25+ House Design Single Floor Ideas to Give A Modern Look

A house design single floor first gained popularity in the 1940s and you must have noticed they have recently regained their charm. From a small calm cottage style to a lavish estate, single level house plans are available in a wide range of designs. Living in a single-floor house design can benefit everyone from little children to the elderly. They are ideal for first-time homeowners with a limited budget and for those with mobility challenges, or anyone who wants to avoid staircases. Single floor house design makes up most of every square foot of available space.

If you’re hunting for a low-budget single-floor house design, then these design ideas can help you design one of its kind, let’s get started!

1. Modern House Design Single Floor with Combination Of Wood

house design single floor

The upper part can be used as a rooftop Garden with wooden pergolas, a relaxing area, or a clothesline. The modern house design can get a vintage feel to it, with natural-looking wooden features on the facade. 

2. Living at the Heart

house design single floor

Nothing shouts “heart of the home” like a well-planned central living space at the focal point of the layout with bedrooms opening outward in all directions, with a garage, various baths, walk-in closets, and an outdoor terrace compactly connected to the central living space.

3. Good Height Ceiling in Single Floor House Design

house design single floor

One of the best ways you get ample sunlight in your “if small space” is by an elevated ceiling. This can make your simple single floor house design appear larger and more appealing.

4. Playing with Verticality: House Design Single Floor

house design single floor

With minimalist fittings and furnishings, the vertical lines on your decade will lend you an illusion of more height to your simple single floor house design. The house can look floated and airy when combined with the structural columns around them.

5. Ample of Natural Light in the Interiors

house design single floor

Your house design single story can easily take advantage of your climate zone. Consider the sun’s position in the morning, afternoon, and evening with the opening of the house. Design your windows with the alignment and the right size to provide the right amount of light and shade.

This is an important step to take; it will ultimately influence how comfortable you are and how much money you save on heating and cooling bills of your low cost modern single floor house design.

6. Multipurpose Room for Single Story House Shade Design

house design single floor

Who says you can’t experiment with small floor space in single floor house design? One space can play to create designated sections for different times of the day. We would love a living room that converts into an office by the day and a bedroom by the night. Additionally, incorporate a breakfast bar as well as a center table for when you have a few guests over.

7. Compact and Minimal: Low Budget Single Floor House Design

house design single floor

You’ll appreciate this design idea if you like clean and small versus huge and wide. Minimalist and less-is-more small house designs can work wonders when it comes to being both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

8. Design with Glass as a Building Material for House Design Single Story

house design single floor

Imagine seeing from the front, a flawless glass single-floor house? It would appear to be a modern glass box. You can achieve this by simply adding huge glass windows and doors that run throughout your facade. The house can be made of iron or wood, divided into sections on a single floor.

9. Contemporary Low Cost Modern Single Floor House Design

house design single floor

This is the design idea for you if you have a large family and want a contemporary look that adds to your personality. It’s a kids’ (and adults’) dream home for sure. Contemporary homes usually feature large beautiful windows and open plan concepts for you to experiment with.

10. Textured Wall Finishes

house design single floor

Real textured materials can have more visual interest to your facades, such as self-finished materials and surfaces rather than cement plasters, skim, and paint.

11. Timeless Wooden Facade

modern single floor house design

This design demonstrates how to use wooden facade cladding to create a new and fresh look for your simple single floor house design. Although most modern houses feature modern materials like concrete walls and glass, the blend of wood, steel, and concrete can make it warm and inviting.

12. Modern Single Floor House Design: Industrial Style Design

modern single floor house design

A small fancy gray-themed house is for someone who loves industrial-style houses. You can have a small garden at the front of your plot. Also, you can get a big entrance ornamented by exposed steel columns which makes it one of the best single-floor house front designs.

13. Design to Increase Your Energy Efficiency

modern single floor house design

Building a single floor house design can have a great part in energy saving, as there are no rigid boundary walls between open plans, air may move freely throughout the design.

14. Classy Concrete House: House Design Single Story

modern single floor house design

A classy gray concrete facade is as contemporary as they come. It boasts a sleek, modern style with huge, open windows that let in lots of natural light.

15. Barn-Style House Design

modern single floor house design

Barn-style house plans have a timeless look to them. They usually play with wood-frames with a rustic aesthetic that gives a traditional touch to the decade of the house. You can design an outdoor kitchen featuring a large island that serves as a focal point for snacking, socializing, and spending time with family and friends. Another benefit of barn style–more garage space in your modern single floor house design.

16. Brick Modern House Design

modern single floor house design

Who says red brick houses belong to the past? A red brick house with steel and hues of black can perfectly bridge the gap between the past and the present. Additionally, using bricks as it is can make your single-floor house more sustainable and energy-efficient by keeping your interior cool even in the hot summers.

17. Modern Simple Single Floor House Farmhouse Design

modern single floor house design

Want to remodel your old farmhouse style? Consider crisp white paint on your facades that can instantly spruce up the look and give a modernized look to your simple single floor house design.

The expert also advises considering replacing window treatments, adding skylights, installing modern doors, and installing new fixtures. It will change the timeline from old to “modern new” bringing back life. 

18. Blend the Indoors and the Outdoors

modern single floor house design

You may easily add a deck, front yard, sunroom, or patio to your single-floor house plan if you have a large enough plot. This design idea gives you an easy link to the outside, giving you an extra outdoor space to enjoy nature.

19. House Design Single Floor: Sloped Roof Style

modern single floor house design

Single floor house design gives you a clear advantage of experimenting and playing with your roof—gable roof, saltbox roof, gambrel roof, and mansard roofs are a few out of many sloped roof options.

20. Neutral Color to Your Single Floor House Design

modern single floor house design

If you want to avoid bold and imposing colors to the house, try a variety of neutral color combinations, you can create a calming and tranquil impression effortlessly.

21. Mediterranean Single Floor House Design

low budget single floor house design

In terms of design, wall colors, and, most significantly, use of building material, classic Mediterranean design features good use of terracotta, evident wooden beams, and bright colors used throughout. If you want to avoid more warmth and an outdated look, modernize by adding pops of white. 

22. Accentuate the Curb Appeal

low budget single floor house design

It is far easier to control and design your curb appeal with a single-floor house, from poopy entrance door colors to subtle garage doors. Furthermore, easy placement of balusters and columns can have more dimension in your entryways.

23. Minimalist Bright and White

low budget single floor house design

White and minimalist design goes well without saying. Minimalist house design and shades of white can make other architectural elements in the exterior and interior shine more. You can design as little as a series of clean lines on your facades to feature in the list of minimalist house designs.

24. Include a Mural or a Painting for a Low Budget House Design Single Floor

low budget single floor house design

Since the facade surface area is comparatively less in a single floor house design, why not add a mural by a local artist on the exteriors of your house? This can add to a wow factor, It doesn’t have to be anything intricate or fancy, just a splash of hues.

25. Open Floor Plans in Your Low Cost Modern Single Floor House Design

low budget single floor house design

An open floor plan is a smart design idea in “within-budget” single floor house plans, with the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen all flowing together and the private rooms organized around this space. This open concept floor plan aims at a central meeting room for the house and the occupants.

26. Combination of Traditional and Modern

simple modern single floor house design

You can experiment a lot with building materials when it comes to catering to both the timeline, Playing with exposed bricks to get classy traditional feel, and exposed concrete to active a modern look to your single floor house design


What Single Floor House Design Is Right for Me?

The area and neighborhood in which you want to develop will most likely affect the level, floor, and style of house you design. There are, however, additional points to consider while choosing the right house design for you. What is your family’s size and age? If you and your spouse want to retire in this home, for example, look for one with a first-floor master plan.

What Is the Best 3bhk Single Floor House Design?

Open floor design concepts are particularly popular since they allow a free-flowing movement and a clear line of sight from all the rooms to the main living room. This concept is popular among homeowners because it allows the occupant of the house to interact with children and guests while working, preparing meals, and eating. Open floor design easy interaction without any physical and visual barrier. 

Why Is Single Floor House Design Popular?

They’re popular not only because of their convenience, but also because of their open, airy, and flowing floor patterns. The single-floor house makes the most of every square foot of available space by staying within the budget. 

How Do I Choose Between the Many Design Styles?

You can discuss your likes and dislikes with an architect and interior designer during your initial stages of design during your appointment. This will aid in the narrowing of the field. Photos might also help in fixing a final design. Style selection is influenced by how you habitant and what are your future requirements

As we close, we’ll reassure you that a single floor house design doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic or extremely compacted. Architects and Designers generally can help you to choose and design methods that can tick off all your criteria; larger ceilings, more skylights, and windows are some of the common solutions. We hope that this article helped you in solving some of your design challenges.

Saili Sawantt
Saili Sawantt
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