21+ Walk in Shower Ideas to Make Luxury Bathroom Look

A bathroom is a private space. This ultimate “one’s-own” space is where we unwind at the end of a tedious day by soaking in a warm shower or taking a long cold shower. Many types of research have proved that your bathroom becomes an ultimate sweet spot in between your daily responsibilities. It makes your worries dissipate. So, if you’re seeking to update your functional bathroom into an ethereal environment a walk in shower ideas is a wonderful place to start. Walk-in showers can lend you the ultimate relaxation, calmness, and far less maintenance than normal bathtub demands.

Walk-in tub is all-in and luxury, creating a spa-like ambiance in a bathroom because it can elevate the look of your bathroom. We know that designing from scratch or updating your shower designs can seem like a daunting chore, especially since we use it every day, but the results can be spectacular.

Irrespective of the size of the bath or your budget, we listed 25+ walk-in shower ideas that will inspire you to add an ethereal bath environment.

1. Spruce Up with Patterned Tiles

Spruce Up with Patterned Tiles idea

If you’re looking for tiled walk-in shower ideas, this one ends your hunt. An artistically patterned tile floor like mosaics, floral, or even vertical strips can be one of the best and easiest walk in shower ideas. To achieve that elegant and tranquil environment goes with patterns that are not too busy, the same goes for the color, and avoid the feeling of trippy. Try to bring cohesiveness by matching the backsplash, walls, and floors creating a more uniform look overall.

2. Consider the Plumbing Layout in your Walk in Shower Ideas

A bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink

Apart from design alterations, walk in shower ideas also include functional considerations like the right plumbing and pipe size to get the best out of the overall plumbing system. Walk in shower requires more water pressure when compared to a bathtub. To get that perfect sublime and airy showering feels you must switch from 110″ pipe size to 2″ pipe size. As the pipe narrows down, more water pressure can be achieved for your walk in shower. 

3. Go for Corners 

A bathroom with a walk in shower next to a sink

Thinking of optimally using an unused corner? Go for a corner walk in shower. 

Placing a walk in shower in a tucked-away corner is a wise solution for bathrooms that are small and busy. It’s also ideal for a bathroom that needs to be utilized by everyone. Keeping the wet area separate from the frequently used dry area can help you keep the entire bathroom dry and clean plus it limits the growth of mold. Additionally, a corner walk in shower is advantageous for children or someone who has mobility challenges, allowing easy circulation.

4. All whites for Walk in Shower Ideas

A bathroom with a sink and a mirror

All whites can be a perfect solution if your challenge is a small compacted bathroom. As white makes any space look big and airy. You can use the hue to maximize the space from the floors to the walls. The all-white theme instantly becomes the perfect background for your sanitarywares, so let them shine.

5. A Linear Shower Drain for a Walk in Showers

A pair of sandals sitting on the floor next to a trash can

A linear shower drain is a perfect technique to walk in showers that keeps at bay quite literally! Linear shower drains, also known as infinity shower drains, are drain systems that seamlessly flush with the floor and make the flooring and drain look altogether.

This will help even in small bathroom walk in shower ideas to keep the area cool. If multiple slopes already exist in your bathroom, they can be positioned along a single wall or in the center of the shower, aiding in the rapid removal of water from your bathing region.

6. Pop it Up with the Right Color 

A bathroom with a blue tiled floor and walls

Make your walk in shower a statement piece with colors that pop out. You can use pastels like apple green and turquoise blue that catches enough attention while maintaining the discipline of calmness. Even if your bathroom is small, don’t be afraid to design with color. A good walk in shower color scheme is crucial for achieving the ethereal, feel, and design you’d like in your bathroom, and you can use anything from backsplash and sanitaryware to accessories to achieve this.

7. Transparent Glass Partition

A bathroom with a Transparent Glass Partition and shower

All design elements from the unique backsplash to the color you chose for your sanitaryware can only be visible once you select translucent partitions. This helps dry the area against wetness while not fully closing off the walk in shower area. Furthermore, this will allow your entire length of the bathroom to look much bigger by not dividing it.

8. Get that Aromatherapy Vibe with Sanitary Wares 

Get that Aromatherapy Vibe with Sanitary Wares ideas

With aromatherapy, your ordinary walk in shower experience can be transformed into a relaxing spa experience. This starts with choosing the right elements and features like the right sanitary fit that aligns with the hue of your floors. You can also accentuate the calming ambiance by hanging fresh eucalyptus branches on your shower head which brings more tranquility with its perfumes when infused with the steam.

9. Create Essential Compartments

A bathroom with a shower, sink and mirror

What better than shower designs that contain all your essentials without having to jump out during a calming shower session? We guess nothing! Creating storage for accessories like towels, soap, lotions, loofah sponges, and shampoo, in small pockets within your walk in shower is a fail-proof idea. 

You can be extremely creative with small spaces like adding open shelves or shelves that look like they’re floating by using glass. Another option is to incorporate niches into your walk in shower cavities. Such storage areas are attractive, take up little space in the bathroom, and are super easy to maintain. 

10. Level up the Walk in Shower

A bathroom with two sinks, a tub and a shower

Level up the walk in shower, quite literally by adding a step to it. A step up to your walk-in shower adds a new dimension to your bathroom and serves as a zone that easily divides one space into two. If you are searching for a walk in shower tile ideas, you can also opt for a leveled-up wet room floor, in which the walk-in shower’s floor is tiled. However, the level-up can cost you more than the standard same-level walk-in shower. 

11. Paned Window Look to the Entrance 

Paned Window Look to the Entrance 

When designing a walk in shower, if you wish to have more dimensions and depth try using a door that looks like a paned window to add more texture to a plain space. This will create a unique ambiance as the contrast between the transparent glass and the black panes on this door is striking. Bring out more on this contrast by choosing the right type of lighting in front of the entrance to create a stunning look.

12. Walk in Shower Ideas: Get Nature Inside 

A white bath tub sitting next to a window

Adding some plants to walk in the shower tops the list of walk in shower designs. Indoor plants like strings of turtles can instantly make your walk in shower feel more pleasant and natural when you are showering. 

Moreover, plants effortlessly offer a splash of color that is not too popping. And the health benefits that a plant lends are limitless, as nothing helps us relax more than nature. One thing we’re sure of is that by incorporating some plants and shrubs your morning showers will be uplifted. 

13. Go for Unique Accessories 

Three different views of a shower head and shower faucet

Even when you want the entire design to fall into a more minimalist side, you can opt for accessories and sanitaryware with a bronze finish against the subtle while wall. The bronze touch in your walk in shower shall make your sanitaryware dominate the entire design. Make sure to go for good brands that can make the finish last even in heavy-duty bathrooms.

14. Comfortable Seatings

Comfortable Seating shower idea

If sitting on a comfortable bench while the waterfalls to your body isn’t a synonym for relaxing we don’t know what else is. You can introduce a feel-good factor in your walk in shower by adding some beaches and seatings to rest while showering or taking hot steam.

Experts also advise incorporating materials that fall on the natural palate like stone, wood, or even exposed concrete to achieve that perfect sitting under the rainfall experience. If your walk in shower falls on a smaller size you can try these seatings by installing fold-down seats, open them when you’re seeking a long shower and fold them up if you’re running a quick one. 

15. Timeless Gray and White 

A bathroom with a walk in shower next to a sink

This is a wonderful combination if you’re seeking some elegant theme for your walk in shower designs. The duo of white and gray is timeless and the easiest theme that blends with any design theme or even the function. The combination can help you balance the space from being too dark or bright. 

16. Play with Material Palette

A bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower

Walk in showers can allow all kinds of personalizations and customization so why not start with playing with the martial? For instance, marble gives you the perfect impression of grandeur in any design. The elegant, subtle, and effortlessly gorgeous nature of marble makes it the most used material in the bathroom that creates a statement look. Another material could be using artificial stones that grant their own set of colors and veining. However, before choosing your stone or marble, you should look for them in a showroom or suspect the quality in person.

Expert tip: Because no two slabs of marble or stone are alike, design the slabs with caution in large areas to form cohesiveness. 

17. Acentric Backsplash 

Acentric Backsplash shower idea

You can make the most out of the centric theme for the backsplash of your walk in shower by choosing the right texture and hue. In Fact, many designers treat backsplash no less than an art piece. You can also spruce up the game by using innovative bathroom lighting to help emphasize subtle shimmer or delicate features, and maximize the amount of wall space available for your backsplash. As the wall carries significant design weight, there’s a lot of room to make it one-of-its-kind.

18. Address a Focal Point for Walk in Shower Ideas

Address a Focal Point for Walk in Shower Ideas

A walk in shower can quite easily become the focal point of an entire bathroom with the right elements. You can opt for different wall patterns in your walk in shower against the bathroom that can easily segregate the stall from the layout. Moreover, adding a colorful partition wall design became the forte of this distinctiveness.

19. Dominating Tiles 

Dominating Tiles shower ideas

Dominating and distinct patterns of tiles can be ageless if you select a color that speaks to you, and being eye-catching is just the by-product. Go for colors that are not the color one thinks at first like yellow to bring the sunny mood and orange to lend some cherry vibe to your showering. Using bold bathroom colors can result in a unique outcome.

20. Experiment with the Layout 

Experiment with the Layout shower ideas

If you have a lot of floor space to dedicate to your walk in shower, don’t be afraid to experiment with the layout. For example, go for a larger walk in shower that houses multiple shower heads to give you the perfect rainfall feel. You can also go with a sliding large entrance to your walk in shower that allows seamless circulation to the entire plan.

21. Embrace the Lighting 

Embrace the Lighting shower tile ideas

Many times people forget the potential of good lighting when they are designing a walk in showers or make lighting a tertiary stage in the design. The lighting you opt for while you shower is equally important as the other accessories like showerheads. Go for soft overhead lights and notice how pleasant shower time turns.

22. Opt for Dark Statement Hue 

Opt for Dark Statement Hue shower tile ideas

Consider keeping the rest of your bathroom layout bright and airy with a splash of color with sanitaryware while opting for an all-black wall in the shower if you like black but want to keep things striking. The other color option can be green vanity, patterned wallpaper, and unique flooring, giving a hint of contemporary and not very somber.

23. Opt for Teakwood Flooring for Walk in Shower Ideas

Opt for Teakwood Flooring for Walk in Shower Ideas

Let us assure you first by saying that no real teakwood is not prone to mold even in dampness. Instead, the relaxing hues and use of teak wood texture throughout the floors give your walk in shower a spa-like ambiance. Your walk in shower can feature a beautiful slatted teak wood floor instead of the typical walk in the shower tile floor. It’s gentle on the foot while showering, water-resistant, and gives a calm feel even when it’s a long shower.

24. Replace the Door with a Curtain 

Replace the Door with a Curtain shower idea

If you are not a fan of rigid doors, you can totally eliminate them with flowy curtains. Using curtains can offer you playing with multiple patterns, textures, and colors, from bold red to vintage florals. As curtains are fairly cheaper than doors, it allows you to keep changing them according to season. Moreover, the curtains perfectly fit with a beach-themed design. 

5 Tips for Replacing your Bathtub with a Walk-in shower

There’s nothing like soaking in a warm, bubbly bath in your bathtubs but finding the time to do so can be a luxury in and of itself. Therefore, walk in showers are more practical for everyday use and people are frequently adapting. 

  1. Try retrofitting the old plumbing of your bathtub to suit the need of your walk in shower. This allows you to keep the original plumbing layout without thinking about the layout of the new service. This also helps you in saving up on some extra cash to shift the internal ducts around.
  2. You’ll also need a division after converting your bathtub to a shower. You can add sliding doors to the edge of your shower unit, or a plastic liner that is a less expensive and more attractive option.
  3. Waterproofing can be the biggest challenge once you convert the bathtub into a walk in shower. Consider putting tiling on the walls of the shower to create a waterproof barrier. And for the floors, you can add a level difference. 
  4. Study how the shower door will fit when changing a bathtub to a shower, especially in a compact bathroom. If you want a shower door, make sure there’s enough space for it to swing open without hitting the WC or the sink.
  5. Ventilation is also one of the key aspects when interchanging. Avoid using sealed door frames in walk in showers to let the air flow in and out without trapping the moisture.

Final Thoughts

There are several advantages to consider when replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower. One is that you’d prefer to bathe more quickly. However, due to the limited space, you will need to modify your bathing area. To prevent a major bathroom renovation, consider these simple walk in shower ideas.

You can completely design your walk in shower to fit all your needs and that it’s right for you and the decor style of your entire bathroom, whether you opt for all whites, teakwood flooring, or relaxing seatings. Some of these alterations are limited by budget and the size of the bathroom, but others are quite simple to incorporate to achieve your ideal ethereal bath environment.


Can You Have a Walk-In Shower in a Small Bathroom?

Yes, you can build a walk in shower for a small bathroom easily. As walk-in showers do not require much space. There are multiple small and slim shower trays available on the market that can be installed. The walk in shower can further be reduced in size if you eliminate the level difference. The best trick to make your small bathroom appear big is to go for hues that are lighter in color. Avoid using dark colors on backsplash, walls, and flooring. You can eliminate unnecessary storage units and keep the entire bathroom to the bare minimum requirement.  

Alternatively, you could create a wet zone and dry zone to reduce the wetness to reach the entire bathroom. Other than these many design elements can help you make your walk in showers appear big even in small bathroom sizes. 

Are Walk-In Showers Practical?

Yes, walk in showers is super practical. They’re especially useful for busy families with children, disabled persons, and the elderly. You’ll be able to use even the smallest of small or awkward spots where a bath or regular shower wouldn’t fit due to the lack of an appropriate enclosure.  Usually, bathtubs take up a lot of floor space and are quite high maintenance. If the bathtubs are left unmaintained they’re prone to all kinds of molds and pests. This is not the case for a walk in shower as they’re easier to deal with. 

Walk in shower takes up less space than a bathtub, making them an excellent choice for small bathrooms. Also, walk-in showers are constructed to survive years of use. They have fewer parts than a normal tub or shower, which means they are less likely to break or malfunction making them a practical option. 

Does a Walk-In Shower Add Value?

Yes, While installing a walk-in shower might be costly, it is becoming a more popular option to increase the value of your bathroom and improve your quality of life. Traditional bathtubs can make a room appear congested and cramped because they take up so much of the floor space. This is especially relatable in tiny bathrooms where there is often a lot of limitation when it comes to adding design elements. 

Small bathrooms can add value by featuring design elements that are more functional than beautifying like walk in showers. Furthermore, A bathroom can be transformed by stealing a little extra space through walk-in showers. These are growing more popular, and they’re an excellent way to increase the value of your entire bathroom. 

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