CDX Plywood: Everything You Need To Know

Plywood has been in use for building construction and home interiors for the longest time. You cannot think of construction without using plywood as one of the core elements, that’s the relevance of this material. Recently due to environmental factors, and several other issues like cost-efficiency as well as durability, picking the right plywood has become tough. Since choosing this is an essential choice, it is necessary to make the right one for your homes. Let’s see cdx plywood.

Plywood can impact the overall durability, lifespan, and longevity of construction.  It also determines the need and frequency to maintain a particular element in construction projects, therefore it is necessary to consider the pros and cons of all the variety of it available in the market. So whether it may be used for a small bookshelf or an entire house, the type of plywood will make the entire difference to determine the product’s longevity. Therefore, CDX Plywood over the years has been one of the trusted choices when thinking of plywoods. 

Let’s look at the plywood CDX and identify why this material is getting the hype in the new age!

What is CDX Plywood?

What is CDX Plywood

The name itself can tell you a lot about the plywood CDX, it is a combination of ratings that give information about the quality as well as the construction of plywood. This can be evaluated by colour, durability factors and much more. After this, the rating systems are attached to the rank of A, B, C or D where their finesse goes from the chronology mentioned. A or B is more expensive types of CDX Plywood, whereas C & D are more economical and cheaper. 

The mention of ‘X’ in CDX Plywood denotes the layers of plywood veneers that are glued together to make one. The quality will also depend on the type of wood and glue used, making it more or less susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. When it’s about CDX Plywood the ‘X’ also signifies the exposure that denotes its water-resistant qualities. 

These plywood are made by binding 3 layers together where the finished product has different grades of veneer on both sides. CDX also symbolises the quality of the veneer used. It is available in varied sizes from  3/4 cdx plywood, 1/2 cdx plywood and much more. 

While creating these plywoods the maker carefully aligns all the layers to reduce their shrinkage over time. The better layers are kept on the outside to avoid wear and tear. It is therefore ranked as one of the most convenient plywoods to be used. 

What Is The Usage of CDX Plywood?

 Usage of CDX Plywood

It is suitable for home building projects, including interior as well as exterior. For external surfaces, the contractors usually use CDX Plywood for walls and roofs. It is not used as a primary material in this case. But you will find them used in areas like roof shingles, roofing felt, sliding, insulations, etc. 

For the interiors, CDX plywood is used as a flooring layer that can be below a carpet pad or backer board for tiling purposes.  It is also used for other minor utility activities like shelving, basements, storage, cabinets, etc. It is usually not opted for furniture elements as you need much more finesse based details for such products.  

What Is The Lifespan of CDX Plywood?

Lifespan of CDX Plywood

No element of CDX is meant for extensive exposure since they are not weatherproof. High-grade CDX plywood might have water-resistant qualities, but they aren’t entirely waterproof. Weather conditions like rain as well as snow can be a serious threat to the structure made up of CDX plywood. 

Although minimal effects of the rain won’t affect the homes, excessive amounts can be a lot for the material to take on. However, the material even has the quality to absorb the moisture from rotting, splitting or warping.  It can dry itself out after excessive rain and get back in its original shape in no time. Therefore, CDX should not be the only material to be used during such cases. Whereas on the contrary, it can be used in the interiors such as bathing areas, laundry spaces, etc that have a certain humidity at all times. The key takeaway is to go ‘minimal and exact’ while using CDX plywood. 

What is CDX Treated Plywood?

CDX Treated Plywood

Manufacturers were sceptical about the generic CDX plywood and its susceptibility factors, therefore they came up with CDX Treated plywood which works best against snow, rain and other harsh weather conditions. It receives a high-tech treatment with targeted chemicals that can increase its durability and performance over the long run. 

This is achieved by soaking the generic CDX plywood in synthetic substances that can withstand moisture and climate. Pressure-treated plywood or CDX plywood offers a product that has a longer life span. This leads to lesser maintenance, making it a popular choice amongst the consumer. 

What is OSB Plywood?

If you are a new homeowner then it is easy to mix up between OSB and CDX plywood, but there is a big difference between them. 

The full form of OSB is oriented strand board which is composed of wood chips with resin and glue. It may sound similar to CDX but there is a difference in the making of both. It is less durable than CDX plywood, although it is much more affordable than CDX. OSB also has resin and glue which makes this board endure moisture due to their bonded layers. It is therefore a preferable material for outdoor elements like roofing, walls, shingle foundations, etc. 

CDX Plywood Sizes, Thickness, & Availability

CDX Plywood Sizes, Thickness, & Availability

There are various options available differing in size, thickness, and many other factors. It is a commonly available material in local hardware stores as it is used for many DIY and construction projects. 

The sizes available are 3,5,7 and 9 with a thickness ranging from 1/4th to 1 1/4th inch. There are also 3/4 CDX plywood and 1/2 CDX plywood. While buying a CDX plywood make sure that you are considering the size reduction factors by a parameter of about 1/32 over time. 

Is CDX Plywood the Right Choice for You?

CDX Plywood the Right Choice

CDX plywood has many merits and demerits in an equal ratio. If you go deeper and consider your specific needs and the applicability of this plywood then it would be ideal for your homes. Make sure that you are consulting it with professionals before taking the final call to devise an affordable and durable solution for your homes with CDX plywood. 

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