15 Easy-to-Build DIY Computer Desk Ideas For Your Home

Whether you’re working from the office or home, one thing is extremely important: Desk! We do so many tasks on our computers and laptops, from doing our office work, checking emails to watching videos, and playing games. That’s why it’s necessary to have a proper and dedicated desk. Let’s see DIY computer desk.

We can’t do much about the office desks; however, if you’re working from home, you can actually set up a decent office space with the help of a DIY computer desk ideas and other things. 

Due to the existing pandemic, our office lives are now only limited to desks and we have to work day and night while sitting in a single place for long hours at our homes. Whether it be for work, study or leisure, these days most of us are spending more and more time on the computer. So if you don’t have a proper desk or table for work, it’s time to get one! 

When it comes to desks, there are countless options available in the market. From standing desks to lap tables and stands, you can almost get a table in any size or shape. We sit in front of a computer desk almost every day for a longer duration of time; that’s why it’s vital to pick the right desk.

However, if you’re one of those people who don’t like to buy a table because either they’re too expensive or not according to your specifications, here is the perfect solution for you: build your own table! Yes, DIY tables and desks are easy to make. You can create your own custom computer desk design right at home.

Today in this blog, we’ve listed some of the best DIY computer desk ideas and gaming desk ideas for you.

15 Creative DIY Computer & Gaming Desk Ideas 

From web surfing, paying bills to scanning emails, and studying, you can do all these things comfortably when you have a proper desk system. Of course, you can take your laptop and work anywhere, but if you care about ergonomics and the right posture, it’s best to have a table.

One of the best reasons for DIY computer desks or any kind of custom-built desk is that you can totally customize them according to your requirements. You can select the design, colors, and materials from scratch and build a table that fits your needs. 

Here are fifteen great DIY desk ideas for you. From floating furniture to standing risers, here is a desk for everyone. So, select the right one and start working on your dream project!    

1. Simple and Open Furniture

Simple and Open Furniture

Build this type of simple and functional desk for your computer. This type of open and airy furniture is best for small rooms. Instead of a chunky and heavy table, go for a light table with a simple design. 

This desk has some height, and the chair is also leggy, which is creating a visual effect in the room. There is also some extra storage space under the table, where you can put your books or office papers. When you’re living in compact spaces, try to use as minimal furniture as possible.

2. Iron Desk with Floating Shelves

Iron Desk with Floating Shelves

Here is another DIY computer table with a simple design with high functionality. If you feel you have many things to store related to your work or study, you can build some floating shelves above the table.

Here, the shelves have been made from the same wood that has been used to make the top of the table. This table will become a comfy, working spot. You can also add a long padded armchair for more comfort.    

3. DIY Ladder Desk

DIY Ladder Desk

Do you want a work table with a twist? Build this really cute and functional three-leveled ladder table. This will work as both your work or study table and storage space. With the white colors, a wooden clock, and a minimalist chair, this whole setup gives Scandinavian vibes to the room.

Another great thing about this table is that it has a lot of storage space. So you can store books, plants, or decor pieces without taking much floor space. With effective space management, this table will provide a functional working area that does not take much space.

4. DIY Wood Countertop

DIY Wood Countertop

Do you have a small or weirdly shaped room in your apartment? It is super complicated and challenging to design these kinds of spaces. If you also have a spare room, convert it into your fantastic working place.

Instead of building a regular table, use a live-edge woodwork surface. You can use a slab of wood with holes to create a narrow and rugged wall-mounted desk. Don’t forget to attach it securely with angled wood braces. 

5. DIY Gaming Desk Plans

DIY Gaming Desk Plans

This type of monitor setup is mostly used by heavy gamers and YouTubers. If you’re one of them, you can try to use this unique table setup. These types of modular tables are designed to fit multiple screens, compact audio systems, keyboards, mics, and other necessary tools. 

Here three monitors are wall-mounted so that you can get enough space on the table. When you’re building a gaming table or YouTuber Desk, don’t forget to add extra storage space for your speakers and other tools. 

6. Desk with Concrete Countertop

Desk with Concrete Countertop

Why get a regular computer desk when you can have a modern table with a concrete top? Yes, switch your standard tabletop with a concrete top for a rough and edgy look. 

Are you wondering how to build a computer desk like this? Use concrete as the basic material and use a shaper to create a rectangular or square shape according to your table. You can also experiment with its shape, thickness, size, or even color or just leave it simple and minimal. 

However, a concrete slab can be quite heavy, so to provide extra support, replace the wooden frame with a steel one.

7. Modern Gaming Desk Ideas

Modern Gaming Desk Ideas

For those people who love to play online games, this type of desk is necessary. This is not an ordinary table or working desk; it’s a gaming desk. This means it has special compartments and space for storing speakers, subwoofer, keyboard and mouse, gaming headset, and many more. 

You can also put LED lighting that will glow and lighten the place. You can even remodel your old desk and convert it into a gaming table.

8. Floating Window Desk

Floating Window Desk

Another interesting DIY computer desk plans for you is this floating table. If your room has bay windows at an angle that creates an odd nook, instead of leaving that space empty, you can actually turn it into a fantastic functional work area. 

9. Double-Sided Computer Desk Design Ideas

Double-Sided Computer Desk Design Ideas

Do you work with a team? No problem, just build this type of multifunctional double-sided desk. Here you’ll get two types of two-person desks: side-to-side desk and back-to-back desk.

Now you can easily collaborate with your partner, and also, you’ll get enough space for storing your books, storage box, small framed photos, and flower vases.

The best thing about this desk is that the bookshelf also functions as a separator between the two desks and hence it provides some privacy to each person. Brilliant, right? 

10. Multipurpose Minimal Computer Desk

Multipurpose Minimal Computer Desk

Look at this stylish minimal working table. You can use this desk in multiple ways, such as a working or study table, a decorative shelf, and a storage space. 

You can place your computer accessories on the top shelf and the system on the bottom shelf. You can also use it for eating, writing, as a cup holder, and as a bedside table.

11. L-Shaped Wooden Table

 L-Shaped Wooden Table

When you have a tiny workspace, the traditional desks and storage will not work there. You have to think creatively and have to efficiently use the space. Instead of trying to squeeze a conventional desk, install a wrap-around, hanging wood counter.

This way, you can get more space which you can later use for storage units and floating shelves. The open floor space beneath a free-hanging desk or counter will allow you to move your chairs freely. It also provides places to tuck file cabinets and storage boxes.

12. DIY Desk Riser

DIY Desk Riser

Working for long durations while sitting can be harmful to your health. So use this kind of desk riser which allows you to work in a standing position. This riser is pretty simple to make and use.

All you need is to grab some metal pipes and connectors and then finish it off with a wooden top. Fix everything with a copper pipe cutter and screwdriver. All these supplies are easily available at any home center. 

13. Bar-Height Corner Desk Idea

Bar-Height Corner Desk Idea

Optimize and transform any corner of your home with the help of these corner desks. To build this beautiful table, you’ll need plywood and some shelving bracelets. 

You can also install some floating shelves above the work table for some extra storage space. 

14. Office in Closet

Office in Closet

This is probably one of the unique desks that you would have never seen in your life. Yes, it’s a closet office. Perfect for those who want to work without any interference or disturbance. 

No matter how you’ll design it, one thing is sure that you’ll get so much storage space. After all, it’s a closet, right! You can either use curtains or doors to cover the area. 

15. Small Floating PC Desk Ideas

Small Floating PC Desk Ideas

Do you want a simple desk with minimal design elements? Go with this type of floating desk. It will give you enough space to put your laptop. To make the area more interesting, you can add LED strip lights between the wall and socket. 

The Bottom Line

Before you start building your desk, first you have to measure the size of the room and then decide the size of the table. After this, make a budget and buy the materials accordingly. If you’re a beginner and don’t know much about woodworking skills, then it’s good to start with a simple design.     

So these are some of the best DIY computer desk plans for you. If you find this blog helpful and interesting, share it with your friends or family.

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