Colors That Go with Purple: 15 Brilliant Color Palettes

Purple is often looked at as a bold color for use in interiors. Its strong sophisticated character is perceived to be problematic, however in reality there are plenty of colors that go well with purple. The versatile nature of different hues of purple can set starkly different moods in various interior spaces. 

Some shades of purple look regal and luxe, while others can give a space a feminine, playful or mystic aesthetic. Composed of a mix of intense red and calming blue, this brilliant color is a popular choice amongst design enthusiasts who love a pop of color in their space. 

The myriad colors that go well with cool and warm shades of purple include classic white and black, greens, blues, oranges, etc. The royal look of purple blends well with metallics such as gold, silver, and bronze. We’ve curated a list of over 15 colors that go with purple.

Colors That Go Well with Purple


To understand color schemes one has to get to the root of color theory. Here are different colors that go well with purple on the color wheel. 

1. Purple Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are the colors that lie on opposite sides of the color wheel. These colors are contrasting with one another, thus creating a sense of visual balance. The complementary colors of purple are green and yellow. 

2. Purple Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are the colors placed next to each other on the color wheel. They create a sense of visual harmony when used together in interiors. Colors analogous to purple are shades of blue and pink. 

3. Purple Triadic Colors

Triadic colors are the colors placed evenly across each other in such a way that they form a triangle on the color wheel. In interior spaces, triadic colors make an eclectic and dynamic ensemble. Orange, purple, and green are triadic colors. 

4. Purple Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors are the shades, hues, and tints of the same color. The monochromatic shades of purple include lilac, lavender, periwinkle, violet, etc. One can use all shades of purple to create ultra-chic and luxe interior spaces. 

Colors That Match with Purple Hues, Tints, and Shades

Different colors go well with different shades of purple. Darker tones generally go well with cooler colors, while lighter tones go well with warmer colors or neutrals. Depending on how you want your space to look, you can choose a color scheme centered around various shades of purple.

Colors That Go With Light Purple

1. Orange


Want to make your space energizing and sophisticated? The best combination that does exactly that is orange and purple. The two contrasting colors ooze an eccentricity and drama within the space. The combination suits well in common sociable spaces such as living rooms, dining, and in commercial spaces. 

These striking colors when placed together create a space with great visual depth and character. Placing them against a neutral rustic background further accentuates their strong character enlivening the space. 

2. Green


Both green and purple are captivating colors that strongly set the mood when used in interiors. A combination of bright leafy green against the classic royal purple renders the space in a vintage aesthetic. 

Complementing the vibrant color scheme are the classic traditional decor elements and distressed pieces that further strengthen its traditional character. Several other shades of green also go well with the different shades of purple. The freshness of green is countered by the mysticism of purple creating a space with a lot of depth. 

3. Pastel Pink


A divine color combination for creating a space with a feminine feel is the pink and purple color combination. This purple combination can make a space seem moody and soft. It is perfect for use in private spaces like bedrooms but it also makes a great color scheme for common spaces having a creative flair. 

Mixing and matching a few subtle shades of both these colors creates soothing interiors that have a zesty character. These spaces ooze glamour, grace, and elegance making everyone feel at home. The softness of the colors is accentuated by the soft edges of the furnishings. The neutral backdrop makes the beautiful accents pop in a balanced way.  

4. Dark Blue


Another not-too-surprising color that goes with purple background is dark blue. Purple is royal while blue is soothing. The combination of the two creates spaces with a sophisticated luxe appeal. 

Spaces featuring this color scheme are anything but simple, they are moody and sumptuous spaces with an alluring character-filled aesthetic. The combination is perfect for making a statement.   

5. Teal


On similar lines as the previous combination, the combination of teal and purple is the uber-chic color palette, perfect for luxurious interiors. A shade of the color green teal, has a refreshing appeal, while the muted shade used here has a sophisticated dramatic appearance. 

Purple balances the dark tones to give the space a regal makeover. The dark moody interior aesthetic is ideal for creating edgy spaces with a luxurious flair. Layering muted dark tones of blue, grey, and brown further enhances the look of the space.  

6. White


This no-brainer color combination includes white, the color that goes well with purple and every other color on the spectrum. A neutral color like white lets the main color take the centre stage, acting as the perfect base. It is the most obvious choice of colors that compliment purple.

White brings about the whole essence of the color purple, it makes the space ooze elegance and beauty. It amps up the space with an artistic flair. This is complemented by the geometric patterns on the tiles, while the patterns on the furniture add to its charm.

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Colors That Go With Dark Purple

1. Mustard


Purple and mustard complement each other to make a bold statement. The space has drama, and depth and is visually interesting. The stark contrasting palette brings a creative touch to the space. 

Great for modern interiors of common spaces like the great room, this color scheme will surely enliven the space with its vibrance. The dark purple color account wall is pure sophistication, the mustard armchair is striking, and topping these is the olive velvet couch assembling a rich eclectic interiors. 

2. Brown


Another versatile color that matches purple is brown. If you’re a sucker for traditional design style and are wondering how you can give your interiors a touch of regal charm, this is the color scheme for your space. This traditional-looking space is filled with old-world charm as it uses a sophisticated palette comprising brown and purple. 

Rich wooden veneer against dark-toned purple accent wall looks sumptuous. The classic aesthetic of the space is complemented by staple traditional accents. The light-toned flooring balances by brightening the otherwise dark moody space. 

3. Mint


A surprising purple combination color includes mint color. Purple and mint are contrasting colors. While one is bold and sophisticated, the other is soothing and refreshing. The combination of both creates a well-balanced eclectic spatial aesthetic.  

The soothing mint wall brings grace to the space and the purple couch makes a bold stylish statement. Other furnishings and accents assemble to create a casual and inviting space. The play of patterns on the furnishings adds to the charm of the interior.  

4. Gray


A color that should probably top the list of matching colors with purple is gray. Dark purple and dark gray combine to create a space that oozes drama and sophistication. This color palette is anything but subtle. 

The spectacular palette curates spaces that look stylistically luxurious. This combination is perfect for both private and common spaces. A critical thing to keep in mind when adorning your space is the availability of light, as it significantly impacts the way the colors make your spaces feel. 

5. French Blue


Yet another stunning color that goes with purple is french blue. The muted dark-toned variant of blue has a rich character, that is also soothing. Against dark purple, this shade seems analogous as both have cool undertones. Collectively, the palette has a subtle retro vibe. 

This color combination is a bold and risky one yet works well for the space. The overall ensemble looks charming and elegant. Moody and enthralling are how the spaces look when these colors are displayed gloriously in designs. 

Colors That Go With Pastel Purple

1. Taupe


The color purple is not all about sophistication and luxury, its pastel shades can be used for a soothing supple aesthetic as well. Pastel purple or shades of lilac and lavender pair well with other pastel colors rendering the spaces soothing and gracious.  

A combination of various pastel shades collectively curates this quirky space, with pastel purple and taupe becoming the star of the space. The playful and artistic flair of the space is accentuated by the color palette along with the smooth forms. This exemplifies the conventional use of purple in interior decor and amps up the space by creating a lively ambiance.   

2. Pastel Blue


Pastel blue has to be one of the most soothing colors out there, and what’s a better way of making it elegant than adding a touch of purple? The combination of the two makes a splendid color palette that is equal parts graceful and calming.  

The dash of pastel purple in the pastel blue-colored space enlivens the space with a twisted contemporary charm. The otherwise country-like style is enticed with a touch of glory by the chic purple color. It makes the space richer with its mystic elegance.   

3. Gold


Purple and gold is an incredible color combination for creating a spectacular upscale feel. The contrasting tones make a dramatic statement, that is topped by a sparkly metallic appearance of golden. Even though both colors are vividly strong in their effect, the mix of the two creates a well-balanced scheme. 

The space oozes drama and glamour. Its ultra-luxe aesthetic of this combination is facilitated by sculptural accents and posh furnishings.  

4. Tomato Red


While there are several unexpected matching colors with purple, tomato red is the most surprising of them all. This vibrant color that is full of energizing appeal counters the subtle grace of pastel purple. 

Together, the color scheme curates spaces that are eclectic with contrasting qualities yet strike the right balance. The main color combination can be adorned with various other vibrant accents to create an artistically stylized space. 

5. Champagne


An obvious yet striking color that goes with purple is champagne. The classic combination makes spaces that define subtle grace. The rich warm undertones of champagne when paired with romantic pastel purple adorn the space in elegant luxe appeal. 

The combination fits well in bedrooms owing to its soft sumptuous appeal. The purple bedroom decor here is charming and has a sense of calm. The holistic styling of the space brings out the essence of the two similar-looking colors.

A Plethora of Colors that complement Purple

There is an array of different colors that go with purple perfectly. No need to shy away from using this phenomenal color in your interiors. The different shades of purple are versatile and can give you sophisticated, stylish, regal, soothing, and luxurious appeal in your spaces.












1. What Goes with Purple?

Many different colors go well with purple. A few of them include teal, mustard, gold, blue, taupe, white, etc. 

2. What Color Matches Purple?

Colors that match purple include shades of yellow, green, orange, blue, and pink. Along with this the neutrals also pair well with purple.  

3. What Color Compliments Purple?

Shades of green and yellow colors complement purple.

4. How Do Interior Designers Use Purple?

Interior designers use purple as accents on a neutral palette or go bold by making purple the main base color. 

5. What Colors Go with Light Purple Walls?

Colors like champagne, pastel blue, taupe, pastel pink, and gold go well with light purple walls. 

6. What Color of Furniture Goes with Purple Walls?

Teal, emerald green, or mustard color furniture goes well with purple walls. 

7. Do Grey and Purple Go Together?

Yes, gray and purple go extremely well together.

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