A Frugal and Efficient Remodelling: How Much Does a Bath Fitter Cost?

The look of water-stained tiles or marble in the bathroom is disliked by most people and it destroys the aesthetic appeal of the whole bathroom. An easy and efficient solution to fix this issue is the installation of a bath fitter. It is a liner composed of acrylic moulded mould sheets that are fitted between the bathroom walls and the bathtub. A bath fitter installed on the walls contacts the tub to make it look clean and fresh. With a reasonable bath fitter cost, the installation imparts a new look without the need to renovate the whole space. Installation of a bath fitter does not demand any demolition, but it does necessitate some cleanup.

Durability is another significant advantage of Bath Fitters. They’re constructed of acrylic rather than enamel, PVC, or another plastic polymer, so they’ll endure a long time. Bath Fitters liners, like their warranty, are guaranteed to last a lifetime. A bath fitter costs far less than the whole expense of replacing the bathtub and the discoloured tiles surrounding it.

Bath Fitters Features

bath fitter bathroom design

Bath fitter, being a beautiful acrylic liner, merges well with the current existing bathtub or shower in your bathroom. Every Bath Fitter is chosen to complement the appearance and feel of the bathtub and shower system as closely as possible. They fit perfectly over your current bathroom accessories, features, and fixtures, bringing a fresh new appearance.

Bath fitters have the following characteristics:

  • Over the years and decades, it has shown to be quite resilient.
  • These are engineered to endure a lifetime.
  • It has a surface that is resistant to slipping (suitable for people with disabilities or older people)
  • Its high-gloss finish makes the bathroom look fantastic.
  • Scratch-resistant materials are utilized to ensure that bathtub restoration lasts.
  • Many essential shower and bathtub accessories are compatible with this product.

The Great Acrylic Bath Fitters

Acrylic Bath Fitters design idea

Non-porous 1/4-inch acrylic is used to custom build the bath fitters and shower wall systems. This implies that during the life of the product, your bath liner will be capable of keeping mildew and mould at bay.

Furthermore, because acrylic is used, each bath fitter is extremely robust and long-lasting.

Take a look at these fantastic acrylic bath fittings features:

  • Unlike some other materials, it is strong and long-lasting.
  • There will be no leaks since it is non-porous.
  • Mould, mildew, and other fungi can be avoided.
  • A lifetime warranty ensures that the product will endure a long period.
  • The best material to use is 100 per cent pure acrylic.

PVC vinyl is used by certain manufacturers to create bath liners. While it is frequently less expensive than an acrylic bath fitter, it may not always look as nice or even last as long.

Furthermore, there are several advantages to choosing a Bath Fitter bathtub over other conventional materials.

Tile — porous grout lines allow moisture to accumulate readily, allowing mould and mildew to grow.

Fibreglass — porous; stains readily fade colour; fibreglass tubs chip and break over time.

Cast iron (and enamelled steel) – corrode with time, becomes porous, and discolours quickly; chips, fissures, fractures, and scratches are common.

Colours and Styles Offered in Bath Fitters

Colours and Styles Offered in Bath Fitters idea

The designs for bath fitters have a sea of options. Its range of designs is one of the most appealing features. Every homeowner can find a style or design that suits them best in this wide variety at a good bath fitter cost. They are offered in a wide range of hues, including:

  1. Pearl white
  2. Ivory Marble
  3. White Marble
  4. White 

When it comes to wall panels, the possibilities for personalization and elegance are endless. There are several styles to select from.

Bath Fitters Installation: Bath Fitter Cost

Bath Fitters Installation: Bath Fitter Cost

Before answering how much does a bath fitter cost, one important aspect to consider and understand is its installation process.

Fitting bath liners on your own is not the greatest choice. A bath liner installation procedure takes about one workday for a professional to complete when done correctly.

Even the most skilled DIY homeowner can run into a slew of issues if they try to install it themselves. These difficulties may cost time and will hike the whole bath fitter cost, in addition to being a major nuisance.

The most significant issue is that an incompetent bath fitter installation may cause leaks. Water will start leaking if the bath liner doesn’t fit snugly against the current tub or shower surround, causing a slew of difficulties. Mould/Mildew, growth of Bacteria, and Fungi are some of the bath fitter installation issues.

How Much Does Bath Fitter Cost?

 Bath Fitter Cost in modern bathroom

A bathtub will set you back anything from $700 to $1400. This tub liner is comparable in price to other acrylic tub liners. Keep in mind that the cost of installation will need to be factored in. If you hire someone to do it for you, the cost jumps from $4,000 to $7,000 or more. This can hike the overall expense of the project.

Depending on the complexity of your job, a basic tub refurbishment can cost upwards of $6,000. Not only that but renovating your bathroom with a professional might take many weeks! Bath Fitter tubs are a faster option than full tub replacements. These one-of-a-kind items may completely change the aesthetic of your bathroom without the hassle.

The main questions arrive here: 

How Much Does a Bath Fitter Cost? How Much Is a Bath Fitter? What Are the General Bath Fitters Prices?

bath fitter bathroom interior design

Bath Fitter provides bespoke tub liners as well as installation. Contrary to common perception, a Bath Fitter tub does not require you to replace your current tub! Instead, a new tub liner will be installed. The structural integrity of your current tub is unaffected. The exposed finish, on the other hand, appears to be spanking new. Producers shape a single bit of acrylic to suit the exact curves of your current tub to produce your fresh liner. This replacement tub shell is designed to fit over your existing fixture and provide a smooth finish.

The Bath Fitter can also keep hold of your tub surrounding fittings to give the bathroom a finished and cohesive look.

Bath fitter cost varies widely based on the set of requirements. Different shades and styles might raise overall bath fitter prices. You may expect to pay much more if you want to incorporate accessories like a complementing tub surround. While there is no way to examine specific pricing, there is a bath filter’s average cost.

Bathtub liners typically cost somewhere around $850 to $1,400. This is excluding the cost of installation or any accessories. Even with only the liner, there will be pricing variations depending on the material you select. Vinyl made of PVC is less expensive. These liners will often cost a hundred bucks less than acrylic. However, it has a lower life expectancy than the acrylic used by Bath Fitters. Upon adding in the cost of surrounding accessories and installation, the payable amount ranges anything from $1,721 to $5,267. The average is around $3,420.

Factors Influencing Bath Fitters Average Cost

Since buyers desire a custom look for their bathrooms, comparing bath fitter costs is challenging. However, there are a few factors that influence the bath fitter prices:

Size and Area 

The larger the bathtub, the higher the price. The wall’s surface area follows the same principle.

Colour and Styling Option 

There are hundreds of hues to choose from in addition to the basic colours. One can opt for glossy or matte surfaces, imitation marble, or any unique customization. The expenditure depends on the selection of the shade and finishing option.

The Status of the Bathroom

There is a significant price difference between a mould that is just in traces and a mould that has completely coated the walls. When the work demands extra cleaning, the prices may go higher.


The bath fitter cost is also determined by the state of the bathroom’s pipes and drains. Replacement of rusted pipes with galvanized pipes, which will cost extra money.


Items such as faucets, handrails, shower shelves, dishware, and flooring may be fairly costly. Although these features provide a personalized feel to the bathroom, they can raise the cost of a bath fitter by up to 20%.

Worth the Cost: Bathfitters Prices

bath fitter bathroom with cabinet

Bath Fitter makes getting a brand new tub simple and quick. In comparison to complete upgrades and replacements, you’ll save a lot of time, effort, and money.

Consider all of the expenditures associated with remodelling a bathroom. You’ll have to get rid of the old fixture, destroy the backdrop, spend money on new tiles, and so on. Everything adds up.

You won’t have to worry about any of it with a Bath Fitter tub. The present work is covered by these tubs. If you’re replacing your surroundings, it’ll also cover up your old tiles. You need not demolish anything! Bath fitter cost offers you a new space with minimal effort and replacements.

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