The Top 8 Interior Design trends in 2019

Minimalism is out and personality-based design is in 2019 according to Tilottoma, Bangladesh’s leading interior design agency

Trends come and trends go but interior design goes on forever.

Catchy-sounding…and very, very true.

And as a leading interior design company in Bangladesh, Tilottoma is the authority to answer the question of which interior design trends are in vogue in 2019.

Who Should Read This?

Interior Design Trends in 2019


In one word – everybody.

Interior designers should read it to get a viewpoint on 2019 interior design trends. They can agree or disagree with it but they should know this viewpoint.

Those who’re not interior designers should read it just to be aware of the interior design trends. Then, when they are thinking of getting some interior design work done themselves, they will know how to go in-trend and how to rebel against the trend.

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So, what are the major interior design trends for 2019?
2019 Interior Design Trend 1: Red is IN

Interior Design Trends in 2019


You might be thinking ‘Red is in? What does that even mean?’

Well, a bright red or loud red shade can give a high-vibe look to more or less anything on earth.

From a kitchen wall to a living room sofa, splashes of bright red can brighten them up and make look all high-end and artsy.

2019 Interior Design Trend 2: Leather is OUT

Interior Design Trends in 2019


The leather look is still in but 2019 is also the year of environmental consciousness and sustainability and so leather the material is out.

The search is on for the most leathery non-leather thing – the best artificial leather, in other words.

2019 Interior Design Trend 3: Artisanal Fixtures are IN

Interior Design Trends in 2019


In place of more mainstream lighting arrangements, people are going for locally sourced and eclectic fixtures by artisans, with an emphasis on hand-crafting and personality.

Here too there is an emphasis on sustainability and using recycled material in the fixtures.

2019 Interior Design Trend 4: Low Furniture is OUT

Interior Design Trends in 2019


Furniture that makes you hover just above the floor had a dramatic entry a year or two ago.

Now, however, that trend seems definitely on the way out. It’s time to aim higher!

2019 Interior Design Trend 5: Utility is IN

Interior Design Trends in 2019


Call this by whatever name you please

  • The best way to make the most use of spaces
  • Efficiency-based interior design
  • Innovative interior design

This is IN and here to stay.

People may be adapting to the idea of shrinking house and apartment sizes and thereby making do with less space.

2019 Interior Design Trend 6: Industrial Materials are OUT

Interior Design Trends in 2019


In other words, natural, sustainable and recyclable materials are IN.

In most cases, natural materials are

  • Easier to replace
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier on the eyes

No wonder industrial materials are on the way out!

2019 Interior Design Trend 7: Velvet Furnishings are IN

Interior Design Trends in 2019


Velvet furnishings, always seen as a sign of luxury, comfort, and class, had dropped off of the design and decor map.

This year, they are back in and going strong!

2019 Interior Design Trend 8: Gallery Walls are OUT

Interior Design Trends in 2019


Gallery walls, in other words, walls with a lot of pictures hung about, were celebrated as a matter of pride.

For example, in a family home, they were taken to be a kind of homage to the entire family, going back generations.

Now, however, with the general trend going away from clutter, gallery walls are on the way out.

Personalization is still IN – you can hang a single artwork or a few pictures that mean something to you.

But not an ever-growing collection…and definitely not haphazardly arranged.

To sum up

The main design philosophies that are in vogue in 2019 are

Hopefully, this list of the 8 top interior design trends of 2019 will be useful if you do ask a full services interior design service provider to do a revamp of your home.