The Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Daybed are a Spring Hit

Many design lovers recognise the elements of the Barcelona Collection in a glance: The Barcelona Chair and Table; The Barcelona Bench, The Barcelona Ottoman. Their particular shapes and patterns are an integral part of the iconography of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. Now Barcelona Designs offers the best rendition of these legendary masterpieces with the best standards of quality and loyalty to the original concept. 

Created in 1929 by L. Mies van der Rohe and released in the International Exposition of Barcelona of that year, this furniture collection works well with each one item on its own, or as a splendid whole. Just use your creativity and play with the different elements of your living room and see how it works. 

The Barcelona Chair, Loveseat and Sofa: Flexible Design

The Barcelona Chair, Loveseat and Sofa: Flexible Design

The Barcelona Chair is comfortable, elegant, and suits very well in small or big spaces due to its particular concept, sleek and strong at the same time; or in the words of L. Mies van der Rohe: “skin and bones” design.

You can align two Barcelona Loveseats (Two seats) or even two Barcelona Sofas (Three seats) without overcrowding your space and keeping it in style. Play with its different combinations and find the most suitable for your living room.

The Barcelona Bench: Versatility

 Barcelona Bench: Versatility

This the main feature of the Barcelona Bench. Your space may evolve in very different ways with the classic Barcelona Bench in its two and three-seat sizes, and the iconic Barcelona Daybed.

Use the Barcelona Bench Two-seater and Three-seater to expand the number of seats available in your room. The look of the well-crafted cushions of a Barcelona Bench in a hallway space provides a debonair sensation of sleek comfort.

Just like many utility pieces, the Barcelona Bench can be used as a center table. In its two-seat version, you can place it easily in the middle of the room and make it work as a multipurpose surface such as a seat, an ottoman or a coffee table.

The Barcelona Daybed: Royal Comfort

Barcelona Daybed: Royal Comfort

A special comment has to do with the Barcelona Daybed. It’s so much more than a relaxing spot. Its sophisticated appearance and elegant silhouette topped by a distinctive leather bolster make this piece a decorative object by itself. Ideal for open, large spaces, its horizontal structure invites us to relax and look at the horizon.

The Barcelona Ottoman and the Coffee table: The Cherry Tops

Barcelona Ottoman and the Coffee table: The Cherry Tops

As interior design tools, these items have the virtue to balance any space. The discreet but solid structure of the black Barcelona Ottoman suits perfectly in a space charged with too many neutral colors (and the other way around with the white Ottoman).

The Coffee Table has a very clear, light design with its squared glass top and its crossed chromed frame. Its reflective surface balances very well the solid structure of the Chair and Sofas and is appropriate not only for homes but for professional/public spaces.

True to Design means High-quality Materials

The market of replicas has been one of the favorite choices by Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts and became one of the preferred alternatives by Mid Century Modern enthusiasts around the world.

But replicas mean much more than a similar design. Being true to the original means use only the best materials to meet the original standards. That’s why Barcelona Designs only use 100% full grain Premium-Italian Leather upholstery, exclusively hand-picked by experts that know how they are going to be used. The smooth, seamless ends of corners in every piece are unique in the US market. The cushion foam is wrapped in synthetic silk, so it can breathe and let you feel this special comfort. 

With more than 15 years in the business, Barcelona Designs is one of the high-end manufacturers of Mid-Century Modern replicas. If you are a quality enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Barcelona Collection. Its marvelous pieces of design.

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