Best Home Bar Designs For Small Spaces

Are you passionate about drinking? If your answer is yes then you may also want a bar kind of space in your home which actually updates the overall look of the house which is a great thing. Nowadays people doesn’t have big houses as life has become compact so our houses as well which is actually fine but one creating space for something special becomes difficult in small houses and so people often forget their desire of having their own bar in the house. now with every up-gradation the constructional ideas are also getting advanced and so now architects have learnt how to create space even in small houses and so there are so many ways to design your own bar in your home and if you are still confused then here are some of the best home bar designs for small spaces that you need to check out and try as well.

Bookcase Bar Corner

For this home bar you would just need one corner of side of your room and this is very simple to achieve as well which seems to be the best thing. Here you need to get a wooden bookcase shelve with drawers at the bottom and the height of each shelf should be enough to put drinks bottle there and how you can keep your glasses and all in the drawer and you can keep you bottles on the shelves and you can keep a chair or two and a folding table there so that you can enjoy your drink at the place with your friends.

Liquor Cabinet:

This is one is the smallest bar that you can create in your home and with this idea you can actually keep the bar secret as well which seems to be the best thing. Here you need to get your hands on a wall cupboard that’s it and there you can actually keep your drinks as well as glasses and if you want to keep this secret then you can simply lock it and no one would know that you have your own personalised bar in your home.

Fish Tank Bar

Now this is kind of a multi-purpose bar this can also be kept as a decorative or just as an aquarium and if you love keeping fish in your home then you would love this home bar design for sure. Here you would have to get your aquarium in a table like position and you need to set up the bar counter on the top of the aquarium and by just grabbing one or two chairs your bar would be ready for the celebration.

Suitcase Bar

This is kind of a temporary bar and is perfect for those who keep on changing their home and this bar can be organized anywhere you want and to organize this bar you would just need a suitcase and a platform on which you would keep the bar and you can actually use your living room table of dining table as well. Here you would have to organize your bottles in the suitcase and keep the suitcase open and you can also keep your glasses their and that’s it your temporary bar is ready.

Pallet Rack Home Bar

This is one of the least space consuming bars which you can get and at times you can also use the rack in other ways as well which is the best thing for sure. Here you can get two parallel rack one after another at the kitchen and make sure to have hooks at the bottom of each rack so that you can hang essentials there and you can simply organize your bottles on the rack accordingly and make sure to hang one bottle opener as well so just make your drink days easy.

Drink Display Under Stairs

We do not actually use the area under the stairs and so you can actually use the space to create your very own home bar easily. Here you would have to get shelves at that area with glass covers and there you can keep all your bottles as display which would not only make your home look classy but at the same time this would serve the purpose as well. Just grab some stools or chairs and your mini bar is ready.

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