5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Garden Tidy

Keeping your garden tidy may not be as easy as it seems. After all, if you spend a lot of time in your garden chances are you’ll use a variety of tools and equipment. 

It can be easy to leave the tools and equipment dotted around the garden, making it untidy. Other people can make your garden untidy and so can the weather. 

Let’s take a look at 5 easy ways to keep your garden tidy. 

1. Get Rid Of Your Garden Hose

Get Rid Of Your Garden Hose

Hoses can make gardens look untidy. It’s unlikely that you’re going to tidy a hose away after you’ve used it. This is where using the best drip irrigation system for raised beds can help. A system such as this can be much tidier than a hose. 

An irrigation system can be buried under the ground or simply covered in a bit of soil. As a result, your garden can look tidier. 

If you have to use a hose, be sure to tidy it away once you’ve used it. Not only can it help your garden to look tidier, it can help to prevent you from tripping over your hose. 

Collect rainwater in water butts and use a watering can to water your garden room. This can help to save water and keep your garden tidy. 

2. Tidy The Edges Of Your Pathways

Tidy The Edges Of Your Pathways

The edges of your pathways and your borders can look untidy. They can also make your garden look overgrown. Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

  • Use an edging tool to keep the edges of pathways tidy.
  • If you don’t have an edging tool consider using garden shears.
  • Cut away any grass that has made its way onto the pathways.
  • Cut the grass short enough so it’s not protruding onto the pathways.
  • Do the same for your borders.
  • Keep on top of the edges by tidying them every few weeks in the summer. 
  • Tidy the edges about once a month during the colder seasons.

As soon as you have tidied the edges of your pathways and borders your garden will look tidier. 

3. Tidy Garden Toys Away

Tidy Garden Toys Away

If your children leave toys in your garden they can make it look untidy. 

Help young children to tidy toys away when they’ve finished playing with them. 

This can help your garden to look tidier instantly.

If you want to keep your garden very tidy, ask your children to play in one area of your garden. 

Just make sure your little ones have plenty of space to play in.

4. Brush Up Any Leaves and Debris

Brush Up Any Leaves and Debris

Once the wind has died down, brush up any leaves and debris. If it’s still windy it might be worth waiting until things have settled a little. 

Brush up the leaves and place them all in a bag. Alternatively, you could place them on your compost heap. 

Leaves take a long time to break down. Therefore, it’s worth having a separate compost heap for them. 

Collect any debris that has been blown around your garden. Branches can usually be found in a garden after windy weather. These can be added to your compost heap. 

Be sure to wear gloves when you’re picking up any debris or leaves. This will help to prevent you from getting your hands dirty. 

Wearing gloves can also help to prevent you from hurting your hands. Some leaves and branches can be a little spiky. 

Debris can land in your garden even if it hasn’t been windy. Therefore, a quick check now and again can help it to stay tidy. 

5. Regularly Tidy Your Garden

One of the best ways to keep your garden tidy is to regularly tidy it. 

You don’t have to tidy your garden every day. Transform your garden with easy garden ideas.

  • Clean your garden each time you notice it’s a little untidy.
  • Tidy your garden at the weekend, should you need to.
  • Tidy your garden every few days, if it’s easier.
  • Pick up any debris, tidy toys away, and make the garden presentable.


Regularly tidying your garden can help it to look good. You don’t need to have the tidiest garden in the world. Rather, you can simply keep on top of any debris that’s hanging around. When you do, you’ll find that your garden is more likely to look tidy more often. 

Use the above tips to help you to keep your garden tidy. With a bit of effort, you too can have a garden that looks good.

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