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Right now, homeowners are looking for something extraordinary and fresh to refurbish the aesthetics completely. Among all options, contemporary kitchens are grabbing their attention because of their sophistication and practicality. 

Incorporating slate color cabinets with slate appliances is the most popular choice these days. They look timeless and go perfectly with many themes. However, this post shows various other color options too! Exciting, right? 

What Color Cabinets Go with Slate Appliances in Residential Kitchen Spaces?

Here are some cabinets options that work well with slate appliances:

Natural Wood Stain Cabinets

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Homeowners looking for natural aesthetics can go with wood stain cabinets. The natural wood tone makes the kitchen space look inviting. This cabinet color blends magically with slate appliances. 

The design of cabinets is also important to make the space look comfortable and appealing. Shaker panels with wooden framing and glass shutters are best for showcasing the crockery and other items. Homeowners can also opt for open wooden shelving to display the slate appliances. For a more interesting look, homeowners can add a backdrop that complements the cabinets. 

Off-White Cabinets

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White is the color of royalty and elegance that never goes out of trend. Off-white color cabinets with slate appliances are an excellent match that introduces a cozy vibe to the kitchen interiors.

Along with that, homeowners can install an off-white kitchen island with quartz countertops for additional functionality and a modern look. The golden chandelier over the kitchen island can be used to give the cooking space a unique style.

Homeowners can also add open white wall units for toasters and other appliances. It will make the kitchen look bigger. For a more uniform appearance, one should opt for all the appliances in a slate color. This simple design trick turns the kitchen into a glam cooking space. 

Matte Slate Cabinets

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The matte finish slate cabinets have the power to accentuate the space effortlessly. Customizing the slate cabinets with the matte finish hardware contrasts amazingly with the slate appliances and gives a basic yet timeless look.

Homeowners can take their kitchen space one notch up by using the bright-colored pattern tiles to create a bolder impact. The slate color kitchen cabinets with the same color kitchen furniture and wall tone can be used to infuse a classic charm into the space. 

Homeowners can also experiment with the glossy subway tiles and pops of color on accessories to make the space appear larger and brighter. 

Light and Airy Blue Cabinets

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The slate appliances look best with light and airy blue cabinets. This subtle tone creates a sophisticated visual interest. A kitchen island with a white quartz countertop and light and airy blue cabinets adds a touch of style to the space. Textured wall tiles and hardwood vinyl flooring can also be used to reflect nature’s influence in the kitchen. 

Black Cabinets

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Homeowners can use black cabinets to jazz up the kitchen that’s equipped with slate appliances. The matte finish of the slate appliances adds a statement. The matte black fixtures on the cabinets add a luxe vibe and balance the overall kitchen aesthetics. In addition, one can use a pop of yellow or orange to break the monotony in a dark kitchen.

Adding white floorings and a backsplash of textured tiles can also give a rich and elegant feel to the cooking area. 

Emerald Green Cabinets

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Rich and elegant emerald green cabinets complement the slate appliances and kitchen faucets. The emerald green cabinets can be paired with the white floorings, and a backsplash of white tiles is a perfect contrast that goes well with the slate-hued appliances in the kitchen space. Homeowners looking for an open-kitchen concept can go for this design option. 

Turquoise Cabinets

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A makeover with turquoise cabinets and slate appliances is the perfect combination. Homeowners can add some twists to the kitchen ambiance with the painted white walls. It contrasts best with the turquoise cabinets and chrome fixtures.

A kitchen island with lighting introduces a magical charm to the kitchen space. Homeowners can also add statement accent pieces to the kitchen interiors. 

Orange Cabinets

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Those who think slate color cabinets may create a monochrome look, can go for bright colors. 

A bold range of orange color cabinets uplifts the kitchen interiors. The orange cabinets make an excellent choice with the slate appliances. The white backsplash with the white kitchen island makes the rest of the kitchen space calm and neutral. The white marble floorings and subway tiles with orange cabinetry take center stage in the space. Homeowners looking for vibrant and bright interiors can go with this option. 

Red Cabinets

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The glossy red cabinets make the kitchen interiors a whole lot brighter. Pairing red cabinets with slate appliances add an interesting character to the kitchen space. Customizing the interiors with an outer curved island and octagonal island makes the kitchen look spacious. 

Moreover, chrome hardware on the cabinetry can uplift the red tone of the cabinets. Homeowners can also make use of an artistic chrome backsplash and wooden flooring for a luxurious vibe.

Green Cabinets

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Pairing bright colors like light green with the slate appliances creates a sophisticated yet funky vibe. Homeowners can bring a creative flair to the kitchen space by installing slate appliances on the kitchen island. The bar stools with green tones present a natural and refreshing feel to the kitchen space.

Wrapping Up

A perfect kitchen makeover depends on choosing the right color tones that blend well with the appliances and the overall interiors. A kitchen cabinet works as a powerful facelift, making it aesthetically pleasing and distinctive in functionality. So, it’s important to choose the right color for the cabinets. 

The slate color cabinets with slate appliances are one of the top-rated options among homeowners. But various other colors can be used to add an extra edge to the space. Those opting for kitchen remodeling can get inspiration for color options and design ideas from this post. 

These ideas will not only add elegance to the kitchen interiors but will enhance the functionality as well.