15 Mobile Home Skirting Ideas, Benefits, Cost, Types

In recent years, there has been an immense increase in the number of mobile homes. Due to their affordability, flexibility, and ease of installation, most people prefer to live in these types of movable homes over traditional homes.

However, one thing is extremely important for mobile homes ā€“ protection from external elements!  

If you already own a manufactured house, you know the importance of maintaining and enhancing the appearance of your home, right? Dirt, debris, rodents, and pests can easily destroy the home’s exterior or the outer layer of your home. That’s where mobile home skirting comes in!

Mobile home skirting is made from various materials and installed in the space between the ground and the bottom of the mobile home. Underpinning your mobile home will not only protect and insulate your home from harsh weather conditions but also enhances the appearance of the home. 

Today, there are various types of skirting materials available, including brick, metal, wood and vinyl, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, with so many options available, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to select the right skirting for your manufactured home. 

As a mobile homeowner, if you’re looking for mobile home skirting ideas, you’re on the right page! 

In this blog, we will explain everything about mobile home skirting. We will be covering the following topics: 

  • What is mobile skirting?
  • Benefits and usage of mobile home skirts
  • Different types of mobile skirting
  • 15 stylish mobile home skirting ideas
  • How to select the right mobile home skirting?
  • Where to buy skirting for mobile home? 
  • Maintenance tips 

So keep reading till the end and take help from this complete mobile home skirting buying guide to choose the best mobile home skirting for your mobile home. 

Let’s start.

What is Mobile Home Skirting?

Mobile Home Skirting  idea

Mobile home skirting, also known as mobile home underpinning, is a way of covering the area beneath a manufactured home. It is directly installed around the base that completely covers the ground and the bottom part of the house.   

Mobile home skirting provides protection from cold, water, animals, and snow and also gives your home a finished look. This skirting is made from various materials, such as vinyl, metal, concrete, wood, brick, or stone.

Benefits of Mobile Home Skirting

Benefits of Mobile Home Skirting

Here are the advantages of mobile home underpinning:

  • Enhances Curb Appeal: Mobile home skirting provides a finished and stylish look to the exterior of your mobile home, improving its curb appeal. 
  • Protects Your Home: Skirting protects your home’s foundation from the exterior elements and harsh weather conditions. It prevents severe damage from rain, snow, and wind. Also, underpinning protects your home from dirt, pests, and rodents.    
  • Gives Stability: Skirting helps to stabilize the mobile home by preventing movement and settling. So, it decreases the chances of damage to the house and increases its lifespan.
  • Energy Efficiency: Mobile home skirting covers the gap between your home and the ground, which can help insulate your home. This will help reduce energy costs by preventing air from escaping through the base of your home.
  • Save Money: When you have more insulation, your energy bills will get reduced; hence you will save money on your energy bills while getting warmth and comfort. It also can help lower insurance costs.
  • Improve Aesthetics: Skirting will cover all the unpleasant underside and underground areas of the manufactured house. It will enhance the home’s appearance and increase the resale value of your mobile home.
  • Prevent Water Freezing: Mobile home skirting also prevents pipes or ducts from freezing in harsh cold conditions. 
  • Provide storage: A properly designed and installed home skirting can also give extra storage space for goods that are not occasionally used. 

Different Types of Mobile Home Skirting

How many types of mobile home skirting are available today? 

These days, skirting or underpinning for manufactured homes is available in several materials. You can select the one according to your requirements, house size, and budget.  

Here are some of the most common types of mobile home skirting available in the market: 

Vinyl Skirting 

Vinyl Skirting

Price: $360-$1,300 

Nowadays, vinyl is the most popular skirting material due to its affordability and durability. It is also easy to install and requires less maintenance. Available in a variety of colors and designs, the vinyl mobile home skirting will completely enhance the exterior of your mobile home.  

Wood Skirting

Wood Skirting

Price: Varies

Wood skirting is a great idea if you’re looking for some traditional mobile home skirting options. Wood will give your modular home a natural look and organic feel. From rustic to modern farmhouse look, you can even customize the entire exterior look depending upon your choice. This is why wood mobile home skirting prices vary. However, this skirting option needs regular maintenance, such as staining or painting, to prevent rotting and warping.

Concrete Skirting

Concrete Skirting

Price: $680-$1,500

Concrete skirting is another option you can try if you want stable and durable skirting for your mobile home. Compared to vinyl and wood, concrete home skirting can easily withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain and snow. This skirting provides better insulation and safety. However, this can be a permanent and expensive option. 

Metal Skirting 

Metal SkirtingĀ 

Price: $500-$2000

Metal skirting can be both ā€“ cheap and expensive! The cost mainly depends on the type of metal you use. This type of mobile home skirting is sturdy and long-lasting. From flat metal skirting with smooth finishes to corrugated or imprinted metal mobile home skirting, you can get metal skirting for your manufactured home in any color, design, or style. 

Brick Skirting

Brick Skirting

Price: $700-$2500

If you want something stylish and aesthetically pleasing, you can choose a more expensive skirting option: brick mobile home skirting! 

Brick skirting is a durable and low-maintenance option and will give your manufactured home a classic and elegant look. However, it is a bit difficult to install. So you will need professional help to install brick skirting. 

15 Creative Mobile Home Skirting Ideas on a Budget

1. Foam Skirting

Foam Skirting

If you live in colder areas and looking for a skirting option that can give good insulation, foam skirting will be a good choice for you! 

Foam insulated skirting is one of the most energy-efficient types of mobile home skirting available today. These come in small sizes of 2-ft mobile home skirting panels in the price range of $1000 to $3000. Compared to other skirting options, this insulated mobile home skirting is expensive but gives excellent insulation

2. Wainscoting Skirting 

Faux Stone Skirting

Add an elegant touch to your manufactured home with wainscoting skirting! This classic mobile home skirting option will make your house’s exterior look amazing. Available in numerous materials, including vinyl, wood, and metal. 

3. Faux Stone Skirting

Faux Stone Skirting

Do you wish to have real stone skirting, but your budget is limited? No worries, here comes the faux stone skirting! 

This skirting will give your home the real stone skirting effect without the high cost. They are made from polyurethane and are durable. 

So, how to install mobile home skirting?

Faux stone skirting comes in panels and is quite easy to install. These stone panels come in various colors and designs, from colorful blocks to natural stone textures.  

4. Bamboo Skirting 

Bamboo SkirtingĀ 

Bamboo skirting ā€“ An eco-friendly and sustainable underpinning for mobile homes!

Whether you want to add an exotic touch to your manufactured home or want to create a tropical vibe, this skirting option will be an excellent choice. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Try bamboo mobile home underpinning ideas! 

5. Metal Lattice Skirting 

Metal Lattice SkirtingĀ 

You may have heard about wood and vinyl lattice skirting, but have you ever seen metal lattice skirting?

Yes, this type of skirting is popular in American homes. It is a wonderful way to add a decorative touch to your home without spending a fortune! It also provides good ventilation and airflow so no moisture build-ups will occur. So, get these mobile home skirting kits and enhance your house’s exterior

6. Stucco Skirting 

Stucco SkirtingĀ 

Give your mobile a stunning Mediterranean look with the help of stucco skirting! 

Stucco is a material that was used to cover the exterior of houses in the past. However, it is still commonly used in many parts of the world. This will give a warm and cozy feel to the house. You can even customize it in any color to match your mobile home’s exterior! 

7. Corrugated Metal Skirting

Corrugated Metal Skirting

One of the most durable mobile home skirting ideas is metal skirting. The corrugated metal skirting will provide a solid but modern industrial look. It is great for people looking for a simple and minimalist skirting design for their house. 

8. Shiplap Skirting 

Shiplap SkirtingĀ 

Whether it’s mobile homes or traditional American homes, modern houses can be seen everywhere! If you want the same look for your tiny home, you can go with shiplap skirting. It is one of the low-cost mobile home skirting ideas that are also easy to install and maintain.Ā 

9. Stone Veneer Skirting 

Stone Veneer SkirtingĀ 

If you have rustic home interiors, you can easily match the exterior with the help of stone mobile home skirting. This trailer underpinning idea can be installed without any professional help. It is available in various textures and colors, offering a natural stone look.  

10. Fiber Cement Skirting

 Fiber Cement Skirting

Looking for some best trailer skirting ideas? Try fiber cement siding! 

Few people prefer exterior siding material instead of concrete or brick skirting. You can also use lap vinyl skirting or fiber cement siding as underpinning for mobile homes. 

11. Rustic Log Skirting: 

What do you think about the above mobile home skirting options? It is known as rustic log skirting as it is made from wooden logs. This mobile home skirting idea will give you a cabin-like feel. You can use any type of log and later stain them to get the desired skirting look that complements your home’s exterior. 

12. Simulated “Rock” Skirting

Simulated "Rock" Skirting

The second most popular mobile home skirting idea is Reil Rock panels, also known as Mason’s Rock. 

This skirting is actually NOT rocks but looks like rocks. You can get it in any neutral color. These are made from plastic but still are quite durable and strong. 

How much is skirting for a mobile home?

You can get simulated rock skirting anywhere between $680 to $1,400. And if you’re wondering how to remove mobile home skirting. No worries because it can be easily removed. 

13. Faux Brick Skirting

Faux Brick Skirting

Brick skirting is one of the all-time favorite mobile home skirting ideas, but it can be costly. Here’s a great alternative to this, faux brick skirting! Like the faux stone skirting, this one offers a similar look and feel as the real brick skirting but is available at an affordable price. 

It is made from polyurethane and also comes with a quick installation process. Whether for durability or an overall exterior look, the faux brick skirting will be the best underpinning for mobile homes.  

14. Power Wash Your Skirting

Power Wash Your Skirting

If you don’t want to invest in new mobile home skirting, you can always make your old one work! Over time, your skirting accumulates dirt or grime, and you can use a power washing method to remove it! 

However, make sure it doesn’t have any serious cracks or damages. Otherwise, your entire skirting may get damaged because of high-speed power washing. 

15. Colorful Mobile Home Skirting

Colorful Mobile Home Skirting

Looking for cheap mobile home skirting ideas? We’ve got you! 

Instead of buying a new mobile home underpinning, invest in high-quality color. Yes, you can simply apply a fresh coat of paint on your old mobile home skirting to give it a new look. 

Mobile Home Skirting Buying Guide

Mobile Home Skirting Buying Guide

Now you know the different types of skirting, but the main question is how to select the best skirting for mobile homes.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when buying mobile home skirting: 

  • Material: From vinyl, wood, metal, brick, and concrete, skirting is available in different types of materials. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Select the one that fits your budget, maintenance level, and aesthetic preferences.
  • Style: Similar to materials, mobile home skirting also comes in various styles, such as faux stone, wood plank, brick, metal lattice, and bamboo. Pick a specific style that goes well with your mobile home’s exterior to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.
  • Size: You can choose a skirting size depending on your mobile home size and shape. First, measure your manufactured home’s dimensions carefully to determine how much skirting is required. 
  • Durability: Go with a skirting option that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, check the warranty and maintenance requirements of the skirting material before purchasing mobile home skirting.
  • Installation: Some skirting options, like brick and stone skirting, require professional installation, while others, like vinyl skirting options, can easily be DIY projects. So keep in mind the mobile home skirting installation while buying one. 

Where to Buy Mobile Home Skirting?

You can get mobile home underpinning from various places, including:

  • Big Box Stores (Home Depot, Lowes, or Menard)
  • Local mobile home parts stores and dealers
  • Online (Amazon, SkirtingDirect.com or Mobile Home Parts Depot) 

Maintenance Tips For Mobile Home Skirting 

Maintenance Tips For Mobile Home SkirtingĀ 

Do you want to keep your mobile home skirting in good condition? If yes, follow these maintenance tips:  

  • Make sure to clean your mobile home skirting on a daily basis. This will prevent dirt, dust, mold, and mildew build-ups.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush and a good cleaner or a mild detergent to remove debris from the surface.
  • Check and inspect the skirting for any types of cracks, holes, or other damages. 
  • And if you find any damages in your mobile home underpinning, fix and repair them as soon as possible. 
  • You can use a patching compound or replacement material to repair the cracks and holes. 
  • To prevent moisture building in the space under the house, install a skirting with proper ventilation. 
  • Implement proper pest control to prevent insects and rodents. You can also use traps or repellents under your mobile home skirting to keep them away. 

Mobile Home Skirting: Which is Best? 

skirting for mobile homes idea

Mobile home skirting is an essential part of the house. It will protect your manufactured home from harsh climate conditions and add an attractive and striking factor to the exterior. 

You can select any mobile home skirting ideas based on the location, weather conditions, material, and your budget. If you need help deciding which one to select, you can contact a professional.   

So, this is all about mobile home skirting ideas. I hope this guide on underpinning for mobile homes has given you all the necessary information and inspiration. So, pick a mobile home skirting and give your house’s exterior a stunning makeover! 

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