Best Of Scandinavian Exterior Designs Of The House


Owning a house is a dream come true for everyone it involves emotion, money, day and night hard for and what not just to make the like your dream home. A house turns into home only when it is well designed and the interior of the house is something which is a must to make it full beautiful. Homes without any interior design are simply a body without soul and trust me no one dreams about this. These days people judge a lot so quickly and it is a fact that first impression is the last impression so if anyone would visit your home they are probably going to judge you and the basis of how well your home appears in front of them.

Honestly changing interior according to trend is beyond expensive and these days trend changes within a fraction of second so everyone desire to have interior design which would be evergreen and would complement the house every time. Scandinavian house design is one of those designs that will suit your interior as well as exterior of the house and would get you lots of complements from your guest and the best part is about this theme is that it is so classy that it won’t ever be out of style and it looks absolutely stunning on any house irrespective of the position as well as size of the house.

Here are few Scandinavian designs which you can have for the interior of your home. Lighting is ultimate key: well this simple design has completely focused on the lighting of the room and there is no doubt that amazingly played with lights. In this theme the whole color of the room is kept muted and mainly pale or white colors are used. The wall hanging lights are definitely the star of the whole room so investing on good light set won’t be a bad idea ever.

Too add more elegance in the room you can always hang some nice pictures as well as art at the wall. Try to keep everything either in white color or black and classic wooden color in contrast would make the room appear brighter.


Wooden flooring: the wooden floor is the signature style of any Scandinavian home décor and it suits the whole theme wonderfully. The idea is to keep the whole room either in black or white color and the floor would be made up of wood though you can color it in white as well or you can keep it as it is. Here are some Scandinavian house designs for exterior of the home because the exterior of the home should look more welcoming than that of the interior.

Stanley Boulevard: This traditional Scandinavian home exterior which is mainly being constructed within as well as near Europe. This appears simple as well as sober and the whole construction is kept minimal. In this home exterior, the roof is kept in a cone shape and there are some glass windows as the roof as well. The color of the roof can either be gray in color or you can also go with classic wooden color thought the exterior wall of the house should be in white or in any pale color.

A chimney is mandatory at the rooftop to release all the smoke that is produced through the fire place. Decorating the surrounding with a small pot of plants is always a good idea and these green plants would add some color to the entire pale concept of the house. To enjoy the food while gazing the nature you can always set dining outdoors by arranging some chairs as well as a table and you can also have a temporary umbrella to avoid excessive sun rays as well as bad weather conditions.

Third Street Farmhouse: this is a unique design to have at the exterior of the house and the main attraction of this design is that it has no discrimination of colors the whole house is painted in only one color preferably white or any pale color. A small window on every wall of the house makes the whole look even more bright and beautiful.

Though you can also have rooms attached to it whit different colors with a flat rooftop. This design goes best in places where there is snowfall almost every day of the year as this design is mainly suitable for cold places. These were few of the Scandinavian interior as well as the exterior of the house which you can have for your home in order to make it beautiful as well as classy and trust be these designs would never let you down in front of any of your guests.

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