Items You Need to Clear Your Office Like a Professional

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to a new office or you just need a good office clearance; by providing your employees with a clean and sanitary work environment, you’ll have a happier workforce. 

office clearance

Even if you have cleaners that visit your office, it’s still smart to invest in some office clearance items that will help keep your office looking junk-free.

Bins and Bin Liners 

office clearance

Every office needs multiple bins for employees to place their rubbish – otherwise, you might find a build-up of waste on desks. If there isn’t room to provide bins at every desk, try to at least have a bin between every few desks and use liners to keep them fresh. Aim for a bin office clearance of at least once every few days, especially if there is waste food packaging. 

Vacuum Cleaner 

office clearance

If you don’t have a regular cleaning team that visits your office, it’s important to invest in an office vacuum cleaner to keep your floors looking clean. If you have a receptionist, you could ask them to vacuum either first or last thing in the office. Or, you could create a rota between all the employees for a regular hoover. 

Sanitizers for Surfaces 

office clearance

Whether it’s for desks or a kitchen area, sanitizers are essential for any office clearance. Keyboards are one of the dirtiest items in any office and are often a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. By investing in a little cleaning kit for every desk, employees can keep their own desk clean. This may even help stop the spread of office colds!

Sanitizers should also regularly be used on other well-used surfaces as part of your office cleaning schedule. This includes doorknobs, coffee stations, water fountains, light switches, and telephones. 

Kitchen Cleaners 

office clearance

The kitchen of any office can become seriously dirty – especially appliances like the fridge and microwave which can get caked in food residue. Even worse, the handles of these appliances can spread viruses and bacteria. 

Cleaners for a kitchen need to be non-toxic due to the close proximity of food, so keep that in mind before buying anything. You can also ask your cleaning firm for their advice here. Then, when you have your cleaners, ask employees to clean up any messes after themselves or have a cleaning rota. 

Rishi Goratela
Rishi Goratela
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