All Your Need To Know About The Floor To Ceiling Window Setups


Our present home and décor are very different from what we had previously and if you would look carefully then you would find out the nowadays floor to ceiling windows are in trend. Such kind of windows gives our home look modern and beautiful at the same great time. 

Now, just like a coin, everything has two sides, one predicts the cons and the other reveals about the pros of that object so even this floor to ceiling window has some good as well as, some bad qualities. You need to look out for both pros as well as, cons of this kind of window so that you can take the fair decision of getting this installed in your home. 

If you are wondering more about the floor to ceiling windows then, here is everything that you need to know about such windows and after that, you can get this kind of window installed at your home:

Pros of having Floor to Ceiling Windows:

The Availability of Natural Light

Floor To Ceiling Window


How many of you seek for some sunlight inside your home but can’t have due to small windows? Well, you are not alone as many of us experience such a problem and if you are someone who loves having sun rays of sunlight inside your home throughout the day then such windows would be perfect for your home. 

These windows are so huge and there is hardly anything else other than the glass in this window so it lets the maximum amount of natural light to get inside your home. At times you can, of course, use curtains if you feel it is too sunny outside and you don’t want light anymore. This would also help you save some electricity in the day time which is a great thing for sure.

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Creates a see-through Space in Your Home

Floor To Ceiling Window


The main purpose of this kind of window other than the great look has to be the accessibility of nature views right from your home. This would let you enjoy everything that is happening outside of your home and for that, you would not even have to go out of your home which is a great thing. 

At times you can just grab some snacks and sit on a chair while watching how beautiful nature is and this would also let you enjoy the rain without even getting wet which is great. You would be amazed to know that people wonder about such see-through areas in the room while booking a hotel.

It Makes a Compact Home Look Spacious

Floor To Ceiling Window


You would be glad to know that such windows would create an illusion of a bigger home so if you have a small home and you want to make it appear bigger then this is the best to get that. This happens because such windows are transparent so people hardy be able to measure the home with their eyes and often count more space instead. 

If you have such setup on the ground floor then you can even open the window to enjoy more space which is a great thing for sure and the best thing is that it is easy to work with such windows.

It Makes Your Home Look Beautiful

Floor To Ceiling Window


Apart from everything else, the beauty of your home matters a lot and if you are concerned about the beauty of your home then it would be great for you to get such a window that would cover your whole wall. 

There are so many designs and ways to get such kind of windows that you can check out and each design would give your home a different look which is a great thing for sure. If you would have such kind of window wall in your home then people would also compliment you for such a beautiful addition in your home which is a great thing for sure.

Some of the Common Cons of having Floor to Ceiling Windows:

Privacy Might be Threatened with This Kind of Window

Privacy is a big thing in today’s life and people are very much concerned about it and if you are one of them then you might not want to consider this kind of window for your home. 

The regular windows are very small as compared to this one so even if you would not have any curtains on them and would keep them open then also your privacy would not be affected much. 

On the other hand if you would have this kind of window then you would have to keep curtains almost all the time and if you would not have curtains on then your home would be exposed to the outer world that you might not like so only if you can compromise with the privacy then only get such window for your home.

Floor To Ceiling Window


Security is Also a Concern

Such windows are never secure and if someone would have the bad intention of robbery of your home then that person would be able to get into your home by breaking this window and this seems to be a big concern. If you are still willing to get some home then it would be great for you to get better security at the exterior of your home as you cannot rely on this window for your security purpose.

Can get Damaged Due to Natural Phenomenon

You cannot guarantee the natural phenomenon of nature so having such windows can be risky for you. This kind of windows is so delicate that it can break even if a huge bird would hit this window glass and if you live near the woods then you would also be troubled by monkeys who can ruin this beautiful glass window of your home that you might not want for sure. Even kids can through things at a time and that would, of course, break the window.

Floor To Ceiling Window



Expense is another reason for not getting such kind of window but if you think that the beauty of this window is worth spending such amount on it then you can go ahead and get such kind of window for your great home. 

Here you would have to spend on the installation of this window and as the process is risky and lengthy so it cost more at the same time and the frame of this window also comes with a high price tag as compared to any normal window that most homes have.

Cleaning and Maintain This is Also a Big Concern

Keeping your home clean is an important thing and you need to be very concerned about this thing but cleaning often comes with tough challenges and so people try to get things that are easy to clean and if you are someone like that then this kind of window is not your cup of tea and you should not get anything like this. 

On the other hand it is also very tough to maintain such kind of window as it is made up of glass so it becomes impossible to resist dirt and dust from sticking on the surface of this window. Glass is already a tough material to clean so you would have to spend good time on cleaning this kind of window.

Floor To Ceiling Window


The Expense of This Kind of Window

As you already know that this kind of window comes with a high price tag so you only if you are willing to spend a huge amount on the window then only you can go ahead and get this window installed in your home. 

Different designs of floor to ceiling windows have different price range but mostly they cost between USD 700 to USD 1,600 that is way too much. The labor charge as well as, the frame cost of this window is very high and that is why it is quite expensive.

Here are some of the best western windows designs for your home.

These were everything that you need to know about the floor to ceiling windows and for more such information you can browse through Architecturesideas.

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