


1. Which Furniture Stores in Sydney Are the Best?

Although there are many furniture stores in Sydney, some of them offer the best quality services. Living Edge, KE-ZU, Koskela, Hub Furniture, Jardan, and BoConcept are just a few names.

2. Which Furniture Store in Sydney Offers Sustainable Products?

The best furniture stores in Sydney, like Koskela, IKEA, and Jardan, are committed to sustainability. Their products are top-ranked in quality, price, and sustainability.

3. Which Furniture Store in Sydney Has Affordable Products?

For quality products, you can always choose Living Edge, Koskela, KE-ZU, Jardan, and IKEA. But, when it comes to affordability, go for Home Furniture on Consignment. They offer a fair product at the most affordable rates.

4. Which Furniture Store in Sydney Offers the Best Price Products?

IKEA is renowned for being cost-effective, yet they do offer some more expensive stuff as well. Stores like Home Furniture on Consignment, Freedom Furniture, and Adairs also sell affordable furniture.

5. Can I Buy Furniture Online in Sydney?

Yes, you can go online to buy furniture in Sydney. Some of the most common sites are – 
Castlery AU
Interior Secrets
Betta Home Living
Bed Bath N Table
Fantastic Furniture

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