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The feel of fresh and crisp clothes in the morning can put anyone in a good mood and ready to face the day. No adult can deny the importance of decent ironing accessories in their home. However, with the ever-decreasing sizes of modern houses, choosing the right size and shape of each accessory and equipment has become unavoidable. A wall ironing board that takes up too much space can ruin the aesthetic of your room with its bulky look. On the other hand, if you purchase one that is too small, it might fail to serve its purpose, making you twist in every angle to iron every crease on your clothes. 

The wall ironing boards recommended here save not only space but also provide professional and crisp results for your clothes. These boards will fill into your ironing board cabinets while still leaving ample space to store other accessories such as iron. 

How to Choose an Ironing Board?

How to Choose an Ironing Board?

Before we dive into the reviews of the best wall-mounted ironing board for your home, you first need to understand the various factors that should be judged. These factors are detailed below. 


One of the most essential aspects of the wall ironing board that you need to consider while buying one is its size. Most people prefer wall-mounted ironing boards when they are low on space and want to make the most out of the space available to them. Check the dimensions of the place where you want the ironing board to be mounted and compare it to the dimensions of the various wall-mounted boards available. 

Materials Used

You can decide the material of the ironing board based on your preferences and personal aesthetic. You can choose from wood or steel. 


Whether you are short on time or do not have the handiness to manage the tools, there can be various reasons why you should choose an ironing board that is easy to install. 


The board should provide you with sufficient ironing flexibility, such as being able to swivel at 180 degrees to suit right and left-handed people. 

Ironing Board Cover 

The cover of the ironing board should be firm and washable. Check the quality of the cover to ensure that it is not too thin or flimsy.  

1. Xabitat Wall Mounted Ironing Board 

With its aesthetic look, light-weight structure, and durability, this best wall-mounted ironing board can check your list of requirements completely. The board is easy to install. You can easily fold it up once you are done with it.

You can install the board at any location, even behind a door, to save space. The board is sturdy and is ideal for steam iron as well. It is flexible as well and is supported by a strong frame that ensures that the board does not bend with the weight of iron. 

  • The board and lock mechanism is easy to install and use. 
  • Compact and aesthetic. 
  • The cushion of the board cover is thin.   

2. Slide-Away Maple In-Wall Ironing Board 

Slide-Away Maple In-Wall Ironing BoardĀ 

The ironing board comes with a double panel door in a rustic maple color that can match most styles of homes. You do not need to install the complete structure as the cabinet is pre-built. The doors can be opened from both directions to give more accessibility to you. You can store your iron inside the cabinet. With the accompanying heat shield, you can store the iron while it is still at a raised temperature.Ā 

  • Large storage to store irons. 
  • Board can swivel. 
  • Aesthetic cabinet with doors that can open both ways. 
  • Weighing 38 pounds, it can be heavy for some. 

3. Lifestyle Compact Wall-Mounted Ironing Centre

Lifestyle Compact Wall-Mounted Ironing Centre

For people who are short on space and need an ironing board that will take up minimal space, this can be the perfect option. Not only can it fit at any place in your house, but you can also fold it in seconds. You can adjust the height of the board and swivel it as well. It is accompanied by an iron nest, and clothes rack for better functionality. 

  • Adjustable height and flexibility. 
  • A compact board that folds away easily. 
  • Comes with different accessories. 
  • The cover material is made of canvas that can stain or tear. 

4. TT&CC Home Pull-Out Ironing Board

Some apartments do not have any empty wall spaces where usual ironing boards can be mounted. This option is the best in-wall ironing board that can provide the perfect solution as it can be slide inside cupboards and wardrobes as well. 

You can slide the ironing board out when it is needed and hide it inside the cupboard once you are done. This practical option is compact, easy to install, and can be put away in seconds with its gliding function. 

Along with the sliding feature, the board can also be folded up. Thus, you do not need a deep cupboard to fit this compact ironing board. You can store and place your iron on the wire shelf that comes with the board.

  • The board is durable and can handle steam irons as well. 
  • The compact structure is slid and folded. 
  • Sturdy and easy to install.
  • The board comes with a thin cover. 

5. Superior Essentials Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Superior Essentials Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Made from high-quality steel, this is the best wall-mounted ironing board for those looking for a durable option that can last them a lifetime. It should be installed in a reinforced wall and not drywall for better stability. The wall mounting place that is provided to attach the board to the wall is sturdy and can handle additional weight as well. 

The board can swivel so that you can iron your clothes while watching TV. It also saves space as it can be folded in half and up the wall. 

  • High-quality and durable material.
  • A sturdy board that can swivel. 
  • Difficult to install that needs special hardware tools. 
  • The hinge on the board can be felt.   

Did you find the best wall-mounted ironing board for you? There are various options available in the market that can provide for all your needs. However, make sure that you select the one that is not only durable but equipped with additional features as well. 

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