30+ Best Above Ground Pools with Deck Designs

There’s nothing as comforting as above ground pools with deck. Picture yourself on a hot summer day, chilling with a cool drink and relaxing on a simple above ground pool deck– sounds like a plan, right?

Not everyone is blessed with the provision of building an inground pool which is when above ground pools with deck come in handy. This smart trick will let you soak in the oasis of calmness and take a dip in cold water whether you own a tiny backyard or a lavish space for a pool. Smart planning splashed with a little creativity can make even a simple above ground pool deck look like an artistic feature of the house. Let’s look into the best above ground pool with deck options to give you an idea of how to jazz up one in your space.

31 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

1. Curved Above Ground Pools with Deck

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A soothing circular pool could be your ultimate retreating spot in the entire house. Opt for curved above ground pools with deck and enjoy a great walking space around the pool periphery. Eliminate extra fencing around the pool in order to save money.

2. The Shining Deck

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Don’t let your above ground pools with decks sit quietly in a corner. Let it shine by setting up with ambient lighting solutions. Install lights running along the rim of the pool that isn’t just functional for the area but also jazz up the look of the pool.

3. Of Wood and Stone!

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Nothing can beat the ultimate combination of natural materials when it comes to outdoor landscaping designs. Opt for the best above ground pools with decks composed of wooden steps and being surrounded by a combination of wood and stone.

4. Best Above Ground Pool with Deck for a Small Space

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Even the tiniest space can accommodate the best above ground pool with deck. Build a small deck and opt for a larger swimming pool. The space-saver deck can be composed of a sleek ladder and resin pool.

5. Terraced Above Ground Pools with Deck

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One of the best permanent above ground pool with deck ideas is that with terraced design. Why keep the design simple when you can raise it like a terrace? Submerge the pool within the stepped deck and opt for a material palette that complements the rest of the decor around it.

6. The Bridged Above Ground Pool With Deck

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Go for a grand pool entry by building a bridge across the deck. Approach the pool with a long and narrow bridge that leads to a wooden deck. You can adorn the bridge with landscaping that’s vibrantly complementing the rest of the setting.

7. Big and Round

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Instead of going with the typical rectangular above ground pools with deck, opt for something more soft and soothing. Consider the idea of introducing a large and circular above ground pool in the outdoor areas. You can border the pool with natural landscaping.

8. Half Up, Half Down!

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Rather than taking the typical approach for your above ground pools with deck, make it fancy with a one-of-its-kind design. Make the pool half raised and half submerged for an appealing design. It allows the pool to perfectly sync with its surroundings and offer matchless comfort.

9. Infinity Pool

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Who doesn’t like the idea of owning an infinity pool? The best part is that above ground pools with deck can be transformed into a mini-infinity pool with aligned water levels with the deck. Opt for a rustic finish for the pool walls in order to make them fit in the landscaped setting.

10. Cornered Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Decks

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Running short on space for a pool? Don’t worry! Go for a simple above ground pool deck tucked in a corner of the backyard. You can raise the pool with wooden steps which can also be used as a sitting spot outside the pool. This multifunctional design is sure to offer the ultimate leisure time to your family and friends.

11. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas with Slide

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Make your yard the ultimate fun zone of the house by equipping it with slides. Place slides across the corners of the pool and dives into the ultimate splash zone. This could be the perfect pool-party spot not only for kids but grown-ups as well.

12. Stone Above Ground Pools with Deck

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Natural materials can never go out of style whether it’s an interior design or above ground pool deck ideas. Explore the idea of building a pool with natural stones and surrounding it with neutral-toned flooring. This will not only make the pool shine against the muted setting but also serve as a sturdy hardscaping material for your backyard.

13. Above Ground Pools with Deck and Spa

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Want to enjoy an outdoor spa experience? Rather than bringing an ordinary pool to the space, opt for a spa-like setting with the perfect vibe created under an open sky. Opt for natural materials in the design for a soothing experience.

14. That Sense of Luxury!

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Owning above ground pools with deck is a luxury in itself and the same experience can be made furthermore lavish with an expansive deck accommodating several deck seats. Jazz up the decor with ambient lighting and calming tones and enjoy the outdoor experience.

15. Wooden Above Ground Pools with Decks

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Install small backyard above ground pool decks composed of wood for an admirably simple design that also serves the purpose of beating the heat. You can either take the building of a wooden deck as a DIY project or get it built by experts. Wooden above ground pools with decks are pocket-friendly solutions with unmatched comfort.

16. Showcase the Greenery!

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Opt for spacious above ground pools with deck that not only offers a lavish deck but also aids in highlighting the green landscaping around it. Opt for a color scheme that complements the natural hues existing in the yard.

17. Floating in the Flowers

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Keep your above ground pools with deck that look like it is floating within flowers. Surround the periphery of the deck with a mix of colorful flowers in order to make the entire visual look even more vibrant. The seating on the deck can also be accessorized with small potted plants in order to maintain the design language.

18. Fenced Above Ground Pools with Deck

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If you wish to add a sense of privacy and security to the above ground pools with deck, consider the idea of fencing around it. You can opt for cost-effective and eye-pleasing fencing solutions that segregate this fun zone from the rest of the outdoor area.

19. The Teeny-Tiny Deck

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Add a tiny above ground pool deck in a nook of your backyard for a lounging experience. The deck can be built on different levels with a shallow pool. Each level can serve a function and offer you a space to relax after a long day at work.

20. Multi-Layered Deck

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Offer your wooden deck several layers before reaching the ultimate level. Stack up the deck in form of steps that lead you to a platform with seating. These steps can also function as extra seaters in case of a pool party.

21. Tropical Above Ground Pools with Deck

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Form an illusion of having a deep submerged pool with this above ground pools with deck idea. Keep the deck raised so that the pool seems to be an inground swimming pool. This will serve as an eclectic feature in your yard with its enticing visual appeal.

22. The Oversized Steps Approach

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Opt for a deck around above ground pool. Rather than building a large deck around it, save some bucks and opt for a small walkway instead. Approach the pool with oversized steps covered in wooden slats.

23. Cover it Up!

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Cleaning the pool every time you’re trying to use it is a daunting task, right? How about keeping the pool covered and avoiding the need to go through this hassle? Equip your above ground pool deck with an automatic cover that keeps the entire area clean for you whenever it’s not in use. One of the advantages of this approach is that it saves the pool from getting heated.

24. A Deck and Patio

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Don’t restrict your creativity to a deck alone. Rather, build a shaded patio along with the above ground pool deck to enjoy the view even in extreme weather. Equip the space with tables and chairs for added comfort.

25. The Exotic Above Ground Pools with Deck

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Bring a five-star experience to your home pool by opting for a platform deck. This design for above ground pools with deck isn’t just comfortable to enjoy in but also offers the visuals of an exotic hotel pool. While the pool serves as a perfect spot for summer chilling, the deck can be used in winter for sunbathing.

26. Nonagon Above Ground Pools with Deck

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Don’t shy away from going extraordinary with the pool shape. Pick a nonagon pool and build your raised deck around it. Approach the deck with a wooden staircase and opt for a sleek and modern ladder look that takes you inside the pool.

27. Fancifully Lit

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Make the above ground pools with deck well-illuminated by opting for fancy lighting solutions. You can highlight the base of the pool and further accessorize the zone with landscaping composed of plants and colorful flowers. Apart from the grand pool, make lighting an eye-catchy feature in the yard.

28. Oval Lounging

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While the pool size can be kept restricted, you can opt for a large deck area. This dry area serves as a perfect summer and winter spot with proper seating and chilling equipment.

29. A Stock Tank Pool

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If you’re not planning to invest a lot of money in building an above deck pool, consider the idea of introducing a stock tank pool. This pool will stay for years upon the proper maintenance and you can enjoy a luxury experience even in a tiny space.

30. An Enclosed Deck

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If you’re not comfortable with the idea of having an open above ground pool deck, don’t worry because you can enclose it within fencing solutions. Maintained the desired privacy by picking a fence that complements the rest of the deck. You could carry out the entire design in a wooden theme or opt for composite material.

31. Best Above Ground Pools with Decks with Trampoline

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There’s no limit to the fun factor when it comes to accessorizing above ground pools with deck. Consider the idea of bringing a trampoline next to this chilling zone and making the experience even better. Don’t be afraid to go over the board for a perfect sunbathing experience and the joy of a trampoline.

5 Design Considerations for Above Ground Pools with Deck

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While constructing above ground pools with deck sound like an exciting idea, there are a few considerations to be made prior to diving into the decision-making.

  1. The major decision is to decide whether the project will be carried out on your own or are you looking at professional help for the same? While a DIY project can be a fun task for simple above ground pools with deck ideas, for more complex designs, it is advised to opt for a professional.
  2. The first step in developing the design would be to install the pool. Don’t make the mistake of installing the deck prior to the pool as the dimensions of the pool might not fit at the end.
  3. Don’t forget the budget while executing the design. Consider adding materials and design elements that suit your pockets.
  4. Align the pool along with the deck in a way that the overall design looks cohesive. The deck must be close to the pool as a safety measure as well.
  5. Offer a designated space along with the deck in order to store the pool accessories and equipment. Rather than taking these under the pool, place them along a part of the deck for easy access.

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Splash the Creativity!

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There’s no limit to the creative ideas for designing above ground pools with deck. Go ahead with the design that suits the requirements and the layout of the space available for the installation. Construct a large deck and enjoy the ultimate lounging at home the whole year around.

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