Finding the Right Bathroom Mirror for Your Home

Every bathroom needs a mirror. This is the place where a lot of us get ready for the day. And if we live with other people, or have frequent visitors, the bathroom mirror becomes a pretty hard-working tool in our home, with multiple people using it multiple times a day.

When it comes to finding a bathroom mirror, this can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the main things to think about before you dive on in.  So, whether you’re looking for a mirror to update an existing bathroom or you’re starting from scratch, here are some things that will make the hunt for the bathroom mirror easier.

Bathroom Mirror

Tip 1: Find the Purpose

You need to figure out how you’re going to use your mirror – besides the obvious.  Other than being the place you get to see your beautiful self, the mirror can be very multipurpose, particularly in a space like a bathroom remodel.

Though the bathroom is the place many of us use a mirror the most, in many instances, our bathrooms are suffering from a lack of natural light, and storage, among other things.

A mirror can help mitigate some of these issues – they can be used to enhance natural light, which may help determine the design, size, and shape of the mirror; a mirror can also conceal or contain storage, making the most of the space in the often small room; and it can also be a way to express your sense of style, and tie into a design theme.

As you can see, a mirror can do a fair bit. By being aware of the ways you may use your mirror, that can help make your search easier. 

Tip 2: Not All Mirrors Are Created Equal

Mirrors have come a long way.  No longer just a reflective surface, a mirror can serve double, triple, and quadruple duty in our homes. The bathroom mirror is the space we’ve seen a lot of innovation, and this certainly goes hand in hand with the fact that this is the space we probably use a mirror in the most.

We touched on this a little bit above, but you can make your mirror work harder with all of the options available to you.  For the smaller bathrooms, you can increase your storage space with a mirror that serves as a cabinet door, or perhaps a mirror with a ledge attached to the front.

For those darker bathrooms, where there is either no natural light or very little, there are mirrors with built-in lighting – usually, either front-lit or backlit, the lighting built-in is LED lighting, so it uses less energy and can often be adjusted from cool tones to warm tones, changing the entire atmosphere of the space.

But the advancements don’t end here.  Some mirrors have built-in demister pads to ensure they don’t fog up in the humid conditions of the bathroom, and there are even smart mirrors with interactive screens built-in.

Right Bathroom Mirror

Tip 3: Take Your Style and Aesthetic into Consideration

Mirrors can be made of many different materials, and what that means for us is that the style options are aplenty.  Maybe you have an existing theme or style to your home that you want to match, or there is an aesthetic you want to create, and your bathroom mirror can certainly help enhance this.

You might just want a simple minimalistic feel to your bathroom, and that’s where a frameless mirror in a traditional rectangular shape can serve you well.  Or perhaps you want to feel glamourous each time you visit your bathroom retreat, and this is where an intricate and opulent designed frame can come into play. Whatever theme or style you want to create or match, you will be able to find a mirror designs to suit your needs.


As you can see, finding a bathroom mirror doesn’t need to be as overwhelming or intimidating as you might have thought.  While there are other things to take into consideration, start off by thinking about these three things, which will help the rest fall into place.

And if you are on the hunt for your next bathroom mirror, the team at Luxe Mirrors can help, with years of experience and expertise, they can answer any questions you have. And if you would like more tips to make finding your next bathroom mirror, click here for an informative piece the Luxe Mirrors team has put together. 

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