5 Reasons Metal Roofs are Your Best Bet

Metal roofs, aka ‘the forever roof’ has been a go-to for most homeowners for many years. Not only do they last longer than many other options, but they are extremely stylish too. Today, they come in all colors, patterns, and designs, including those that imitate other materials like asphalt shingles. That said, here are a few reasons why you should pick a metal roof over any other:

1. Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

Metal roofs can remain stunning for 40-70 years, which is thrice better than asphalt roofs. In fact, copper and zinc metal roofs will last well over 100 years. As such, most homeowners who opt for metal roofing do not have to think about roof replacement throughout their lifetime. They are renowned for withstanding wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour, and are also impact-resistant, depending on their sturdiness and build.

Metal roofs will, therefore, withstand sun, rain, snow, and ice, as well as acid rain since they do not get corroded. Because they are extremely strong against weather elements, they also tend to require less maintenance. That said, their durability comes with an added advantage: they do not need don’t need the periodic costly maintenance that other roofing materials often require!

2. Reduced Cost of Cooling

Reduced Cost of Cooling

Now that we mentioned saving from less maintenance, how about saving some more? With a metal
roof, the cost of cooling in a home is bound to reduce by 10-25%. This is because metal roofs have high thermal emissivity, meaning they absorb heat quickly but lose the heat just as fast during the night.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are known to absorb and retain heat other than emitting it during the night. This can raise indoor temperatures to discomforting heights, especially during summer. Further, metal coated with a Kynar 500 based resin can reflect up to 70% of solar energy, keeping your home cool.

3. Great for all Seasons

Great for all Seasons

Sure, they are great for summer since they maintain habitable indoor temperatures, but they are also great for all other seasons. During hot weather, they keep the heat away. During winter, they prevent snow and ice from accumulating along the roof eaves, hereby preventing ice dams.

Ice dams are a notable problem for many homeowners in Canada and the U.S, but with a metal roof,
they can be eliminated since ice and snow do not accumulate on the metallic surface. From extremes of cold, windy, hot, and all types of weather, a metal roof will remain strong throughout the entire year.

4. Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant

Residents of areas that are prone to wildfires and lightning strikes, like that of California, will benefit
greatly from a metal roof. Metal does not spark or ignite into flames since it’s fire-resistant, unlike cedar and asphalt which resists fire for about 2 hours after which the resistance wears off. Hail and wildfire prevalent zones like Oklahoma and parts of Australia call for metal roofs. Additionally, some home insurers offer discounts of up to 30% to homeowners whose properties have metal roofs. This is because it is a more reliable material, most likely lasting you through any major natural disaster. If it isn’t clear yet why a metal roof is a great option, continue reading.

5. Sustainability of Metal

Sustainability of Metal
A large building with a metal roof on the side of a road

Since metal roofs are extremely durable, they are sustainable for long time wear and tear that nature will put on your home. When replaced, 100% of the old material is recycled, and when new, over 30% of the material used is recycled material. Moreover, some metal roofs are made of 100% recycled content. This makes them the leading roofing material in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Wind Up
For these and many more, metal roofs are the preferred option for many homeowners. One thing for sure, they will save you money! And another, you will have your roof for decades, without having to really worry about leaks, loss of shingles or any of the other major problems asphalt, cedar, or shingle roofs will bring upon you. Something to note is a metal roof will cost you more upfront but will last you years longer than that of another material. This alone makes up for the upfront cost because, in the long run, you will be saving money.

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