What Does an Interior Design Firm Singapore Do with Your Home Renovation Project?

It’s necessary to know what an interior design firm Singapore would do to your house. When you already have an idea, it’s easier to work with them. This article will provide some tips for you. With these tips, you will be better prepared before hiring an interior design company.

1. Plan for Real Life

The aim of home renovation and interior design is to make a house look beautiful and create a homing atmosphere. You should create a space where you want to be every day. The very first thing all designers do is to plan for your space. That is to block out interior areas, determine circulation patterns, and build plans for furniture layout and equipment placement. 

Plan for Real Life

Every interior design firm Singapore starts their projects with an assessment of a room’s functional deficiencies. They will try to manipulate the elements to better fit the people who live there. Depending on how you want to use your spaces, they will adjust accordingly. Therefore, you need to define what you need in your space and how your daily life is.

If you have proper space planning, you can take advantage of what you have. The aim is to create efficiency. You don’t need more space or more storage if you utilize the space with great solutions.

A professional interior design firm Singapore won’t guide you to buy a larger house for more space. Instead, they help you reorganize the existing footprint and incorporate a smaller addition. With the same space, they can give you all the functions you need.

2. Create a Space Vision for Your Room

Now that everyone already has an idea of how the space should function, the next thing an interior design firm Singapore would do is to create a concept for your space. Their job is to match your requirements with your desired aesthetic and atmosphere.

It’s not as simple as picking a couch or a paint color, your interior design firm Singapore should create a vision for your space so that it remains beautiful for a long period of time. If the vision is well thought out, you don’t need to worry about changing the style for a while.

You know your designers have done a good job when they can tell a story about how all different elements and pieces in your space are going to come together.

 Create a Space Vision for Your Room

3. Think Carefully About Materials and Construction

Although it’s important to have a vision, the key to interior design is quality. The quality refers to materials and construction work. Despite having a story-telling design, you won’t be able to enjoy your space if the finished room is not done well. Therefore, make sure that your interior design firm Singapore suggests using good quality materials. They obviously deliver better sound and feel.

There are many different types of materials in the industry, so be aware that spending a lot of money on something does not mean that you’re buying a quality piece.

What you should do instead is to evaluate the lifetime of the materials. They don’t have ro be expensive to last a lifetime. A reliable interior design firm Singapore can help you find some great items at lower prices.

4. Combine Contrasting Elements

Your designers know how to put things together and combine different shapes, patterns, and textures. You will be surprised that sometimes your favorite lamp or chair just has the same visual value.

When you have an interior design firm Singapore to juxtapose your items, you will appreciate the difference. For example, if you prefer geometry, you can’t have all squares in your space. A mix of a circle makes you appreciate the square so much more.

So if you have already chosen some items that have a strong pattern, your interior designers will choose other quieter elements in the space.

5. Layer the Details Deliberately

Adding supporting details is needed to any interior design concept. Your chosen interior design firm Singapore should pay attention to details, from the scale of a lampshade or the width of a table. The aim for those tiny details is to best support the overall vision.

Layer the Details Deliberately

6. Create an Authentic Space

Authenticity is extremely important. The best interior designers know how to personalize the interior design project for the user, or at least deliver their aesthetic taste and preferences. At the end of the day, you want to come back to your home, not a showroom with beautiful interior design. So make sure your interior design shows your personality and visual preferences.

It’s better to have a unique design for your own home, but if it isn’t, at least people know it’s your place when they walk through the door. You can choose to have a simple and modern style, but it has to be interesting.

7. Find a Balance

Most interior design firms prefer to create balance rather than focal points. The first thing they do is to find balance from the room’s features, such as your windows and doors. From there, they will add supporting items and pieces to make the room look good.

8. Edit and Remove Unnecessary Items

As you already have a picture of how your room looks, choose materials, items and pieces for your space, the interior design firm that you hire will add or take away some elements to achieve the desired effect. Editing your plan is their job, in order to deliver a beautiful outcome. Even some small items can bring in negative feelings to the overall design, so don’t be surprised if they remove some of your favorite items.


As you can see, the interior design includes a lot of work and details. If you don’t hire a professional interior design firm Singapore, you might not be happy with your finished project. However, you don’t want to wait until they hand over your room to realize that you don’t like the space. It’s important to follow every step as they do their work, and don’t be afraid to take their advice to adjust some items if necessary.

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