The Benefits Of Having Entrance Mats For Your Home

Entrance mats are found in almost every home. Primarily, they’re used as accessories to create an appealing picture of a home. But is beauty the only reason why a homeowner should have entrance mats? Do they serve other purposes?

Unlike most homeowners think, entrance mats have more benefits than this. They protect carpets and flooring against damage, keep contaminants outdoors, and enhance indoor air quality. Each one can be unique too, with a huge range of different materials available to make them, you can pick whatever suits the style of your home, and the purpose of the mat. For example, lobster rope doormats are designed with a raised weave which makes them durable, and weatherproof, perfect for outdoor use. On the other hand, some of the most common door mats are made from nylon and rubber, which are more suited to indoor use.

Without entrance mats, different contaminants and debris can easily access your indoors, making it unhealthy and a perfect slip-and-fall zone. Whether you prefer nylon, cotton, coir, or rubber entrance matting, continue reading to learn how they benefit your home’s interior.

Helps Keep Your Carpets Clean

Helps Keep Your Carpets Clean

The first benefit of having entrance mats at your home is keeping your carpet and floor clean. More than 75% of grime and dirt on an indoor carpet is believed to come from people’s shoes. If this dirt accesses your carpet, you’ll have difficulty cleaning it. You’ll probably need to deep clean the carpet regularly, increasing professional cleaning costs.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case when you have entrance mats. They’ll encourage anyone entering your home to wipe the bottom of their shoes before coming in. As a result, your carpet will remain clean and free from mud and other debris.

Protects Carpets and Floor Against Damage

Entrance Mats Protects Carpets and Floor Against Damage

Besides dirt and mud, shoes pick up sticks and stones. Once they’re stuck under your shoes, you’re likely to bring them home without even noticing. Suppose you enter your home without wiping the bottom of your shoes. In that case, the debris stuck on it will damage your carpets and flooring as you walk across them.

When you use the entrance mat to wipe the bottom of your shoes, the stuck debris loosens and falls before entering the house. You’ll also require an indoor mat to wipe the remaining dirt. Ultimately, your shoes will be clean and fit to move across your home without damaging the floor.

They Help Reduce Accidents

Entrance Mats Help Reduce Accidents

Having entrance mats on each door leading to your house equals minimizing slips and falls from wet floors. You probably have heard of a person or two running away from the rain, only to slip and fall inside the house due to the wetness on their feet.

Such cases are common and aren’t reduced by being careful. This is because tiles and wood floors are extremely slippery when they come into contact with water.

However, when you wipe the water under your shoes on an entrance mat, you’re less likely to bring it into your home, minimizing or eradicating accidents that might result from walking on a wet floor. Considering that, view entrance mats as a protective tool against life-threatening accidents.

Protects Your Home Against Germs and Contaminants

Entrance Mats Protects Your Home Against Germs and Contaminants

Entering your home with dirty, muddy shoes makes the carpet and floor dirty and introduces germs and contaminants on the same.

Once these contaminants are lodged into the fibers of your carpets or grout of the tiles, they aren’t easy to deal with and can encourage mold and mildew growth, which can threaten your health and your loved ones.

It’s therefore advisable to wipe your shoes before entering the house to avoid welcoming disease-causing contaminants.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Entrance Mats Improves Indoor Air Quality

It’s no doubt that dusty carpets negatively affect indoor air quality. In such a case, the air smells dusty, especially when the contaminants are stirred up during movements, affecting individuals with allergies or asthma.

However, with entrance mats, dust is less likely to access your flooring, improving your home’s indoor air quality.

They’re Attractive Welcome

Entrance Mats  Attractive Welcome

Doormats don’t have to be plain and boring. You can choose printed ones to serve as decorations too. You can also match them with the interior decor to give your visitors a glimpse of your sense of style. Alternatively, go a step further to have them customized with a message of your liking.

Final Words

A home is a significant investment. It’s where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it should be protected against any threat that can pose a risk to it.

One of the aspects of a home that requires great protection is the flooring. It receives traffic daily, and any other elements, such as mud and debris. Fortunately, protecting your flooring and carpets against these and other contaminants is easy.

All you need is to invest in entrance mats where people can wipe the bottom of their shoes before entering. Besides ensuring no unwanted element accesses your home, these mats reduce falls associated with wet floors. With entrance mats, you’re guaranteed fresh indoor air, low airborne-disease cases, and safety.

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