Up-To-Date: the Top 5 Interior Design Trends of 2024

This year can be the best year to level up your homes. As the new year comes, trends also emerge. Because of the pandemic, we spent most of our time in the home. Every household should provide a space for comfort and satisfaction. There is no better place than relaxing and up-to-date home decor.

Whether you plan to move to a new home, renovate your recent, or just plan for a future home project, it is essential to look for trends. These home design trends can ensure and boost the value of your homes. Interior design is a necessary aspect of our homes. There is no doubt that interior design can showcase the uniqueness of every home.

Furthermore, our spaces became more important this year as it is now also our space for work, learning, and even business. Here, we list down the top interior design trends you can consider this year.

1. Use Texture at Home

interior design trends

Using texture to your interior design can give a great advantage. Adding texture to your homes can be helpful and effective in enhancing how your space feels. Texture also provides balance to your homeā€™s interior. When designing, it is essential to consider contrast. Contrast can make everything in the design balanced.

But how can you add texture to your homes? The simplest way is through furniture. You can use wooden benches or marble tabletops. This type of furniture can bring a distinct feel to any of your home spaces. To further bring depth to your space, you can also place a rug or a simple patterned wall-design for your blank wall.

2. Warm Colors

interior design trends

If you are thinking about the best colors for your home, warm colors can be your best choice.

The colors red, orange, and yellow are considered warm colors. It can perfectly provide a cozy feeling to your home, making it more bright and welcoming. Warm colors can also go well with darker colors as they can add more depth to your space.

It is also important to choose furniture with complimenting color and design. A natural-colored sofa can go well with warm gray or white-colored walls. Choosing the right color and home design wouldnā€™t be a problem if you ask for help from experts. With craftsmanship in work, companies like Montgomery Homes build homes with high-quality materials from the inside and out.

3. Biophilic Design

interior design trendsThe pandemic probably made us want to live in a place that is closer to nature. Aside from a greener home that can provide multiple benefits, it can also make every home more relaxing and fresher. The purpose of biophilic design is to connect people and nature. A biophilic design can create harmony between modern architecture and the natural world.

There are various innovative ideas on how you can use biophilic design in your homes. An open window can be a great idea. This can allow fresh air and even enable you to hear the sound of rain and even the birds singing.

You can also add natural elements in your homes like plants or use wood and stones. These natural elements can surely enhance your interiors.

4. Use of Stone

interior design trends

The use of stone this year can indeed provide a more dramatic design for your homes. The use of natural stone can be a suitable material for your interior design. The stone can surely bring warmth and uniqueness to your home. The green and natural materials are the keys to make any design in your home last longer.

One way to use stone in your interior design is through a stone bar. Stone bars can bring a simple and elegant look to your kitchen. You can also apply stone for wall decorations or you can even go for stone bathrooms!

5. Home Offices

interior design trends

A home office is probably one of the most needed rooms today. Working from home is indeed a thing now. Home offices can provide the privacy you might need during work. A personal space for work can lead to productivity.

A home office can also provide you the convenience you might need without anyone bothering you. What needs to be done can be quickly done when you have a workplace at home.


interior design trends

Home design is probably one of the essential elements we should consider. How we give importance to the outside should also be done inside. Aside from the interior design we mentioned above, there are still undeniably more options you can choose from. A home is a place where we should feel safe and satisfied.

Furthermore, a well-planned home should be done with utmost effort. If you are unsure and confused, you can ask for help and guidance from a professional for your interior designs. It is also important to trust people with enough knowledge and understanding to provide you the quality home you have been dreaming of.

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