Turning Your Shed into an Office

Working from home is the new normal of modern working life, with either hybrid models or permanent home working being the preferred option for many employees. However, despite the many benefits that come from working from home, there are steps that need to be taken to avoid the disadvantages that many struggles with. The isolation from co-workers needs to be addressed by means of teleconferencing and regular in-person interaction.

The fluid schedule that can leave many feelings either unmotivated or overwhelmed must be solved by sticking to a routine. And the mental impact of working from the dining table or bedroom desk needs to be tackled by setting aside a dedicated workspace to boost productivity and encourage good mental health. With all of this in mind, you may decide it’s time to change up your working-from-home set up to be more beneficial to your well-being

This is where an outdoor garden shed can become an office retreat. There are many different home office ideas around, but the benefits of an office shed in the garden are the distance that is created between your home and work, and the space you will save within your home.

There are many factors that could affect what the finished product will look like, such as the shed you must work with, the space in your garden, the features you need, and the budget you want to stick to. However, hopefully, these interesting ideas will get your imagination running and your creative juices flowing to see what you can do to up your home office game and move into the garden shed!

The Practicalities

Turning Your Shed into an Office : Practicalities

Before getting carried away with the aesthetics, it’s good to think practically about how you will make your garden office work. You will, of course, want to employ an electrician to get power to your shed so you can run all of the appliances and lights you need. Add some wallboard to improve the structure of your shed, as well as its energy efficiency and comfort. With insulated panels, you will be a lot warmer working in the garden in the dead of winter and it will help you save money on your rising energy bills.

Furthermore, consider the space you have and think about some creative ways of adding storage so that you can have everything you need to work on hand. While thinking about the practical side may be considerably less interesting, it’s essential that you have these things planned before you start on the creative side, and will make your new office a space you will continue to use for a long time.

Make It Well Equipped

Turning Your Shed into an Office : Make It Well Equipped

If you are starting your home office from scratch, you may be a little overwhelmed with where to start on purchasing your equipment. You are going to need more than just your laptop and slippers – to make your garden office feel professional, you need to set it up to be such. Invest in a good office chair, that is adjustable with armrests and can recline. This will help you to work well without the distraction and discomfort of working from an unsuitable chair.

Think about getting a desk that can adjust to work while sitting or standing, so that you can remain mobile. Get an arm for your computer monitor that allows your screen to be adjusted and get a light for your desk that gives good illumination directly to your workspace. 

Get Creative with the Décor

Turning Your Shed into an Office : Get Creative with the Décor

You have a lot more freedom to get creative in the decoration of your shed home office than you would if you were decorating your desk in a standard office. Use this as an opportunity to be imaginative and embrace your own style, even if that means it has a completely different look and feels to the rest of your home. While the objective is to be productive, don’t be afraid to get creative and add some wall art, a cozy rug, and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for all your beautiful stationery!


As you can see, it really is possible to turn that dusty wooden shed at the bottom of the garden into a productive hub for work and constructive time. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it may well be a valuable investment for many years into the future, both financially and in terms of your productivity. By implementing a few of the suggestions made in this article, you may find that it’s a more feasible idea than you may have initially thought! 

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