5 Office Building Materials to Boost Productivity

When planning the build and design of commercial space, productivity should be the first thing on every contractor’s mind. Commercial business owners will want their property to be a hub of development and progress, and there are quite a number of office building materials that can help increase the general productivity of a workspace.

Of course, the productivity of any commercial team ultimately boils down to their own drive, commitment, and dedication. However, when a team’s workspace is not designed well, it can have drastic effects on their mood, output, and general happiness. By designing a commercial space with materials that are known to increase productivity, you will be giving any commercial team the ability to bring their best every day. 

1. Partition Walls

Office Building Materials

The physical layout of commercial space is paramount to the functions and work that takes place in that space. For some companies, it may be best to have a wide-open room where a large number of individuals can gather to collaborate and design various projects, but for others, it might be best to have a more divided room layout that can allow for several offices.

Sometimes the utilization of a commercial space calls for a more hybrid approach. When a company completes a diverse set of tasks that might call for independent and group work, partition walls might be the best way to increase productivity. There are a variety of partition walls out on the market that is constructed of various materials. Some of these walls are hard installed, and others are easily removable. 

Using acoustic panels for partition walls can also help reduce noise between workspaces helping employees avoid unnecessary distractions while working on focused-based tasks. 

2. Large Open Windows

Office Building Materials

Another element to capitalize on when thinking about the productivity of commercial space is natural light. Having a series or wall of large open windows in commercial space will not only improve employee productivity but also their mood and overall happiness.

Natural light has also been known to stimulate creativity, and when an office space has an abundance of natural light, space will not have to continually rely on artificial lighting. Therefore, installing a series of large windows, like these vinyl casement windows, is a great way to increase productivity and cut down on monthly operation costs.  

3. Acoustic Ceilings

Office Building Materials

When several people are working in the same commercial space noise levels can reach highs that stifle productivity. The number one solution to implement to tackle this problem is to install acoustic ceiling panels into the commercial space. Acoustic ceiling panels, like this acoustic baffle system, capture noise and diffuse it so that commercial space can remain quiet and suitable for optimal productivity. 

4. Performance Flooring

Office Building Materials

When it comes to designing a commercial space to promote productivity, flooring often gets overlooked. However, installing performance flooring into a commercial space can have drastic effects on the overall productivity of a team. Performance flooring options, such as commercial vinyl plank flooring, are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs that are durable and perfect for any commercial space. 

According to Chuck Waltman an office build out contractor, high-performance flooring will not only increase productivity by attributing to the aesthetics of the commercial space, but certain performance flooring can also improve the acoustics of a room. 

5. Adjustable Office Lighting

Office Building Materials

Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to producing office work. Using LED light systems with brightness control can help your employees avoid eye strains compared to other lighting options. Not only does it help in productivity but it also reduces the power consumption of your office.

With a controllable brightness setting, you can adjust the amount of light in designated areas in your office. For areas where the focus is greatly needed you can set it to a brighter illumination than the ones in your lobby or in your employee lounge where the lighting should be a bit more relaxing.

Productivity Is Key

Office Building Materials

When it comes to commercial spaces, nothing is more important than productivity. Now that you have read this article, you have learned about several building materials you can implement into a commercial space to increase the overall productivity of the space.

This increase in productivity will have drastic effects on the short-term and long-term operations of a business. In the short term, an increase in production can move a business quickly up the ladder of performance, and in the long term increased productivity will have positive effects on team morale and individual happiness. Productivity certainly is key. 

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