What Are the Top Paint Trends in 2024?

Are you bored of seeing the same old colours in your home? Want to revamp it with new splashes of paints? Paint colours, textures and details appeal differently to different people. While some might choose nice warm tones, some might prefer going with neutral or cooler tones. Whatever it is – giving your interiors a new, fresh from time to time is important to keep up with the trends.

You might want to go through the below paint trends that would be the most beneficial for your home at present times. Whether it’s a wall colour combination with images or painting your ceilings or even furnishings of your paints – everything has changed in recent years, which you should have knowledge about.

Chalky Greens

Paint Trends: Chalky Greens

The chalky and faded green colour tone is becoming increasingly popular as an interior colour. The colour’s calming features is what that’s making for its demand. However, if you can’t turn away from your grey walls, there’s another colour palette to suit your taste.

There’s a trend gaining traction called ‘Liminal’, featuring a colour scheme with chalky aqua shades inspired by the natural world. The fine chalky hues and soft grey blues create an apt gentle background on which further furnishes can be applied.

Colour Drenching

Paint Trends: Colour Drenching

The current paint trends also involve the ways in which the paints are applied and not just the colours we use. One of the paint trends gaining popularity is ‘colour drenching.’ Colour drenching typically is using the mid-strength hues, in one or other closely related hues being used to design cohesive-enveloping interiors that help in elongating spaces. That way, the colour remains the focal point and creates a strong style statement.

Full Gloss Finishes

Paint Trends: Full Gloss Finishes

Besides the trends in colour combinations, new shades and painting techniques, the latest types of paint finishes are also evolving. From high-shine gloss to flat matt style, the finishes decide the ultimate look of the paints. The traditional values of full gloss can be used in surprising ways to create new and striking effects in the interiors.

The glossy finishes give a modern feel while still sticking to its core vintage style. On the other hand, matt finishes creating a smooth and subtle look. These finishes shine minimally or not at all as they absorb light. So, they are good in places with blinding light, where all the paints may look alike if they use gloss finishes.

Painted Ceilings

Paint Trends: Painted Ceilings

2023 is the year when the fifth wall will attain fame. It simply means that now ceilings are also being included in paint ideas. Painting ceilings can create a magical effect when you sink into sleep staring at your bedroom ceiling, visually melting it away and merging it with the sky. The paint on your ceiling can be enhanced by bringing the wall colours down by around 20-30 cm.

Restorative New Neutrals

Paint Trends: Restorative New Neutrals

In recent years, there has been a surge in demands for more milky and almond-toned neutrals as compared to the colder tone features of the greyscale. The last year experienced the creation of cosy, cocooning spaces, so this year will definitely be a year of shifting away from the cooler greys to the warm neutrals like Oak Apple, Bath Stone and Mushroom.

These colours are ideal for designing relaxing living spaces and bringing a sense of calmness and comfort to your home. The more neutral tones wonderfully work as a base from which you can introduce a colour highlight on your doors or the skirting boards.

Warming Red Tones

Paint Trends: Warming Red Tones

We always have a soft spot for warmer tones that can enrich our homes and create a pleasant space where we can shut ourselves away from the world. There has been a shift from colder tones of navy blue and charcoal greys to warmer hues of red and plum since last year. These rich, saturated tones are fluently chic by day and comfy by night, creating a luxurious atmosphere in any living space.

Luscious Forest Greens

Paint Trends: Luscious Forest Greens

Bring the lush and vivid greens of forests inside your house. Painting your walls with lush green tones can make you feel at one with nature. With time, more and more people are embracing rich green colours for their interiors. From velvety and shining dark tones to light and uplifting hues, greens can be used all across your home. It has a powerful and restorative quality and can aid deep thoughts and contemplation.


Go with any one or more of the above trends and give your home a new, refreshing look it has been craving for years. You can check the various colours, textures, wall colour combinations with images, etc., online to see what suits your living space and matches your style preference.

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