Industrial Bar Stools: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, people have been looking for ways to make their homes more comfortable and practical. Even though some of the quirks of an industrial home can be a turnoff, there are some features that only come with this style. 

One such feature is an industrial bar stool.

A functional piece that runs along both sides of your dining table or kitchen island, these stools will bring function and style to any room. This guide will give you vast information about industrial stools and how to choose the right one for your space.

Why You Should Buy Industrial Bar Stools

Why You Should Buy Industrial Bar Stools

To start, industrial office stools are a great way to add function and comfort to every room in your home. Unlike the standard kitchen or dining chairs, these chairs can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of table tops.

Some models come with features such as a swivel mechanism to adjust the chair for any surface. This will let you enjoy them for many years to come without having to buy new ones.

Measurement Guidelines

Measurement Guidelines

When measuring your stool’s height, ensure it is no lower than 32 inches and no higher than 36 inches. 

This is because most people like their stool at an average size, which is why most manufacturers have set their height at 32 inches and 36 inches. You will have to find out for yourself whether or not your stool will fit at these heights.


When measuring the height of your stool, make sure you measure the distance from the floor to its top part, including the back support and armrests. Most industrial stools come with a backrest that can be raised or lowered according to how high you would like them to run. 

This can be done by using tools included in the set or by simply screwing and unscrewing it until it is exactly where you want it to be.


Each style of stool will have different widths. For instance, a single seat can be narrow or medium-sized, while a wide seat can be as large as 30 inches. To find your suitable stool, measure the width of your dining room table or kitchen counter and match it to the width of the stools you are looking to buy.

Construction and Seat Materials

Construction and Seat Materials

The type of construction your industrial stool is made of is important because it will determine how sturdy it is, its durability and how comfortable it will be to use. This also determines its overall appearance, which cannot be underestimated when you shop for industrial bar stools in Canada.


The most common type of material used in an industrial stool is metal. This is because it is extremely sturdy and durable, and there are endless possibilities for color and design with this material. Metal stools are also easy to clean, and they are relatively affordable.


When people choose wooden industrial stools, they go for a type of wood called oak or walnut, which have a smooth finish and will not leave a sticky residue on your hands when touched. However, wood needs to be treated every so often to remain sturdy for a long period.

Vinyl Seat

Vinyl is the very best choice for you. These stools come in a variety of colors and patterns and are incredibly durable. This material is also extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it great for environmentally conscious consumers. 

Vinyl seating will give off a vintage appearance but still have modern features such as adjustable armrests that allow users to switch between high or low settings depending on their height preference.


Two types of upholstered or cushioned seats are commonly seen on industrial stools. These two types of seating have slightly different features but are equally durable and easy to clean.

Features and Styles

Features and Styles

When shopping for your industrial bar stool, you will want to remember the industrial style you would like it to have and the part of the home where it will be used most often. Some common styles include:


Having armrests on your stool can be an absolute must. Not only do they add a vintage touch to your stool, but they also provide support to the arms and keep them from slipping off of the seat. This is especially important if you plan on getting up often while eating dinner or enjoying a cup of coffee at the bar.


This style is characterized by straight lines and minimal or no ornamentation, with maybe just a lone iron bolt or two casts for added detail. 

This industrial bar stool style comes in many colors and materials, so you should consider this when planning which style will be right for you and your home decor.


This type of stool has the most swiveling action, which gives it a futuristic feel. It also usually features arms that can be moved to either side in order to give the user more legroom. 

Industrial bar stools with this style are perfect for homes with space constraints because they can easily be placed in tight corners without too much space.


If you want industrial bar stools that retain a vintage essence, this is the style you should choose. Vintage industrial stools are often made using wood or metal and include a lot of detail and character.

The Bottom Line

When looking for new industrial bar stools to add to your home, it is important that you take the time to find exactly what you want in an industrial design and consider its size and quality. 

There are many websites available today where consumers can look for these types of bar stools, making your shopping experience a lot easier. 

Just make sure that once you decide on a certain model, you read all of the reviews left by previous customers before making a purchase.

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