Recycled Glass Countertops Vs. Quartz Countertops: An Easy Guide

Countertops are the new, modern addition to any kitchen. There are various options available for countertops today. Homeowners can enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen with the selection of the right countertops. One can use Glass, marble, stone, granite, etc., but there are few countertop materials like – Glass and quartz that look chic and also have an extended lifespan.  

Nowadays, people also use glass counters, which add a sleek style to the house, but when it turns old, it can be risky for kids and adults. In addition, it is susceptible to breakage and can harm someone with its sharp cuts or edgy corners. 

While glass counters are also difficult to install, their durability and longevity are yet to be tested or judged. However, if someone would like to achieve a lavish look for the kitchen, one can go with the trending quartz countertops instead of one made with Glass.

This guide explores recycled glass countertops cost vs. quartz, and the key benefits both materials offer. 

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Recycled Glass Countertops Vs. Quartz Countertops — Which One Should You Choose?

Recycled Glass Countertops Vs. Quartz Countertops

It’s necessary to understand the difference between recycled glass and quartz counters. People using their old glass counter may face various issues. It can be dangerous for the kids and adults around the home. Also, it might harm with its sharp cuts or edgy corners. However, below we have mentioned a few reasons one should choose quartz:

A Wide Variety of Options

Yes, glass counters are attractive, but there is hardly any variety in glass-based counters. On the other hand, quartz has various options available for the kitchen and other spaces. Not only designs, one has ample color choices to pick from and complement them with the color scheme. From solid colors to mimic natural stone, one can find any pattern or design under the quartz countertops. 

Quartz Doesn’t Crack Easily

Compared to quartz countertops, glass material is more prone to breakage or cracks. Moreover, if the quartz counter is attacked with the heavy serving platter, that platter might break into pieces, but the quartz counter will stay intact. And even if there is a little damage, it can be repaired easily. On the other hand, one can not repair the glass crack. One will have to wait until it’s been replaced or get it fixed – “if possible.”

It Doesn’t Get Damaged by Acid Cleaners

Although, as per the hygienic purpose, both the surfaces are considered non-porous. But over time, glass material begins to react with acid, resulting in the foggy surface on the glass countertop. But quartz is impervious to most acids, so it will not etch or stain.

Easy to Install 

As the kitchen countertop slabs are manufactured with glass materials, they are not easy to transport and install. Glass counters are notably more prone to damage and require specialized knowledge and equipment. 

On the other hand, installing a quartz countertop is easy because it doesn’t get damaged easily. And not only installation, but they are easy to transport and can be installed by an inexperienced person too. 

Quartz Is More Cost-Effective Than Glass Countertops

Even when we talk about “recycled glass countertops cost vs. quartz,” quartz is more cost-effective since it lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Quartz countertops are ideal for homeowners who want an aesthetically appealing focal point in their kitchen within a budget.

Reasons to Choose Glass

Reasons to Choose Glass

Glass Is Recycled Naturally

Glass is melted and then crafted into different shapes depending on the requirements. When used or waste glass is taken to a recycling plant, it is first broken into small pieces known as cullet. 

The broken pieces of Glass are sorted, cleaned, crushed, and prepared to mix with other materials like sand and soda ash. All the glass pieces and materials are mixed, melted into a furnace, and then shaped into molds to make new products. Everything is made this way, whether the end products are jars, bottles, or countertops.

Glass Offers a Variety of Options

The pigments used in glass countertops can also achieve a full spectrum of colors by introducing lines and patterns for internal reflection. Moreover, even glass slabs can be patterned as veined or flicked during the factory procedure. 

Glass Has a Clear Appearance

As the glass slabs contain little to no granularity in their material, it reflects little light and allows most of it to pass through. At the same time, it adds a natural and organic feel to the countertop and kitchen. Even the resins that bind Glass to reflect a smooth and seamless finish to the counter and impart a manufactured look. 

Glass Repels Moisture 

As an engineered piece of recycled glass, the glass countertops have a non-porous surface that does not require sealing, creating an effective barrier between microbes and bacteria invasions. It helps keep quartz countertops easy to clean wet spills with water-dampened or microfiber cloth.

Glass Is Easy to Clean

A kitchen is prone to liquid spills that can leave spots on other materials. Glass is easy to clean as all homeowners need to do is wipe off the liquid or spots with a glass cleaner and soft cloth. 

However, as Glass is a breakable material, homeowners should take care to save the countertop from high impacts. Countertops made from recycled Glass are hardened in the manufacturing process to withstand the mild effects and the weight of things, but homeowners should take care to save them from all impacts.

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost Vs. Quartz Cost

Recycled Glass Countertops Cost Vs. Quartz Cost

A recycled glass kitchen countertop may cost between $50 to $80 per square foot. Also, if the homeowners want custom colors and patterns for the glass countertops, they’ll have to pay more. Please note that the labor charges and other additional costs are separate. Furthermore, glass counters can break easily, so one may have to spend a significant amount on repairing or replacing glass counters. 

On the other hand, quartz is a material that lasts longer, doesn’t break easily, and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, it helps increase the property’s cost, which is a plus point when selling the home.


However, in the end, it’s the buyer’s choice to select a suitable counter for themselves. Be it quartz, Glass, or any other material. It’s recommended to view the comparison “recycled glass vs. quartz countertops” provided by our article and make a wise decision. 

Moreover, while spending hard-earned money, always consider the material it’s made up of and how beneficial it can be for kitchen or bathroom usage.

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