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Occasions are one of the most significant memory treasures in everyone’s life. Whether celebrating with friends or family, every occasion has its importance and meaning in everyone’s life, be it any religious ceremony or a farewell party. Moreover, each gathering adds specific value to our lives, so do the gifts and arrangements of the occasion.

Flowers play the most vulnerable part in almost all types of occasions, and that too for ages. From most classic romantic proposals to the hardest goodbyes, flowers can symbolize even the most challenging emotions nearly impossible to say out loud, that is why you should choose the best flowers in calgary for your special occasion

Even in the fastest-changing era of 2020, flower delivery is adding up its values and essence on several occasions like:

Gender Reveal Party

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Becoming a parent is one of the happiest moments in every individual’s life. Gender reveal parties are now becoming more of a culture in nearly all parts of the world. 

Popularly decorating the venue with blue and pink flowers adds elegance and purity to this graceful function and maintains the excitement amongst every guest about the child. Even some couples prefer petal showering to reveal gender.


occasions with flowers

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It is a celebration of the 15th birthday of the girl. It is considered a significant part of a girl’s life as it refers to the beginning of her womanhood. It is a culture celebrated in many parts of America and Europe. 

The decoration is mostly done with flowers to match the theme, and even the bouquet calls for the flower delivery. Several flowers like Daisy symbolizes new beginnings, and purity goes perfectly with the occasion.

Farewell Party

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Farewell parties are the most exciting yet emotional part of everyone’s life. Whether it is awarded to the students passing out schools or universities, there is a celebration of accomplishment and moving ahead in life.

To match the vibe of the occasion, flower delivery by Flower Company makes it a lot easier to set the mood. Every student is welcomed with a particular set of a flower that matches their personality and nature and makes everyone feel special and unique.

Inauguration Ceremony

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It is one of the formal ceremonies of beginning in every sphere of one’s professional life, like joining a new office or starting any new initiation. Flowers like daffodils are just correct for these occasions. 

Many like to give bouquets of yellow and orange flowers, which means welcome and hence, once again, calling for the perfect flower delivery services from the local florist. 

Prom Nights and Homecomings

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Other trendy student celebrations include proms and homecoming parties that are largely celebrated in almost all the western education institutes. 

As a custom while picking up your partner, boys give corsage a mini bouquet of flowers worn by the girl on the wrist, and girls bring boutonnière, a spray of flowers worn by boys in a buttonhole of their formal suit. Here, your local florist can customize the flower delivery according to student’s dress colors and themes. 

Religious Occasions

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Calling for flower delivery, many religious practices include a specific type of flower used to worship. Flowers play a vital role in almost all religions, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. 

There are several flowers often referred to as Holy flowers such as Lotus, Rose, Lily, Poinsettias, Marigolds, etc. These not just add spiritual purity but also inculcate the values like complete faith.


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The celebration of ritually tying knots with your soul mate is considered one of the happiest moments of life. Once again, flower delivery meets all the requirements of rituals calling for flowers such as bridesmaid bouquet, boutonniere, bride’s bouquet, Jai Malas, Flower for hair accessories, Rose petals for showering, etc. 

Flowers popularly used on this occasion are roses being the most classic ones, carnation providing the variety, Peonies being the most fancy and gardenias the most expensive ones.  

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Valentine’s Week

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The couples largely celebrate the festival of love worldwide for an entire week of February, known as Valentine’s week. Starting with Rose Day on the 7th of February, specific colors of roses are gifted to someone special, portraying a significant feeling, friendship, admiration, affection, or love. 

Surprisingly, the color of a rose displays a particular emotion, but a specific number also gives out a particular message. No doubt, it is one of the busiest weeks for flower vendors, and thus almost all flower delivery requires pre-orders. 


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One of the hardest truths to swallow is mortality. The grief of losing your loved ones is the toughest to go through, and the sorrow and pain one feels are even harder to express. Such an expression is delivered with white carnations and pink roses, portraying the appreciation and sadness of one’s loss. 

Such occasions are hard to go through, but it is the ultimate truth of life. Endings are always hard, and the emotions one goes through leaves one speechless, and thus, flowers not just display our feelings but also bids the final goodbye on our behalf.


In all spheres of life, whether it be the tiniest one of the greatest ones, flowers have been the constant part for ages. Not just their presence sets one in a mood, but also their color adds up to our occasions and rituals. From baby showers to funerals, flowers are continually adding its meaning in different aspects of human life, from the beginning of life to end.

 It is so wonderful to see, even in the most dynamically changing era of 2020, we still use flowers, which is the most traditional way to portray our emotions. If our emotions like love, sorrow, appreciation, affection, faith, sadness, grief, and friendship can be portrayed with just things, it can only be with flowers.