12 Best Curtains for Living Room with Tips

Did you know about the role curtains for living room play in bringing out the design essence? Our living rooms are the first places that welcome guests into our personal world of style. And the easiest way to offer insights into your creativity and design sensibilities is via curtains for living room.

As important as the furniture layout in a living room, so is the window treatment. The aptest living room curtains can offer the final finishing touch to the space and accentuate the aesthetics of the whole space. Similarly, one wrong step while selecting curtains for living room can break the whole design and lower the visual appeal of the space. Curtains or living room drapes will make the space warmer and more welcoming with their elegance. In order to let you achieve the maximum levels of functionality and style, we’ve curated a list of the 12 best living room curtains.

12 Designer Curtains for Living Room that are Aesthetic and yet Functional

Rather than keeping your windows muted, let them talk loud! And it’s super easy to let that happen by selecting the best curtains for living room. Let’s look into the 12 designer pieces for a living room exploding in colors and charm.

1. The Modern Blending

The Modern Blending

The main purpose of curtains for living room is to bind the whole design together. Take the modern route and pair the window treatments for living room with the existing mood board. One tone up or one tone down, ensure that the undertones of the chosen curtains and paint are matching for an eclectic blend of design.

2. Double Layers of Elegance

Double Layers of Elegance

A careful selection of the living room curtains can truly compose a bespoke design. Curtains for living room welcome elegance in the room and imagine how double layers would add up to enhance the aesthetics. Go over the top while layering it up and let these curtains bring layers of warmth and beauty to the space.

3. Sheer for an Extra Cheer!

Sheer for an Extra Cheer!

There’s magic within the rays of the sun that light up the whole space and make it extra cheerful. Stop! Don’t block the natural light. The best curtains for living room are the ones that will make the space look brighter with their sheer panels.

4. The Punchy Patterns

The Punchy Patterns

All it takes is vibrant curtains for living room to bring a touch of boldness and excitement to the space. For design language following muted walls and subtle mood board, add a punch with patterned curtains. Don’t be afraid to go wild with the colors and prints for a visually appealing design.

5. Textured Walls or Curtains for Living Room?

Textured Walls or Curtains for Living Room?

Do you wish to add a textured wall but don’t want to go through the hassle of painting the room? Don’t worry! Let curtains for living room do the job. Yes, curtains as an alternative for paint and texture.

The satin curtains have surprises woven within their fabric that can jazz up the entire living room by adding a texture to the room. Rather than hanging curtains as window treatments for living room, place them in front of a wall. Go for goblet pleats and look how gracefully it imparts clean aesthetics to the room.

6. Extraaa! Drama

Extraaa! Drama

Want to add volume to the living room? Perhaps with a little touch of drama? The best curtains living room, in this case, are the ones running longer than usual. Let the extra length curl up on the bottom with a flair that offers unique aesthetics to the living room.

7. Double-height Living Room Drapes

Double-height Living Room Drapes

Double height spaces exude grandeur and to further add an essence of luxury, go for living room drapes matching the height. Let the long fabric bring in depth and drama for a loftier look.

8. Wonderful Wood with Lavish Linen

Wonderful Wood with Lavish Linen

Drapes for living room can prove to be a worthy investment when paired with the accent materials. For living room decor in wooden accents, add chic linen-draped to curate a simply admirable design. Keep it smooth yet contrasted for an eye-catchy design.

9. Gorgeous Green Curtains for Living Room

Gorgeous Green Curtains for Living Room

Green is an eye-pleasing, mind-calming color that brings a positive aura when added to any space in any form. And what’s better than opting for green-colored curtains for living room? With every tone of green bringing a unique personality to the space, opt for the one that sits well with the rest of the decor and you’re all set to have a serene space set right in the core of your house.

10. Cafe at Home!

Cafe at Home!

Don’t we all adore the tiny cafe curtains making an unforgettable impression? As window treatments for living room with glazings divided into two halves, go for half cafe curtains for a cute decor with its one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

11. Of Antiques and Gold!

Of Antiques and Gold!

For all the antique lovers, add a coat of gilt with golden curtains for living room. There’s a commendable glam in golden accents. Make use of these for a living room design filled with an artistic flair aligning with artifacts and antique objects.

12. A Fun Pair

A Fun Pair

Rather than going for individual furnishing items, it’s best to pair up the curtains for living room with the accessories ornamenting the space. Make a perfect blend of tones and patterns for a cohesive yet unmatched design.

8 Tips on How to Choose Curtains for Living Room?

When selecting curtains for living room, as much as the aesthetics matter, functionality is equally important in the picture. Decide the purpose– whether you need it to block light? If it’s needed to cater to the privacy issues or to complete the design. Here are the 8 tips to help you choose the best living room curtains for a statement-making interior design.

1. The Function of Living Room Curtains

The Function of Living Room Curtains

In order to cater to privacy issues, don’t be afraid to go over the top while layering. Conceal the windows with dark hues to avoid even a hint of what’s happening inside the home. Make an appealing combination of living room drapes and blinds for a safe decor.

2. Fabric


The selection of fabric is extremely important when choosing curtains for living room. It has to be in harmony with the rest of the furnishings and ensure to opt for the material that regulates the amount of light entering your living room.

3. Different Windows, Different Sizes

Different Windows, Different Sizes

Not all windows will be placed at the same height or it’s not necessary that these will be of the same size. However, the curtains for living room must run the same length. It’s advisable to mark the level from the ceiling and drop all the curtains to a selected level.

4. The Size of Curtains for Living Room

The Size of Curtains for Living Room

One key consideration while selecting the best living room curtains is their length. If you want a subtle look, go for the accurate size that ends above the floor. If you’re looking at something a bit more dramatic, go for extra-long curtains.

5. A Blind’s Layer

A Blind’s Layer

Curtains and blinds make the most functional duo. Let in the light with the sheer fabric and control the glare with blinds. This flexibility allows you to choose accordingly based on the need of the hour.

Drape it Up!

Who knew that choosing curtains for living room could be such a task! From the size considerations, the purpose of the window treatment, to the style that will fit well, the best living room curtains will be derived after an exploration into the world of fabrics and patterns.

Of all the creative ideas, choose the one that synchronizes smoothly with the design theme of the living room. Once the perfect curtains for living room are hung, you’ll notice upscaled aesthetics and a touch of coziness within the room.


Are Floor-Touching Curtains for Living Room Better Than the Lifted Ones?

There’s no rule that states whether the curtains for living room must be floating or extra long. It is based on the design essence you’re trying to bring out in the space. Another factor guiding the length of the curtain is the size of the window.

How to Fix the Width of the Drapes for Living Room?

Measure the window if you wish to conceal it properly. Or else, you could even go for half-covering living room drapes. Make a nice mix of blinds and curtains for window treatments for living room.

Is It Advisable to Wash the Curtains?

This is purely dependent on the fabric of the curtain. While few materials are good to be washed, the others can tear in a machine. Consider the washing instructions of the chosen fabric

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