What You Need to Know About Windows for a Kids Room?

The first thing parents think about when looking at kids – is how to make the surroundings safe for them.  Needless to say, that everything at home should be planned and placed in accordance.  It is good when we can move all curiosity arousing things on top, but what can we do with windows?  We can’t change their position, but we can make them safe.  The window unit should be secure for kids to be and play around.  

There are few things to be foreseen when talking about kids and glazing constructions:

  • windows should have the ability to be locked in either position – closed or opened;
  • the premise should be protected from dangerous to our eyes UV rays;
  • the rest area is to be not directly under the window.
A man in overalls is opening a glass door

Windows must be secure for kids.  Any type, American double-hung or regular swinging double pane window, can be additionally equipped with various locking devices that will prevent children from opening them.  Parents should consider this before the installation process or even after since most of them are additional devices possible to be applied on existing constructions.

So, let’s take a look at some child locks for swinging mechanisms:

  • “Socket” lock: “closed” plate is installed on the place where the handle should be.  This additional cover can be easily removed by hand, and only the handle can open the casement.  The system is not really convenient, since you always should remember where the handle is and even a two-year-old child can do the same unlocking manipulation himself after the process is well observed;
  • The next option is a handle with a button.  It is installed as easily as a regular one. To perform the manipulation, it is necessary to hold down the button located on the front part – only then the handle will begin to move. The point is that the child will quickly understand the logic.  The other thing is that the button can become an entertaining device.
  • Handle with the key is the coming option.  As you now understand, the handle turns only while the key is inside.  This means that the key will be needed for every manipulation – which is not convenient.  Adults will have to secure that key from little kids at the place, where they can’t reach it.  
  • Another option to secure the window is to buy a child lock. It is installed at the bottom of the frame, consists of two parts, which are securely fastened together if the key is put into operation.  This option allows us to open the window for normal ventilation or completely close it.  In this case, you do not need a key, it is only needed to open the window.  The suggestion is not to open the window for ventilation with an inserted key underneath not to scratch your sill.
  • One more option is such called “cable-lock”.  It can be installed on the top of the window, connecting operable sash and frame and allow the window to open as wide as the length of the cable is.  Once installed and locked you do not need the key all the time to do the manipulations, it is only needed to remove the cable once not needed.
A boy and a girl looking out a window

As we see, it is not a big deal to equip the window with a child lock.  The thing we should care about is that it should be convenient and useful.  Call Apex Window Werks technicians to receive worthy advice and useful device to make your windows safe for children

Child lock for American double-hung windows seems to be more natural.  These are special locks in the construction that allow either to block the movable sash or leave it open on the width the parents consider safe for the child to play around.  The construction is good-looking, very easy to wash, safe for children, and has high energy-saving possibilities.

Another important protection that parents should think about is to secure the kids from harmful UV rays.  You should ask the company-manufacturer or your window glass repair company to apply the special coating on the inside of the glass.  The procedure is not difficult but very important for the health of your family and even for the durability of your interior furniture.

All the glazing units are now claimed to be very tight, not permitting any wind blows inside.  However, we used to think about the security of our children on a level extent higher than normal and try not to place the bed exactly under the window.  This will not only secure the kids from the sun, wind, or other influence but will also exclude direct access from the bed to the window.  Our children deserve to be taken care of, so let’s give them our full attention and unconditional love.

To summarize, all available on the market devices can make the windows safe for the kids’ room and Apex Window Werks, a trustworthy company in the window repair and replacement market, will be happy to assist you to organize any glass repair service and make the glazing units safe for your family.  Apex team pays much attention to safety measures to ensure comfortable and healthy living for our younger generation.

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