10 Ways to Renovate Your Home, Your Way, At Your Budget!

We all love giving things a refresh to keep things feeling new, you shouldn’t let your home be any different. We will explore different ways to renovate your home in this blog.

During this energy crisis people are worried about spending too much so may be shying away from any kind of home renovation, but you could save money by doing it yourself. Here are 10 tips to help change up your home without breaking the bank;

1. Change Up Your Front Door

Change Up Your Front Door for renovation

Your door is the first thing you see as soon as you get home, a fresh lick of paint in a bold colour can change the look of the entire exterior of your home and inspire further changes going forward. And why stop there? Adding some colour to the doors inside your home could carry the theme throughout.

2. Paint Your Floorboards

Paint Your Floorboards for renovation

While you’ve got the paint out, you might as well make use of it. Any boring old floorboards in your house that you’re sick of seeing? A coat of paint on the floor could transform the look of the entire room, a light colour would open the room up and give it a new feel.

3. Reupholster Furniture

Reupholster Furniture to Renovate Your Home

Why not give an old, tired sofa a modern image with some exciting fabric to update it to modern times. Got some old furniture that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of but also can’t bring yourself to look at? Grab some fabric and some fancy upholstery nails, voila, new lease of life.

4. Curtains/Blinds

Curtains/Blinds chnage for Renovate Your Home

Probably the priciest thing on this list, but a new set of curtains or blinds could work wonders for a tired room. The easiest way to make a room more striking without opening a paint can, they can easily breathe life into any room.

5. Feature/Accent Walls

Feature/Accent Walls to Renovate Your Home

A little bored of looking at the same four, plain walls? An accent wall is a perfect way to add a striking feature to a room without breaking the bank. A bold coloured paint on the main wall of a room can change how the room feels entirely, while a wall of wallpaper can add texture to a room that is otherwise feeling a little flat. 

6. Plants

add plants to Renovate Your Home

Want to make your renovate home feel more alive without any effort? Plants are the best solution. Not only would they add colour and nature to an otherwise dull room, but they also add a nice textural feel.

Not very good at keeping your plant friends alive? There’s plenty of fake foliage options out there which will have the same effects on a room, but with absolutely none of the upkeep required.

7. Bookshelves

add Bookshelves to Renovate Your Home

A bookshelf acts as the perfect focal point to draw people’s attention to and, as the name suggests, store your favourite reads, but you can do more with a bookshelf than you may think.

Look around your house for little items which may not fit anywhere else, and it may find a permanent home in your new bookshelf. Alternatively, place the largest standout items on the bookshelf and work around that with other smaller items.

Or want to keep it to just books? That’s fine too. Think of imaginative ways to store them, you can arrange by colour, by size or a mixture of horizontal and vertically stacked books to give it an interesting look.

8. Upcycle Old Furniture

Upcycle Old Furniture

Want to make things feel different but can’t splash out on furniture? Upcycling is super popular now, with so many people making their old furniture brand new with very little effort.

Make a drab outdated cabinet look and feel exciting again by removing the doors and giving it a bold splash of paint and it will soon be the talking point of the room it was once forgotten in.

9. Rearrange Existing Furniture

Rearrange Existing Furniture for renovation home

Sometimes the easiest way to make a space feel fresh is the simplest choice. Rearranging.

Merely moving your furniture around in a room can entirely change its perspective and feel. Furniture can look very different from various angles so play around with it until it feels right for you. Some clever placements could completely open the room up and give it the refresh that it needs.

10. Mirrors

change mirrors to Renovate Your Home


Mirrors aren’t only good for checking how your outfit looks before you leave the house, they can also really help for making what may be a smaller, darker room feel bigger and brighter than ever before.

Placing a mirror in the perfect position in a room will let you use the natural light to your advantage. For example, place it across from a window and the room and the mirror will do the rest, bouncing the light to places in the room that originally may not have felt much natural light.

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