The Best and New Shape of Home Design: Design Trends We Love

Home Sweet Home! ClichĂ© as it may be, that phrase has never been truer than it is in the upcoming year! What used to be just the place where we slept and relaxed, has now become the safest place to be. Perforce, homes evolved into offices, schools, restaurants, and gyms. In fact, over the past 18 months, many people across London have spent more time in their own four walls than ever before!  And it’s shaping the way we think. Home design trends are changing. Consumers are adapting their homes to suit their newfound lifestyles.

Throughout history, pandemics have been the catalyst for change in home design. And the global COVID19 crisis has proved that theory yet again: humans are adaptable creatures, and we embrace change and reshape our living conditions to suit our circumstances.

So, what design trends are so much popular?  And why?

Multi-Use Zones

Are you one of the many who creates a home office in one corner of the lounge room, build a zoom zone for schooling in the kitchen or rearrange your bedroom to accommodate a desk and work area?

Across the UK, homeowners are embracing the concept of multi-use zones for everyday living. And this trend is no passing fad. Having proved the benefits that come with flexibility and change, many Londoners are enjoying their newfound work arrangements and are discovering creative ways to balance work and relaxation.

Homeowners are designing rooms to suit multiple activities and sourcing furniture items that can use for more than one purpose.

Consumers are setting up rooms and living zones so that they can be repurposed easily: desks and workspaces are now a common feature of bedroom design; larger kitchen island benches with room for more than one activity are becoming increasingly popular.

Closed Floorplan Ideas / Semi-open Floorplan Ideas

Closed Floorplan Ideas / Semi-open Floorplan Ideas

For years now, open plan living has been rising in popularity. However, with recent lockdowns, there’s an undeniable resurgence of closed floorplan ideas or semi-open floorplan ideas which are now gaining momentum.


Some folks have found that having family members working, schooling, and playing in the same area just isn’t practical. Instead, they’re wanting spaces that can close off to give individuals some privacy and quiet time.

Integrated Smart Home Technology

The Upcoming year will continue to see a rise in integrated Smart Home technology across London. From home offices and schooling to entertainment and online shopping, Londoners are using technology to carry out their work, stay connected with family and friends and keep life daily routines ticking along as normally as possible.

Home theatres, security systems and integrated appliances and systems are taking convenience and home comfort to the next level. And once these habits will form, they’ll be here to stay.

Decorate to Please

With people spending considerably more time at home, many have caught the home decorating bug!

From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living zones, most homeowners have found the urge to re-vamp at least one area of their property…

Home DĂ©cor Colours Trends

While soft pastels and neutral colour palettes remain ever-popular, pops of bright, primary colours are finding their way into homes across London. This trend shows that for many people, a little cheerfulness is welcome in a time when things are tough.

Yellow is a colour that’s gaining momentum in interior design. Why?  Because for many people, yellow represents positivity, hope and a brighter future.

Gentle hues of green take us back to nature. And many Londoners in 2022 and the next year have re-established their connection with the world around them: learning to appreciate the small things in life has been a new experience for some, and old-fashioned hobbies such as vegetable gardening have been re-discovering. Shades of green on walls and cabinetry remain popular in kitchens and living areas.

The Navy is making an undeniable comeback. Stylish, enchanting, and thought-provoking, we’re set to see midnight blue appearing in living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. When paired with white or gold, deep blues are the perfect way to add that touch of luxury to any living space.

Decorate to Excess

This year is set to see diehard minimalists shaking in their shoes: the concept of decorating to excess is gaining momentum.

In a world that’s been gripping by uncertainties and fear, many people have taken to surrounding themselves with creature comforts: welcome cosy maximalism!

This design style thrives on layering textures, colours, and patterns. It embraces diversity and personality and encourages the individual to tell their story through their surroundings.

Vibrant colours curated displays, and accessories in abundance – the home dĂ©cor market is in high demand across London!

More is more: it’s about surrounding yourself with things you love, not being bound by opinions and stereotypes.

Wood Furniture Trends

Natural wood and light-coloured wooden finishes are back on international design mood boards. With decades of painted and stained wooden furniture behind us, many consumers are opting for natural and organic wooden finishes in both cabinetry and furniture.

Bringing Nature Inside

Let’s face it: lockdowns have made us value the world around us like never before. In the upcoming year will continue to see homeowners blurring the boundary between the inside and outdoors by decorating with natural finishes and potted plants.

Stone, ceramic, rattan, seagrass… these textures are a great way to bring a piece of nature inside.

Indoor plants are not only beautiful: they act as air filters and purifiers too. And the therapeutic benefits of caring for plants are well known – you don’t live in the countryside to experience the simple pleasure of nature!

The team at Combit Construction, specialist builders in North London, are excited about the new home design trends we’re seeing. Life is full of surprises and the world of design is constantly evolving to suit the needs of modern living.

For more information on trends for the next year and beyond, talk to Igor and his team. With 20+ years of experience in the home renovating industry, Igor has a wealth of knowledge to help you at any stage of an extension and renovation project.

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