Make Your Theme Party Happening With Winter Wonderland Decoration Ideas

Gone are the days when we used to organize a party on theme-based decoration. But you can’t deny, the easiest and fun way to decorate the house or venue is using a particular theme only. Let’s get back our golden days with theme-based party decorations this winter. Winter decorations include snow world, Christmas life, Hollywood, Game of Thrones, and many more. But the most loved one is the winter wonderland theme.

winter wonderland decorations

Winter is coming, and so are parties! Whether you are one from organizers or attenders, you both would need to go through this article in order to prepare yourself for the blasting party decors. What is a wonderland? It is a place full of wonderful things. Here we have mentioned a few things that will allow you to create a perfect winter wonderland decorations:

  1. Snowflakes
  2. Candles
  3. Plush Fabric
  4. Fairy Lights
  5. Silver and Gold Decor
  6. Candles
  7. Winter Ornaments
  8. Wooden Tones
  9. Balloons

Keep these decorative things in mind when you start to decorate your place. Winter Wonderland will be chilly cold. But you won’t have to worry about that, as the atmosphere outside already cold. Just make sure you don’t add anything of warm tones, or else the entire theme will be ruined. Oh, and yes, don’t let any corner slip off your mind. Any undecorated nook will reflect the incompleteness. And incompleteness is often misunderstood. From door to your backyard, from the top floor to the basement (if you have!), every place enchanted with the magic of winter wonderland evenly.

Apart from all these, few tips to remember while going with theme decorations are as follows:-

  • Don’t get your hands on too many elements. (You will get confused about their usage.)
  • Play with a limited number of colors. (Like for winter wonderland you can go with white and blue colors)
  • Balance the decorations in the entire venue. (There should be no too much or too little decoration on a particular wall or room.)
  • And last but not least, keep it simple and elegant.

Below are the few winter wonderland decoration ideas that you should go through, who knows, you might get your soul decor idea for this winters:

Idea1: Snowy Winter

Snowy Winter decorations

Get your hands on winter ornaments and snow dust. Sprinkle snow dust on the Christmas tree, on the runner placed above the fire mantle, and all the antique pieces in the showcase. Make everything go white, from table to sofa set and walls.

Idea2: Vintage Winter

Vintage Winter decorations

Make your dining room winter-ready with vintage style decoration. A white Christmas tree with the pinch of gold and silver will enhance the beauty. To spread the love charm, add red color to the decorations. Place some decorative flowers on the chandelier, too, with snow dust on them.

Idea3: Woody Fire Mantle

 Woody Fire Mantle decorations

For fire mantle decoration, place crafted tinsel trees on the mantle. Wooden reindeers and a framed wreath will beautify the warmth giving place. At last, place some decorative candles complete the winter wonderland look.

Idea4: Definitive Winter Nook

Definitive Winter Nook decorations

Organizing a party needs lots of round table set-ups at every corner for people to relax, talk, or just because. We already said above every nook should reflect the theme. You can use hangings of snowflakes on the walls and window railings and a diamond-studded chandelier for the definitive look. Don’t forget to add fairy lights.

Idea5: Cozy Bedroom

Cozy Bedroom decorations

Bedrooms are meant to be cozy, no matter its festive season or not. Add a plush effect to the bedroom by adding faux fur throw blankets. For decoration, lighting trees, silver reindeer, mother mary candle holder, few winter ornaments, and decorations wrapped as gifts.

Idea6: Welcome Winter in Dining Area

Welcome Winter in Dining Area decorations

Pinewood and lots of green decoratives, these two elements can welcome the winter perfectly. But how is it compatible with the wonderland theme? Yes, if you add elements such as reindeer, snow house, tinsel tree, wooden decors, chalkboard (with a text on it), etc. Snow dust fro the wintery effect.

Idea7: Wonderland Patio

Wonderland Patio decorations

Why leave patio alone, undecorated? Do you know the positive side of decorating the patio? First, You won’t need snow dust. Second, winters in the backyard with bonfire is all you need to make it worth. Add wooden elements and pillows & blankets of plush fabric for the warmth. A table lamp will set the exact mood, be it a couples night out or friends-family get to gather.

Idea8: Let Stairs be the Center of Attraction!

 Let Stairs be the Center of Attraction

People often unsee what impact can stairs create in a theme decor. Stairs can perfectly define the theme like it is doing in the above picture. Get your stairs inked! (Cling the stickers related to the quotes defining the theme.) Pendant lights will light up the way. And adorn banister with artificial green garland studded with pinecones and winter ornament to make it look mind-blowing.

Idea9: Wreathy Wonderland

Wreathy Wonderland

Wreaths are the forever love, if you are confused and ain’t able to decide on one thing, then pick Wreaths. They are the elements that can take shape into any of the decor ideas — decor table with tinsel trees as a focal point and chairs with ribbon or lace bow.

Create Wonderland At Your Place in Winters:

This is how you can create a wonderland theme decoration at your place, and be it a party or not, and festive seasons are meant for the lightened up home. Get all these ideas on the paper and start planning out on how to decorate your house this winter. You can always mix up two-three ideas and create a new one. Creating a Wonderland isn’t that big task; all you need is to get your hands on all the wonderful things without any doubt. Doesn’t matter what it is made up of! It can be paper, wool, balloons, or even recycled furniture. If it looks marvelous to you, then go for it. For more ideas on decorating your architecture, visit Architecturesideas.

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