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Start decluttering your kitchen cabinets and organizing your countertops once and for all with these simple kitchen clean-up ideas. Whether you never seem to have enough storage space or you can’t find your things when you need them, proper kitchen storage can tackle your problems.

How to Organize Your Kitchen and Maximize Your Storage Space

There are plenty of ways to tidy up your kitchen cabinets is the organization without spending a lot of money or throwing out your things. Here are some great accessible solutions for your organize your kitchen woes.

1. Place Unneeded Items in Storage

Organize Your Kitchen

As you start your organizing adventure, you may find items you need later, but not right now. For example, seasonal cookware. If you live in Arizona, you can find some cheap storage for rent in Phoenix that can temporarily store your things. This tip will instantly open up cabinet space.

2. Toss Expired Foods and Start Cleaning

Organize Your Kitchen

You’re not going to feel heartbroken throwing out expired foods that sat in the back of your fridge for too long. Anything that’s stale, dirty, or unusable has to go. While you’re at it, deep clean your cabinets, countertops, and refrigerator. Don’t forget to clean under the sink.

3. Put Your Essentials in Front or in Reach

Organize Your Kitchen

If you’re the type of person who buys spices only to find that you already have that spice in one of your cabinets, install a caddy above the stove. Sink caddies, spice racks, and paper towel racks can keep all of your essentials nearby, so you spend less time looking for them. 

4. Install Hooks to Hang Mugs and Pans

Organize Your Kitchen

You can’t stack most of your mugs, but they occupy so much space in your cabinets. The simple solution is to install hooks from under the shelf, so they can hang from their handles. You can do the same with pots and pans if you install a pot rack over the kitchen sink or stove.

5. Add Dividers for Anything Flat

Organize Your Kitchen

Instead of throwing your baking sheets in the oven or stacking them up somewhere in your kitchen, buy dividers that help you find what you need. You can put baking sheets, cupcake tins, cooling racks, lids, and pans in a divider, then place them inside one of your cabinets.

6. Install a Magnetic Knife Bar

Organize Your Kitchen

Knife blocks take up space on your countertops, but it’s not safe to put sharp knives in a drawer where you could accidentally slice your hand when you grab them. If you have a lot of unused wall space, install a magnetic bar and place all of your kitchen knives across the bar.

7. Use Trays and Bins in Your Cupboards 

Organize Your Kitchen

Trays and bins can help you keep everything in its place. Plus, they help you access your items when you need them. For example, a cutlery tray can separate your forks, knives, and spoons, while deep bins can prevent large cookware, like food processors, from being knocked around.

8. Line Your Shelves with Shelf Liners

Organize Your Kitchen

An organized kitchen design is easier to clean. However, your shelves and cupboards are still difficult to wipe down because of the grainy wood texture. For a fuss-free cleaning experience, buy shelf liners. Not only can you remove them for easy cleaning, but they’ll look incredible in your home.

9. Store Bulk Items in Glass Jars

Organize Your Kitchen

If you’re a fan of buying in bulk, we recommend storing your food in transparent glass jars. Artisan glass canisters with wood lids can beautifully show off your ingredients, which can remind you that you have them. Put your jars on your countertops so they’re easily accessible.

10. Have a Place for Your Grocery Bags

Organize Your Kitchen

Whether you use plastic bags or reusable bags, you need to have a place for them. Otherwise, they’ll start accumulating in your cupboards and drawers. Purchase a large bag holder and put it near your front door, or cut into a vintage coffee canister, so you can easily pull bags out of it.

11. Choose Clear Storage Containers

Organize Your Kitchen

One of the reasons your food keeps going bad is the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. If you can’t see your leftovers, they probably don’t exist. However, if you put your leftovers (or new product) in clear storage containers, you’ll know they’re there every time you open the fridge. 

12. Add a Dry-Erase or Chalkboard

Organize Your Kitchen

Organization doesn’t end at the kitchen; it also includes your habits outside of it. If you regularly forget to pick up items at the grocery store, install a dry-erase or chalkboard where you can write your shopping list. You can also use it for chores, recipes, and important dates.