30 Best Colors That Go with Purple in 2024

Purple is a color of luxury and royalty. Being a perplexing color it brings calmness and creativity as well. Both of its shades, warm and cool, are versatile enough to match various vibes – moody, modern, joyful, grand, earthy, etc.

When it comes to home decor, some find it intimidating to find colors that match purple. But in reality, there are a lot of options available to blend with a purple interior.

So, read along to learn all about purple and the colors that go with it.

Understand The Meaning And History Of Colors Purple

colors that go with purple

Before going into what colors go with purple, let’s understand its history. Pure purple is a secondary color produced when red and blue are mixed in equal proportions. It is not as common in nature as blue and green, but it appears in flowers and rocks. Warm purple has more red pigment, while cool purple has more blue pigment in it.

Purple has been classified as the color of spirituality and regal, because the purple pigment was scarce in earlier days, and thus expensive to mix.

What Is The Psychology of Colour Purple?

colors that go with purple

While purple is made using the color theory of the color wheel, they also have their color code for each hue and shade. And thus, each purple color tells its own story. But a true purple is a bright shade of purple that is neither cool nor warm in tone.

Purple creates a positive aura of calmness, security, and royalty. It is believed to bring confidence and good luck as well.

What Colors Go With Purple On Color Wheel?

colors that go with purple

1. Complementary Colors of Purple

The colors lying on the opposite side of the color wheel are the complementary colors. They contrast with each other, thus producing a visual balance. The complementing colors for purple are green and yellow.

2. Split Complementary Colors of Purple

The colors that sit beside the complementary colors are the split complementary colors. We know orange and green sit next to yellow, and yellow is the complementary color of purple, so orange and green becomes split complementary color with purple.

3. Analogous Colors of Purple

The colors that sit beside each other are the analogous colors, responsible for creating visual harmony. Analogous colors that match with purple are blue and pink.

4. Triadic Colors for Purple

When a triangle is formed on the color wheel, it creates a triadic color. They create a dynamic and eclectic ensemble in the interior. Green, purple, and orange are the triadic colors that go with purple. A beautiful color palette is also formed when four colors make a rectangle on the color wheel.

5. Monochromatic Color Scheme for Purple

In case you don’t know, monochromatic colors are the hues, tints, and shades of the same color. For purple, lavender, lilac, violet, periwinkle, etc. They create chic and luxe home decor.

6. Neutral Colors and Purple

While talking about purple, don’t forget black, white, brown, grey, and other neutral colors that are complementary color to purple.

Top 30 Colors That Go With Purple 

Now it’s the time to know what colors match purple, read along to get 30 colors that go with purple –

1. Pastel Pink with Light Purple

Pastel Pink with Light Purple

If you are worrying about what color matches purple, then think of light purple and pastel pink to create a divine combination in the space. Pink spreads a feminine aura and purple is the charm. Use this combination to make the space look soft and moody. They are better suited for private spaces such as bedrooms. Common space can also have this duo for creative and fun flair.

2. Purple with Green

Purple with Green interior color

Create a natural appeal with purple and green in your room. This aubergine color palette is both sophisticated and stylish and is even supported by color theory. Being contrasting colors, green and purple develop a perfect harmony. Try dark green and dark purple to rejuvenate your living room.

3. Purple with Orange

Purple with Orange home interior

Try a modern and fun combo for your space with orange and purple. Orange is responsible for adding warmth to your space, while purple is for coolness. Thus, they form a perfect combination for your interior.

4. Cream with Purple

Cream with Purple home interior color

One of the fresh and tranquil palettes for the interior is cream with purple. Cream contrasts to counter the rich tone of purple. They form a popular duo for home decor. When the cream is paired with purple, they create a youthful vibe in your bedroom.

5. Purple with Chocolate Brown

Purple with Chocolate Brown home color

If you want to create a firm grounding color in your room, then go for chocolate brown. You can try having dark brown couches, tables, chairs, and other furniture in the backdrop of a purple wall. This duo creates a non-traditional and elegant look.

6. Black and White Room with Plum

Black and White Room with Plum Interior

Black and white is an evergreen combo, but blended with purple, especially plum, they create a classic look. The room appears chic, and stunning with purple furniture and, white and black walls. You can get a traditional vibe with a touch of modernity in this combination.

7. Purple with Pastel Blue

Purple with Pastel Blue interior color

Want to have a soothing yet elegant interior? Then try out pastel blue out of the colors that go with purple. Blue will bring calmness and purple will add luxe. This splendid combo is both still and graceful. When pastel purple is mixed with pastel blue they spark up the space with an essence of modern and contemporary vibe.

8. Gold with Purple

Gold with Purple bedroom interior

One of the spectacular combinations is gold and purple. It’s the most regal choice you can have in your home. The drama of purple when topped with the charismatic appearance of gold brings vivid effects in a well-balanced manner. It can flare its luxurious aesthetics with sculptural accents and comfortable furniture.

9. Purple with Mustard

Purple with Mustard interior color

Mustard and purple are a winning combination you can have in your room, especially in the wardrobe section. Their balance and royalty are beyond words. And if you add a pinch of reddish purple in this combo, it brings a more warm appeal.

10. Yellow and Purple

Yellow and Purple color interior

The complementary color to purple is yellow, so yellow and purple go well with each other. They can create masterpiece home decor when used in the right shade and tone. Both of them are eye-catchy and rich colors, thus it is better to have a muted or darker tone of them.

11. Beige and Purple

Beige and Purple home interior

Tone down the shade of purple with beige and create a cozy, balanced, and earthy combination for your room. This combo has healing effects. But they also make your room modern, sophisticated, and clean. It is well suited to beige walls with dark purple furniture for bedrooms.

12. Purple with Mint

Purple with Mint interior color

Mint and its shades are the colors that go with purple. The subtle tone of mint complements purple perfectly. Since purple has a brighter shade, mint helps to balance with its neutral touch.

13. Purple with Turquoise

Purple with Turquoise interior color

Purple pops out when combined with turquoise. You can try having the saturated and bold shades of turquoise and purple for a dramatic appeal in your room. Another way is to have a deeper shade of one and a pale shade of the other.

14. Purple with Ash Blue

Purple with Ash Blue home interior

Purple and blue are a great combination. But what if you want both grey and blue to go with purple? Worry not! ash blue and its shades are colors that go with purple. Ash blue is a smoke-hued blue with a neutral tone. Try having a lighter shade of ash blue and a darker shade of purple for a decent appeal.

15. Silver with Lavender

Silver with Lavender interior color

When two beauties come together, they create a masterpiece. So is the case with purple and silver. Purple, already a royal color, when topped with the shine of silver, they give a modern and luxurious aura to your home. Use subtle shades of purple like lavender with silver for a calmer and divine space.

16. Purple, Green, and Rust

Purple, Green, and Rust home interior

Purple itself is enough to bring a bold statement into the room. But for an added charm, you can have a rust-hued grass-cloth wallpaper with an emerald sofa. Emerald green will add elegance while grass-cloth wallpaper will create an intriguing texture.

17. Champagne with Purple

Champagne with Purple home color

One of the striking colors that match purple is champagne. It is a classic combo that subtly defines the space. Pastel purple brings romance to the room while champagne brings warmth. Their combination suits well in the bedroom.

18. Sage and Purple

Sage and Purple interior color

Add fun to your room with the quirky shade of sage with purple. Sage goes well with darker shades of purple. This combo gives a soothing appeal throughout the space. Have more sage and little purple for a natural and neutral tone in the room.

19. Mauve and Purple

Mauve and Purple home color

Another color that mingles with purple is mauve. While creating moodiness, mauve also energizes the space. Aubergine and other darker shades of purple fuse well with mauve. When you have a dark purple wall with a black border, a touch of mauve will act as a classic finish.

20. Warm White with Purple

Warm White with Purple interior color

While there are several options available to blend with purple, white tops the list. White adds warmth to the coolness of purple, thus balancing each other. It is a versatile combination to experiment with and have in your home.

21. Charcoal with Purple

Charcoal with Purple home interior

One of the staples of interior decor is charcoal gray. Charcoal is a neutral, deep, and rich color that adds a divine personality to purple. The amalgam of purple and charcoal brings calmness, coolness, and sophistication to the room.

22. Purple with Light Wood Tones

Purple with Light Wood Tones home color

The dynamic yet safe choice that can be paired with purple is light wood tones. Use light wood floors to bring balance to the dark purple room. Even if your room doesn’t have a wooden floor, you can use this combination in walls, columns, beams, and furniture.

23. Lilac, Navy, and Dark Grey

Lilac, Navy, and Dark Grey interior color

If you want a dynamic, classic, and royal look in your home, then try pairing lilac, dark grey, and navy. For kitchen decor, you can have pale lavender walls, and dark grey cabinetry, with a kitchen island in navy shade.

24. Black with Eggplant

Black with Eggplant home interior

Black itself is a classic color, and when paired with purple, creates even more beautiful results. Create a charming result with a lavender and bold plum wall, black carpet, and black walnut bed with purple lining.

25. Teal with Purple

Teal with Purple interior color

This combination was famous during the ’90s. But even today teal & purple steal deal of home decor. You can have a teal wall with a purple-colored patterned wall hanging. An accent rug can also help add flair to this combination.

26. Purple with Taupe

Purple with Taupe home interior

Getting popular in recent days, taupe is an elegant yet neutral color. The gray-brown shade of taupe goes well with purple, especially for wooden areas. Use white or any other neutral colors with them to prevent the room from becoming too dark.

27. Forest Green and Purple

Forest Green and Purple home interior

Bring nature to your room with forest green and purple. They create a delightful aesthetic with utter calmness and soberness. If you want some drama, then go for dark purple furniture with green accents.

28. French Blue with Purple

French Blue with Purple home interior

Aubergine and other darker shades of purple also do great with muted and creamy French blue. While French blue creates a soft, calm, and moody space, the purple shades bring energy, thus complementing each other. They are also responsible for creating a youthful yet mature ambiance in the room.

29. Purple with Tomato Red

Purple with Tomato Red interior color

One of the most astounding combinations is red with purple, but they go beautifully with each other when used in the right shade. They are a powerful combo with vibrance and energy. To get a better feel, have a lighter shade over tomato red.

30. Purple with Tangerine

Purple with Tangerine home interior

The fusion of purple and tangerine is odd but interesting. Tangerines with their shades are the colors that go with purple, but you should be extra careful while combining these two. Although they are contrasting colors, they create a calm vibe in the space and thus work well when sparingly used.

Now It’s Your Time To Add Colors That Go With Purple!

You will find diverse types of colors that go with purple. This article must have given you all the information required to start designing your purple room. Make sure you experiment a lot and use the fullest of this spectacular color, and give your home a soothing, regal, and luxurious appeal.

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Which Colors Don’t Do Well with Purple?

There are several colors that go with purple. But, you should not make the mistake of mixing bright orange and red with purple.

What Does Purple Symbolize in Home Decor?

Purple is a color of creativity, luxury, and royalty. When used in home decor, they bring abundance and spirituality.

Is Purple a Suitable Color for Vastu?

Purple is considered an auspicious color in Vastu. It symbolizes respect, dreams, compassion, the future, inspiration, pride, richness, and graciousness.

How Can Purple Benefit Interiors?

Purple is meant to bring creativity, foster focus, calmness, and self-introspection. It is also a symbol of dignity, wisdom, nobility, and ambition.

Can All Purple Shades Go Together?

Yes, different shades of purple can go together. But you need to be very sure that they are used in proper proportion, else it can go from glam to garish.


The possibilities are endless! When choosing colors to go with purple, the most important thing is to experiment and find a combination that you love. With so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect colors to create a purple space that is both stylish and inviting.

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