Spooky Halloween House Decorations!!

Cast a magical spell over your entire neighborhood with these hair-raising outdoor Halloween house decoration specially designed for front porches, backyards, sidewalks, and driveways. 

October is slowly coming, that means? Means…Halloween is coming up!! Every year we enthusiastically await the arrival of this season so that we can decorate our house in the most frightening way. This is the only time where we love to get scared and also want to scare others. Of course, not everyone finds the same things scary, but we are all scared of certain things, right?  

So what do you like about Halloween? My favorite part (probably everyone’s) is to build a horror movie set right in my home. It becomes more fun when you use creepy and spooky Halloween house decorations. From ghosts, monsters to tombstones, options are endless. You can select any theme and decorate your outdoor area accordingly.

This year to make your Halloween more special and formidable, we have gathered up various Halloween house decorations ideas. So that you can decorate andtransform your outdoor areainto appalling spaces. 

11+ Scariest Halloween House Decoration Ideas

Add a little horror to your outdoors and horrify your neighbors by with these small and simple spooky decorations:

1. Scary Pumpkin Bonfire

Scary Pumpkin Bonfire house decor  idea

When we have kids around in the family, then it is not advised to use a real bonfire. So what’s the alternative? Simply use these kinds of fire pits with faux pumpkin bonfires. Just place battery-operated candles in the various sizes of pumpkins and a few logs around, and your scary Halloween night bonfire is ready! They’re easy to create, require low maintenance, and most importantly, they’re completely safe for children. 

2. Deadly Tombstones Entrance

Deadly Tombstones Entrance idea
 Deadly Tombstones Entrance house decor idea

To make the entrance path of your house scarier, place some tombstones, and create a cemetery look. You can purchase them online or just make all by yourself. Don’t forget to decorate them with mini lights.  

3. Creepy Spiders and Bats

Creepy Spiders and Bats house decoration idea

Let your guest carefully maneuver through the web of giant spiders and bats to reach the drinks. Put foam balls, chenille stems, and other creepy creatures on the web to make it more fun.

4. Spooky Front Yard

Spooky Front Yard decoration idea

Hang ghosts and skeletons all over your house and boundary so that it looks like a haunted home. When visitors will see and pass through them, they’ll surely be scared.

5. Enter at Your Own Risk!

Enter at Your Own Risk! house decoration idea

Put two rows of jovial jack-o-lanterns and some netting to caution your guests. They’ll be aware that they’re entering a spooky place. You can also attach a giant web, broom, and other Halloween house decorations to get more scary vibes. 

6. Distressingly Dress the Windows

Distressingly Dress the Windows house decoration idea

Don’t leave your windows plain and boring; give them a haunting makeover. With the help of stencils, draw skeletons, spider web, and other Halloween designs and create a spooktacular scene. 

7. The Bloodcurdling Birds

The Bloodcurdling Birds house decoration idea

Another fun Halloween house decoration are these eerie birds. Perfect for those who don’t want too scary decorations that’ll scare away all the neighborhood kids. Grab a few branches from your yard and attach these sinister birds. Place it outside of your main entrance so that whenever anyone comes, they feel haunted. 

8. Tower of Terrifying Pumpkin

Tower of Terrifying Pumpkin house decoration idea

What’s more terrifying than this spine chilling arch gate? Made from many jack o lanterns, it will be a great idea to scare newcomers. Use foam pumpkins instead of real ones as they are quite heavy. Take a bunch of these and frame the whole entrance area with it. Also, you can use these decorations next year.  

9. Creepy and Colorful Cemetery

Creepy and Colorful Cemetery  house decoration idea

Halloween is not all about dark and dreary; you can definitely use colorful scary decorations. You can create these kinds of headstones from foam blocks or just purchase them from craft stores or Halloween stores. 

After this, surround the area with some colorful lights. It will create a horrifying and shadowy place. You can also hang skeletons and ghosts near the coffins. These colorful house decorations will surely catch people’s attention, and they’ll enjoy your creepy display.  

10. Shuddersome Spider Webs

Shuddersome Spider Webs house decoration idea

Take Halloween to an extremely large scale with these outdoor Halloween decorations. Menacing spiders climbing down the walls, human skeletons wrapped in spider webbing, and webs spanning all over the place, these decorations will be the worst nightmares for the people with arachnophobia. 

Many people are afraid of spiders, but if you are not afraid of them and want to scare others, then this Halloween home decoration is best for you. The enormous spider’s menacing red eyes will give them an ominous look, and they’ll be so horrified to ring the bell. 

11. Ring Party with Ghosts

Ring Party with Ghosts house decoration idea

This Halloween, invite ghosts and friends and party with them like this Halloween decoration. Kids will surely love these cute and playful creatures. Made from simple materials like foam mannequin heads, old sheets, metal poles, and a marker, this will be a fun decoration that will bring some lightheartedness to your yard. 

12. Menacing Pumpkin Man

Menacing Pumpkin Man house decoration idea

This is another ominous Halloween outdoor decoration for your yard. Even it is constructed from simple materials such as a wooden frame, some rope, and a few foam pumpkin heads, but still, this disturbing figure will wary your visitors. You can place this on the porch, under a tree, or right in the walkway. 

 13. Mega Spider On the Roof

Mega Spider On the Roof decoration idea

Guard your house with one of these monastery spiders. You can quickly create these gigantic spiders in various sizes from PVC piping, a couple of cans of spray foam insulation, and black spray paint. These hairy creature decorations will bring the creepy infested vibes to your outdoors.  

halloween house decoration idea
halloween house decoration with tombstone
Gaint spider house decoration idea
A creepy house with a statue of a skeleton on the front lawn Home decoration idea
A house decorated for halloween with fake bats and ghost heads
A house decorated for halloween with spider webs
A group of halloween decorations in front of a house
A house decorated for halloween with spider webs and balloons
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and jack - o - lanterns
A house decorated with halloween decorations and lights
A house decorated with halloween decorations and lights
A house is decorated with christmas lights and decorations
A house decorated with halloween decorations and lights
A yard decorated for halloween with skeletons and tombstones
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and hay
A fence decorated with halloween decorations and pumpkins
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and spider webs
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and spider webs
A house decorated for halloween with a skeleton on top of the house
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and lights
A house decorated for halloween with skeletons and pumpkins
A porch decorated for halloween with pumpkins and gourds
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and flowers
A porch decorated for halloween with purple lights
A house covered in christmas lights and decorations
A house decorated for halloween with pumpkins and decorations
A large white house with lots of lights on it
house decorated for halloween

The Bottom Line

So which decoration did you like the most? My favorite is the colorful cemetery one. You can either select one Halloween theme and decorate your whole place according to that or select the various scenes of a movie or show and put decorate various parts of your home with the complementing decorations.  

We’re pretty sure that with these thrilling Halloween house decorations, your front yard will indeed look scary. I hope you have got some inspirations from these Halloween ideas.

Wish you a spooky Halloween!

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