Sure Shot Ways to Treat Termites

You try to keep our house in its best condition while you are living in it. Pest controlling is a major step to maintain the safety and hygiene of your house. Pests can damage different parts of your house and cause serious health issues for you and your family. Apart from regular cleaning, deep and special cleaning should be done to keep a house pest-free. See the ways to treat termites.

Termites are tiny insects that can create considerable damages to your house. You must remove them as soon as you detect them to keep your house safe. The most typical sign of termite infestation is, catching wood dust under your furniture. 

They love munching on wood and damage the whole furniture. Once termites get into your furniture, it is almost impossible to stop them. The only thing that can work is to remove the furniture from your house to save the others. 

Because of their tiny size, detecting them is also very difficult. That is why you must check your house thoroughly every week to detect the existence of any pest and take the necessary steps immediately.

The main issue with termite removal is, they cannot be detected until they make their large colony and damage the core of your furniture. As they thrive in big colonies, you cannot remove them without any professional help. So, whenever you feel their existence, do not delay and take preventive measures. 

Ways to Treat Termites from home

How to Treat Termites?

Make Your House Free of Moisture

Moisture or wet places are the best areas for pests to breed. Any moisture attracts termites as it helps them survive. So, make sure that your house has no damp spots. If you live in a humid environment, use dehumidifiers. During summer, use air conditioners to keep your place cool and moisture-free. 

Fix All Leaks in Your House

Sometimes you ignore the minor leaks in our house. Damp walls, cracked roofs, broken floors can attract termites easily. So, fix and seal all the leaking areas of your house. 

Leaked basements are the best places for termites to enter the house as basements are closer to the ground. In no time, termites will be spread all-around your house and damage its foundation.

Decluttering Is a Must

If you have newspapers, cardboards, magazines piled up in your house, pests will thrive in those. You must throw all the useless things immediately or at least keep them completely wrapped. Even if you are hiring professionals for pest control, you need to declutter your house, unless the termites will keep coming holds a great repute when it comes to termite treatment. 

Separate Your Furniture

Once your furniture is affected, you have to separate it from other furniture. Termites move from one piece of furniture to the next very easily. So, always keep all your affected furniture in a separate room and never bring any new furniture or shift any affected furniture to another room.

Keep Distance Between Soil and Wood

Maintaining an eighteen-inch distance between the wood and soil is a must for all. If you have a wooden patio or deck in front of your house, always maintain this distance. For the foundation of your home, use cement or stones on the ground before the foundation is made. 

This will keep termites away from your house as they enter your house from the soil. The more distance you maintain, the less risk your home will have.

Use Borate

Borate is an excellent termite repellent. You can spread it on all your wooden elements to keep it safe from termites. If you have wooden walls, apply a coat of borate on the wall, let it dry, and then apply paint and primer. 

The borate coat will prevent attacks of termite for decades. So, use that on your window, doors, and furniture.

Ways to Treat Termites effectively

The Sun Treatment

Termites hate the heat of the sun. If you have any termite-affected furniture, leave it under the direct heat of the sun for at least three consecutive days. The heat will dry up the moisture and kill all the termites. 

When they are removed from the furniture, you can dust the furniture well and apply termite spray so that termites do not re-breed. You can use the same process for all other furniture to assure complete safety.

Deep Cleaning

Apart from regular cleaning, deep cleaning of your house is also very important for pest control. Such pests usually hide deep inside your furniture, so you must clean all your furniture thoroughly.


If you fail to control the termites in your house, you must call a pest control service. They offer you a complete pest-free place. Once your home is pest-proof, you can apply neem-oil on your wooden furniture and clean regularly. Thus, you will have a well-protected house where you can live peacefully.

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